Romance scam letter(s) from Lauren Shrek to S. H. (USA)
Letter 1
Hello Dear Reggie.
Thanks for the message,I understand how you feel but you don't have to be so much harsh to me like that as i must let you know am some one who get's angry easily,But i will as well control in terms of this like my sister always tell me to learn how to control it.
Well to be honest with you,I have never request for any money but you said it like i will and even if i ask you, already you have told me you are not ready to help me in any situation,I really don't know if this is going to work for the both of us,Like i said i want a relationship that will last till the end of my lie a man that will love me and as well be there for me when ever i need him.
I don't know if you are what am looking for since i never expect the man i want say all this to me is better for you to say this when i ask for what you don't like than for you to say it when i haven't even ask for it.
Please Reggie,Tell me exactly what you want from a woman,I know you might have pass through some bad experience on the internet,To me the same as well,As i have met some idiots who are only interested in sex and not marriage,I already let you know all that, in the messenger when we have our last conversation.
I must let you know this,I am not begging any one here to fall into a relationship that he will regreat in the future with me,I want some one who will always be ready to sacrifice every thing his heart and as well caring for me,A man who will always be there for me when i need him most and will take me any were i want to go to in the world.
My life is very different from yours,What you want from a woman i might not have it or may not be what i want from a man,That is why they called it dating we meet different kind of people and see different things,I Swear with every thing that who ever will have me as her wife will never regreat chosing me as his soulmate.
Well i will send you some of my pictures as you have requested,Hope you willlm love the once am sending and as well get back to me as soon as you finished reading it,Bye for now and have a nice and wonderful day for now.
Donald Binta Cares..........xoxoxoxoxoxxoxo
Letter 2
YOu won't understand what's going on here with me...Is not that i don't want to write to you is just that i don't have time that's the problem that has been holding me up for some time now.......I want to stand steal and make sure i reply to every single letter you wrote to me and don't want to be writing to you once in two days or a week.
Right now i have stop what is keeping me from writing to you and now i am ready to build a serious relationship with you and.I just hope you will forgive me and forget about the past......Like i said this time around you will see the seriousness in me..
I just want to let you know that am very sorry for the late reply all this while and also to tell you i will never do it again if only you give me another opportunity.
Bye and hope to hear from you again....Donald Binta
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