Scam Letter(s) from Serena Ferguson to Walter (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi Sweetness...
How are you doing today? Thanks for the mail you did send to me. I really appreciate that so much and i can't wait to read more from you. Do you know i will like to still can't wait to hold you?? i want to come near you now and i want you to be there for me. Thanks for the pix you send to me.........I really apprecaite that and i can't wait to have a chat with you. Baby my mum is really feeling sick right now and i don't seems to understand my self any more....I don't want her to die while i watch her.........I just have to watch baby..... i will let you know what is going on with her cos you are the onlyone i have here to tell all this. I would be greatful if you can pls be there for me cos i can't do this all alone. Honey stay cool ok? I will try to send you a pix of myself to you soon. Bye 4now love......

Love always




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