Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Baidukova to Ludo (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hello my lovely Ludo. I simply can not find words of the pleasure. I so am happy that I have found you in this huge world. You the unique person to which I can tell all ideas and dreams. My dear Ludo what for to you the data tourist agency I have not understood you??? Ludo I have already given you the data of bank where you can send me of money. Ludo I want to see only you and than whom it is more, I want to live you, to breathe you and to be loved by you. When I write you the letter, I in soul have something such that it is impossible to explain, it It is necessary to feel. Some days I simply sit at the computer and I look at your photo, And all time I think of that to see you. I present as you drive me for a hand on a coast as you embrace me, and I feel Loved by the expensive person for me. The grandmother looks at me with a kind smile and speaks that she is happy to see me such what I now. I and itself am happy, that again I write you the letter. It is filled with all my love and Tenderness to you. I very strongly want you to see near to me, but much to our regret I can not yet. Now I constantly look news hoping to learn something about your country. With big Interest I study English. Besides that it is very interesting to me, it to me now also It is necessary. To me in general interestingly to study in all that is not known to me. In total certainly to not learn, but it seems to me That it is better to know about all slightly than all about the little. And consequently each dialogue with the person For me a lesson. But the most important dialogue for me when I communicate with you. You see you most The main teacher for me, and I want you to listen. To listen to your ideas, reasonings, to know about you It is as much as possible. I think you not against. On it I want to finish the letter my lovely. I wait with impatience of your letters. Yours Svetlana.
Letter 2
Hi my favorite friend Ludo.
My full name: Svetlana Timofeeva. The address of bank Western Union: AK BARS BANK AMIRKHANA PROSPEKT, 10A Russia, 420126
You know when I read your letters my heart begin to beat fastly and more strongly. It feels heat and tenderness. You know I never tested anything similar and sometimes begin to think that I fall in love with you. I did not tell to you in the last letter that I yesterday saw beautiful dream about us. I saw that I ran on a high grass on a field. I ran long and the longer I ran the more strongly I felt heat on the body. Then in the distance I have seen your silhouette and began to run faster. I have approached to you, have taken your hands, then have strongly embraced you and you have presented me a sweet sweet kiss. I have woken up from it and my body was damp. When I had boyfriend I never saw dreams about him. And about you saw Ludo. I never thought that I shall test to you such feelings, but speak that the love comes suddenly and quickly. So there comes the present love. And you would like to appear in my dream and to present me a kiss? It would be very pleasant for me to arrive to you and to meet you. Ludo, what you think of it? I with impatience shall wait your answer Ludo.
Letter 3
My dear Ludo as to me tickets approximately have told in tourist agency will cost up to you from 600 euros up to 800 euros depending on day of a start to you. Ludo tomorrow I shall go on shops after work and for one I shall look how many the cellular telephone will cost and then to you I shall tell well.

Yours Svetlana.
Letter 4

Hello there my dear Ludo. My dear Ludo today I went shopping and have looked a cellular telephone and I liked one phone refers to Nokia and it costs 200 euros. My only one beloved man that I need so much and missing every minute of my life! Hope that you are not tired at all my dear, glad that you have good news, I'm very about them too! I'm feeling that we are making our meeting step by step more and more closer! I'm very proud too and in future we will make our families meet I think it will be wonderfull day! Yes I'm realy thankful to the fate that it made us to find each other in that big world of hate and troubles. We'll become the happiest pair and see our life only in beautifull colors!!! I know that it will be so, trusting in our feelings I'm finding myself realy like a princess waiting for the moment when her prince will take her in arms. Million of kisses and hugs for you my dear. and all my love from the bottom of my heart only for you!!! Your Svetlana.
Letter 5
Hello, my love Ludo! Dear, you are an angel for me, and angel who gives always only good news. I enjoy your letters very much and they are a great pleasure for me!
My love today when I was in the travel agency I was so happy, because the more I talked to the travel agent the better I understood that to come to you is very easy. All we need it is a little bit of patience and much live to each other!
My love Ludo I yesterday to you called from a pay phone on your phone number 3211748243 and there is I have not correctly copied your phone number and could not phone. And there is your correct phone number 3211748143 and I today once again shall try to call well?
Ludo thanks as for the information of your home address and the airport! My love Ludo as your friend Henry of feels? I hope with him all well?
I told to my travel agent (she is a very good girl) why I want to go to your country and she suggested my preparing a tourist visa. It is available for 30 days and I think it is enough for us to understant if we suit each other, is not it? She explained to me that if it will be necessary we will be able to extend it or I will return to Moscow and I change my visa. I do not remember if I told you or not but I have saved some money and now I can pay for passport, visa, medical insurance and some other papers. So, it will cost me about 1030 euros. Of course it is not all my money. I have borrowed something from my friends and now I can pay for it. But in the contract there is also information about solvency (or responsability). As I applied for tourist visa as every tourist coming in your country has to have a bank account with a certain sum of money or cash money - 600 euros
Ludo, I want you understand me good - I do not have this sum of money. For a doctor it is really very much. I work not in a private clinic but in the state hospital for children and I am not able to earn this money. My love, I wish to ask you to help me with 600 euros, and please, do not forget that when I come I will give you this money back. I need only to show it on the customs. What do you think about it? Please, write me, because I have already made a contract with the travel agency and my papers will be prepared very soon.
I am a little bit nervous because of this situation, but I hope I will understand me.

i love you, Ludo!
Your Anna with love
Letter 6
hello my love Ludo!
My love Ludo I as is glad with by you to speak by yesterday to phone and thanks as for your letter and photo Ludo! My love Ludo you are right we shall most happy pair and I am glad for us and soon we shall together. My love Ludo you have have found out the Western Union at office that is necessary for them my information. Well I to you my love I write all my full information well? And I as am glad that tomorrow in Friday you will send a remittance from Antwerp and I shall wait tomorrow for your remittance and MTCN well and tomorrow I shall receive your remittance and at once to you I shall call from a pay phone well?
My love Ludo and now I write the full information:
Name - ANNA
Country - RUSSIA
City - KAZAN
Street - GORKOVO 25 - 29

My love Ludo I so is glad that we soon shall together and I the happiest woman! I from you Ludo shall wait for your answer and good news?
Your love Anna!
Letter 7
Hello my love Ludo!
My love Ludo I have good news I today went to travel agency and has received my flight of flight to you in
Brussels airport on November, 9. I take off from Moscow on on November, 9 from the airport of the
Sheremetyevo at 09:00 Moscow time and I arrive in Brussels the airport at 12:30 on your time! My flight of flight!

Flight: Moscow (MOW)-> Brussels (BRU)
Airline: Czech Airlines Flight: OK4893

Departure: November, 09 2007, 09:00, the Sheremetyevo Arpt
Arrival: November, 09 2007, 10:00, Ruzyne Arpt

<<<<-city of change Prague (PRG)->>>>

Airline: Czech Airlines Flight: OK636
Departure: November, 09 2007, 10:55, Ruzyne Arpt
Arrival: November, 09 2007, 12:30, Brussels National Arpt

My love Ludo I as is glad that on on on on November, 9 we shall together. My love Ludo but a problem in that that at me is not present money to reach to Moscow. I have spent all money for official registration of papers in visa agency. My love Ludo I need to go on on on on November, 7 to Moscow and at me were terminated money. And I as will need to take off hotel for 2 day these are 150 euros and to pay for a taxi of 300 euros to reach from Kazan to Moscow.
My love Ludo it is not convenient for me to ask money but I not I asked the at all friends to money and there is nobody there is no money. My love to help me please from 450 euros to go to Moscow and to take off hotel well???
I really love you, need you. For me my love is very important. I am very serious about this. If I love somebody, I will give everything and I waiting it back. I know that you will give me this and I happy to know this. My life has a force because of you. I feel a great power and I know that we will over come everything. I like to share with you with my emotions, thoughts and desires. My life point tells me always to be with my heart.
My love and future husband Ludo I as wait from you of the help and good news. I today as shall call with trunk-call of item and please wait for my bell well???
I love you, kisses, take my heart. Your future wife Anna!.
Letter 8

Hello, my love Ludo! it is your Anna as usual with love and affections!
My love Ludo I today since the morning has and was occupied in hotel before a start to you!
My dear, I love you very much. you are the only man with whome I want to be. I will be happy only with you! Oh, what i would do without you, Ludo. My love I have a thing to say you but I do not know, how to begin...
But you know, honey, today an incedent has happened to me. Preparing to the flight, i was taking shower in the hotel. I wanted to be very beautiful for you. So, I had to do many things at the time. Unless I would miss the plane. So, when I was taking shower, I remembered that I did not set out the iron. At this moment I heard a sound of explosion and went to the room. there was a fire in the room, because of the iron and the tv-set had explosed. I took water from the bathroom and tried to extinguish it. Then i called the administrator... So, for the damage i had to pay $1500... The administrator was very angry, he spoke rudely with me. Now, I do not know what to do.
They will not le me leave Moscow until I pay the damage.
My, love I need $1500. Sorry me, please. Sorry me if you can do it. I write this letter to you and i am crying. Because i understand that you will be very angry with me. I wanted to be in a very beautiful dress for you, that I was going to iron, but I spoilt everything... My love, please, do not leave me!!! Help me. I need $1500 to pay for the damage and I will come to you. I do not understand what is happenning to me. Everything goes wrong. But I am sure when i come to you, everything will be okay.
My love Ludo I as can to change the today's ticket of the plane on On on November, 13. But all my documents are at the manager of hotel and me It is necessary to pay the penalty for damage of hotel and only then I I shall receive my documents and I change my today's ticket of the plane for on November, 13 it is good?
Ludo, please, do not say "No" - I love you. If you refuse, I will not be able to endure it. I love you. When I come, I will do for you all you want. Sorry me, please.
I as shall call to you my love Ludo today from a pay phone
To explain my situation and please wait for my phone call well?
Your love Anna!
Letter 9
Hello, my tender love, my Ludo!
I want to call you my love! I received your letter and is glad to speak by yesterday to phone I am so happy to hear from you. You are so special person for me and I love you so much Ludo!!!
Ludo accept my condolences on funeral of your friend Henry and your friend always will be in your memory. I as suffer for us! My love of thanks that you understand that I in another's city and you understand me! I the first time and except for you my love Ludo not who cannot help me with Moscow and I shall wait on Monday of your help and is glad that you on Monday will help me with residing hotel and the penalty and in a total sum it is necessary for me 2000 $! And I on change my old ticket of the plane for November, 13 and on Monday I shall write to Monday to you my flight of flight well? I shall wait for your remittance 2000 $ through the Western Union on Monday well?
Ludo pass hi from me it is good the daughter? As your daughter of me very well understands also thanks as for her experience!
I have so many words to say about us and our love but when I write a letter to you I understand that it is not the same if I will tell you all this face to face. It is so wonderful for me that I write you I love you. This words coming from my heart and it is excites me so much.
In some moments I feel how much I want to feel your touch and your lips on mine. Sweet kiss, maybe when you will kiss me I will feel that I do not want to stop and I want more of your kisses and hugs.
Two people must be together if they really feel that they can be together and it will bring them happiness. I will do my best and I know that you will try to do what you can!!!
I believe you my love as I believe my self. I love you Ludo and on Monday I shall wait for your help.
I gave you my heart already and I think that I will not take it back, it is yours and you must decide what you should do with it! I just know that I need you and your love! I want to kiss you in you lips with great passion.
Sweet kiss for the best man, Ludo, from your future wife Anna!

P.S. My love Ludo I yesterday talked at the airport of the Sheremetyevo to change my ticket of the plane for November, 13 both all I will be good also today still I shall go to the airport and I shall write all tomorrow in the evening well?
Letter 10
My husband Ludo I am glad with you to speak by phone have received your remittance and have paid the penalty in hotel and for my residing! Ludo but a problem in that that for tomorrow tickets of the plane are already purchased also to me it was necessary to take the nearest flight of flight to you in Brussels for November, 14 I hope that you Ludo not against!
My flight of flight and my booking:

Flight: Moscow (MOW)-> Brussels (BRU) Airline:
Aeroflot Flight: SU231
Number of booking: V5BPNW
Departure: November, 14 2007, 21:10, the Sheremetyevo the airport
Arrival: November, 14 2007, 22:55, Brussels National Arpt

My love Ludo do not experience as same I experienced for us much and on November, 14 we shall be together and we shall be are happy!
I tomorrow since morning still shall write you the letter well? As now I am tired and I want to have a rest!
With impatience I wait for the answer?
Your love and wife Anna!
Letter 11
My love Ludo am sorry that I can not arrive to you I had a problem this travel. Now about my problem, yesterday when I passed customs survey before flight to you, where I should show all things, which I take with myself to you. They have seen my gift for you. I took to you my the most precious gift about which I did not want to you speak. I thought when I shall come to you I can present it to you. I did not want speak to you about it as it was my surprise, but now I should you inform about it as it became the reason of my problem. My the aunt has given me a gift, this ring with a brilliant which belonged to her grandfather. It is a family relic and always devolved the husband. As my the aunt does not have sons and my daddy and mum has died, it should get to you. These are words of my aunts. This ring was transferred from generation to generation, this expensive ring and it is of great importance in our family. This ring was transferred from family to family, it very ancient. My the aunt has decided, that you should carry this ring, as a member of our family and when I shall come to you I should you present it as a mark of the respect, love to you and that you are a member of our family. But when I passed customs survey, they have taken from me the ring, symbol of my love to you. This is my ring represents jeweller value which, it is forbidden takes out from the country. I had to pay the penalty to customs.
Now the ring is brought in the customs declaration and I can present it you as the gift. Now it is necessary for me 1000 dollars again that I could arrive to you.
My love, I hope, that you are not afflicted on me. If I knew, that so happen, I would not take this ring with myself, I would leave its houses and then we could take away it together. I am so sorry my love I am invalid about it I regret and I am sorry about you. I know, that a ring, it not the main thing in your life, the main thing that we must to be together soon. My love, all will be good, if you will help me this it soon, now I already precisely can arrive to you without problems. My love if you tomorrow can send me money (16 of November ), I without problems can exchange ticket on on 18 of November and arrive to you on 18 of November !!!! Please my love write me soon and let me know what happened, because now I am in city Moscow, and I shall wait your help here in Moscow.
My Love, I must to be with you now, my Love. I must to be with you right now, My Love, You, my Prince my whole world. It is love, your love that lights up my world!

My love Ludo with impatience wait for the answer.
Your future wife Anna!
Letter 12
Hello my love and future husband Ludo!
My love Ludo I write you the truth. Also trust me please as I in a heavy situation and you Ludo think that I lie! But I am really fair to you! My husband Ludo I yesterday called from a pay phone to my aunt to Kazan and I have told about happened that I could not depart because of her ring. And my aunt at once borrowed money at familiar 400 $ for that to pay for a ring and on road. And today my aunt will arrive to Moscow and to me will help with 400 $ and now I only needed 600 more $ to find. And I shall pay in customs house for a ring and on change my old ticket of the plane for November, 18 and I shall arrive to you my husband Ludo!
My love Ludo remained 2 days for that to find 600 $ and I can be helped only by you Ludo! And I hope for yours to help. As today there will arrive my aunt in the evening and will help with 400 $ and I as I hope for yours to help 600 $ mine my love Ludo!
My love Ludo I tonight as shall call to you from a pay phone and please wait for my phone call well!
I still shall come after 12:00 Moscow time to look your letter and I shall wait for good news and I hope that you will be serious?
Your wife Anna!
Letter 13
My beloved Ludo,
I do not know how to begin this letter, I very much hope, that you will understand me and will not be afflicted on me. When I have gone to receive your remittance and was the happiest female on a planet.
I without problems could receive your remittance and was very happy.
When I has taken your remittance in bank, I at once wanted to go to the Net-club to inform that I could receive your money. I have not noticed that me watched from the Bank, one man looked on me is very suspicious, but I have not paid on it of attention. It was mine by a mistake, I am sorry...
I do not know as about it to speak...
When I have left bank, with your remittance that suspicious person behind has come nearer to me with and have struck me on a head. I from impact on my head, have lost consciousness and when I have regained consciousness was in a shock. I have found out, that my handbag with your remittance, was stolen.
Then I very strongly began to cry and shouted police, but there was already all late.
The police could not find a criminal and could not help me anything.
I all the day sat at in to the airport , to me it was very bad, I strongly cried.
I could not believe in happened, it was what that horror, I thought, that I shall die.
Also with me there was my the aunt, she tried to help me, she calmed me, spoke, that yet all is lost and that it will be possible to solve this problem. But I did not want to agree with the aunt as for me all was lost also I was very much afflicted, loss of your money, for my the penalty for a ring. I wanted to die, of an awful pain in my heart, to me I was very bad also did not know, that to me is farther to do.
Then my the aunt has decided to find for me money that I could buy the a ring.
My the aunt tried to borrow money at familiar and friends, but all was vain.
My the aunt could not find the money.
Then my the aunt, has told me that I have asked the help for you as you unique my loved male and my future husband who can help me.
I all over again did not want to agree with opinion of my the aunt, but I more than nothing need to do as soon as to ask the help you and I have dared to write to you this letter and to ask the help you. My love, my husband, I love you very strongly, and I want to arrive to you and to be with you.
It is necessary for me now your help, it is necessary for me now 1000 $ that I could to pay the penalty for a ring and come to you.
Now only you can help me and when I shall come to you I promise you, that I shall work at once to give you all money which were spent for my arrival you.
My love, it is very a shame to me to ask, at you again money, but this unique decision of my problem that I could arrive to you and to be with you all stayed
life and to be yours on always. My love, I promise you, if you can send me money to the a ring again, I shall be more attentive and I shall order protection.
They will carry spend me up to the airport and I shall stay there up to the start to you, I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!!
Well, I shall finish to write this letter and with the big desire and hope for good news, I shall wait for your answer.
I very much hope, on you and on your help and when you will send me the remittance I shall make utmost that all was good with me and that I without problems could come to you.
Help me please.
Your wife ANNA.
Letter 14
Hello my husband Ludo!
My love Ludo my head still hurts. But I hope that soon my head will cease to be sick. Ludo I yesterday has been occupied with reception of the ticket of the plane to you. But today I have received my ticket of the plane for November, 24. And I should pay still the penalty 1000 $ and I hope that till November, 24 you will help me!
Ludo for that to arrive to me to Moscow will pass a lot of time and you should wait when will make documents! I also will be better I shall soon come to you and I shall wait for your help!
Ludo I write you my flight of flight and today still I shall make a copy of my ticket of the plane and I shall send you well?

Flight: Moscow (MOW)-> Brussels (BRU) Airline:
Aeroflot Flight: SU231
Number of booking: H6YFDA
Departure: November, 24 2007, 21:10, the Sheremetyevo the airport
Arrival: November, 24 2007, 22:55, Brussels National Arpt

My love Ludo I shall make a copy of my ticket both I shall send you and I shall go to public telephone booth to call you well and wait tonight for my phone call well?
With impatience I wait for the answer?
Your wife Anna!
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