Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Guslyarova to Bryan (USA)
Letter 1
Hello Bryan!
I am glad that you have written to me. How are you doing?
As you have already understood it - Elena.
But I would like to apologize for a delay of my answer. I have been occupied on work and could not write.
At last at me the free time has appeared, and I at once have decided to write to you.
I work as the senior seller in small firm. The name of firm in which I work - " Products From the Tree " Firm in which I work, is engaged in manufacturing of wooden doors and window frames.
I love my work, but unfortunately the free time is not enough.
But I want to tell to you why I have decided to write to you, the man from other country.
I read article in one newspaper.
In article told about one Russian girl who has got acquainted with the man from other country.
She has got acquainted with the man from other country with the help of the Internet on a site of acquaintances.
The girl left to the man in other country and they married. Now she is happy does not want to come back to Russia.
Considering my unsuccessful experience with Russian men, i have decided to write to the man from English-speaking country.
Because I studied the English language at school and then in institute. I well speak in English.
I write to you letters independently, without the help of the dictionary and I do not use the translator.
I understand that have imperfectly studied the English language and i admit mistakes.
But I hope that you understand my letters?
As I for earlier want to apologize to you if some words or phrases will not be clear for you.
You probably ask me why I have written to you? I shall sincerely answer you, I saw your questionnaire, original profile and you have liked me.
At you Original profile not similar to others and on this I have written to you.
I for the first time have written the letter through the Internet and I worry.
Now I shall write to you about myself.
As I already wrote, my name is Elena and me of 33 years.
My growth of 5,6 foots, weight - 136,5 pounds.
My birthday on May, 18, 1975. On a sign on the zodiac I a Taurus.
I when was not for the husband and I have no children.
I love children, but unfortunately I would not find the man with which could create family and give birth to children.
When you were born and where? Tell to me about itself and your hobbies. As I have the daddy and mum.
In family I the most younger. I have senior sister and she for the husband.
I was born and I live in city Vidnoe. My city is very expensive to me and I love the city.
You sometime heard about city Vidnoe?
Vidnoe - one of cities where a lot of attention is traditional is given questions of education, cultures and public health services.
The city is surrounded with picturesque large forests and reservoirs. The river Pahra here proceeds.
In area many architectural monuments carrying a valuable, historical heritage.
My favourite season of year - spring and summer. My favourite color - green.
Green color reminds me spring and summer, color green, is color of the nature and spring.
I very sensitive, thoughtful and romantic.
In opinion of my friends, I sociable, cheerful, sympathetic and vigorous.
As I open to injury and very kind. In people I appreciate senses of humour, kindness and sincerity.
My friend, I want as to tell that I have no computer and I use the Internet of cafe, to write to you the letter.
On this forgive me for earlier if I not at once shall answer your letters.
To the letter I put the photo, and I very much hope, that she is pleasant to you.
On it I shall finish the letter, and I wait with impatience of your letter and a photo.
Your friend Elena.
Letter 2
Hello my friend Bryan!
I am very glad that you have written to me the letter. At me good mood because you have answered.
And how your mood? How are you doing and your health?
Probably in the letter I made many mistakes? But I hope that you understood everything, that I wrote to you.
Please write to me about it in the following letter.
I think that you very vigorous the man and the cheerful person.
As I think that the majority of the American men good and really are able to appreciate women.
I live in Russia and the majority of Russian men are not able to appreciate the love, do not appreciate the woman.
For men the main thing of entertainment and the woman for them only entertainment. And men frequently beat women.
Therefore the majority of Russian men do not appreciate and do not respect women. Besides they drink alcohol much.
That is why to Russian women is very hardly in without that the hard world.
It is very difficult to keep the individuality, independence, to not get under the general current which carries away and back against it to be floating very hardly, and thus it is always good to look and remain the woman.
I hope, you have presented this picture at yourselves before eyes?!
On this I do not love men which drink a lot of alcohol. But unfortunately in Russia it is a lot of such men.
I want to create happy family and to give birth to children.
But unfortunately I still have not met the man with which would live all my life.
So there can be a man with which I shall create family and we shall be happy together, it you Bryan!
But I do not want to run forward. It is necessary find out each other and time will show. You agree with me?
I think that the main thing in relations between the man and the woman, this understanding, trust and sincerity.
Now I shall tell to you concerning my religion, I the Christian and believe God Jesus.
On the days off I go to church with my mum and the grandmother. As me christened in church.
I live with mine the daddy and mum in one apartment. My senior sister lives with the husband and she has two children.
To mine to the daddy - 60 years and he on pension.
Earlier the daddy was the militarian and served under the contract in army.
To my mum - 56 years. Mum works as the senior tutor in a kindergarten of city Vidnoe.
I am very strongly grateful to my parents that they have brought up me and educated me good education.
Our family very amicable and we always help each other. We frequently gather and we mark holidays.
I do not drink alcoholic drinks and I do not smoke.
I spend a healthy way of life and I am engaged in the mornings in gymnastics.
I happen sometimes I drink not a lot of spirits, I drink not a lot of wine or champagne.
But I drink alcohol only on holidays, for example as new year or birthday.
I have finished institute of the finance and economy with good estimations and have received a trade the bookkeeper - economist.
After the ending of institute I for a long time could not find work, and work on a speciality which I have received in institute.
Unfortunately in Russia it is difficult to find worthy work and on this I work in small firm on manufacturing doors and frames.
Now I work as the senior seller.
I accept and I make orders for manufacturing from a tree of a door and window frames.
Sometimes my work occupies a lot of time and to me to have to work in the days off.
And as on this I not always can write to you and answer your letters.
Bryan as for me it will be interesting find out about your work and your trade?
I hope that in this letter I made less mistakes and you well will understand me and will understand my letter.
On it I stop to write the letter to you, and already I wait for your answer!
I with impatience wait the following letter, and I hope find out about you more.
I hope that you write to me and tomorrow I shall read your letter with the great pleasure.
Good luck!
Your new friend Elena.
Letter 3
Good afternoon my friend Bryan.
I am again glad to receive your letter both every day more and better we find out about each other.
Dear, thanks for your fine photo. To like me your photo.
And as we become closer, not looking at the big distance between us.
In each letter I find out about you a lot of new and for me it is very pleasant and interesting.
I hope that my letters are interesting to you, and you are glad find out about me more?
I already spoke you about my work. And at me the free time is not enough.
But basically I have a rest on Sunday. This day at me the day off.
On manufacturing of doors and window frames, firm in which I work, earns good money.
On work I frequently communicate with different and interesting people.
All this is certainly very interesting, but when you do not have close favorite person with whom you can share the pleasures, success, creative achievements all this quickly bothers and becomes not interesting.
For me the main thing in a life, it to have the beloved who understands and trusts, with which I shall be really happy.
And as I shall make everything, that mine the man on the present would be happy with me and that we would be the happiest pair.
If in mine lives to appear such the man I am ready to leave for the sake of him work and to be engaged in family and education of children.
As I already have experience with education of children, I already many times cared of children of my sister when she has been occupied and there was no time.
Still I like to go to theatre. I like to look dramas, comedies.
I like to look dramas, for example « Romeo and the Juliet », « Taming obstinate » Shakespeare, they go at theatre of our city.
At these performances always full halls of spectators.
Tell to me as at you in the country affairs with culture are?
Whether you love theatre and how to him concern?
Write to me how you have a rest at leisure from work, to free days and holiday?
In my city I was born and have grown. It not the big city and a population is made 60 thousand by person.
In city there is a set of monuments and the beautiful nature. I very much love the nature and a wood.
I love rest on the nature, walks on a wood, to listen to singing birds and to inhale aroma of colors.
I there like to be one, when at me sad mood.
It helps me to relax, forget about all problems and to have a rest from city vanity.
Word it is a lot of places where it is possible to go and have a rest cultural.
In the summer I like to run, go for a drive on a bicycle, rollers or to float.
In the winter I frequently skate also a ski.
But when in the street bad, it is raining, a snow, I prefer to make something houses: to tidy up an apartment, to prepare for a supper for my family, to esteem books or magazines, to listen to music.
Also I very much like to read books, especially Russian authors, such as Pushkin, Chehov, Sorokin.
Still very much to like me poetry. My favorite Russian poets: Ahmatova, Yesenin, Cvetaeva.
From foreign poets it is pleasant to me R.Burns. In my opinion, his verses are very beautiful and melodious.
Bryan, you love poetry?
But sometimes I like to esteem and love novels, detectives or simply cognitive books. It depends on my mood.
And to this electronic letter I put one more photo. In hope, that you estimate her very well!?
What you most of all like and do not like to make?
Write to me please somewhat quicker. I shall wait very much from you the letter.
Tell to me about all to me all very interestingly.
On it I stop to write to you, and already I start to wait the answer.
It is very pleasant for me to receive from you news and news of your life.
Your friend Elena.
Letter 4

Hello the my dear friend Bryan!
I as always am glad to receive your letter.
For me huge pleasure to receive and read your letters.
When I read your letters, I present you near to me and I present your voice.
I very much would want to hear your voice and to speak with you. As you would hear my voice.
But unfortunately I cannot speak with you and call by you to phone.
I have no phone, as it dearly what to call to you.
What to install a telephone home, on it time is required. Now the big turn for connection of phone.
Also should wait during long time for turn. This turn moves forward very slowly.
But my parents have submitted the application for connection of phone, and I think that in couple of months I shall have phone of a house.
On this I hope that you forgive me and will understand, why I cannot call to you.
On work, unfortunately, all phones service and them it is not authorized to use for a long time, especially to call abroad.
They even are blocked. On them it is not possible to type a code of other city or other country, on them it is possible to do only bells on the city.
As I already wrote to you, I love summer and heat. For me the finest a season spring and summer.
In the spring my soul sings with happiness, and heart would like love!
The majority of my girlfriends are married and have children.
In the summer I with girlfriends and their children we go on a beach to sunbathe and bathe.
I dream looking on my girlfriends and their children, to have children and the husband.
What as together to go on a beach and to have a rest.
I already for a long time am ready to beginning the wife and mother, to family life.
In my opinion, I have enough lived for myself.
As I want to tell to you the truth! Me tried to acquaint my girlfriends with men, friends to their husbands.
But any man has not liked me, and I do not want to connect the life with Russian men, they drink alcohol much and do not appreciate women.
Bryan, yesterday I have told to my girlfriends about you, that we are familiar, and they are very happy for me.
As when I have told to my girlfriends about you, they were glad that I have met you and would tell that I have sent the regards to you from girlfriends.
I send you greetings from them!
As I spoke with my parents about acquaintance to you, through the Internet.
Parents estimate it positively because they care of my future life. And they want, that I was happy.
I have told him, that you are the good and decent person.
Therefore they are pleased with our correspondence through the Internet.
But I do not want to hurry event. First we should find out well each other.
As I like to listen to music. I love different styles of music.
My favourite Russian executors - Valery, Zemfira, TaTu, « the Machine of time », "DDT", DJ Groove and many others.
For me interestingly my friend, heard and whether you know about these Russian groups?
From foreign executors, me Selin Dion, Rihanna, Linkin Park, the Madonna and many many others like to E.Dzhon, A-Ha.
In general I love good and modern music.
But sometimes, on mood, I listen to classical music.
Very much to like me Vivaldi and him « 4 seasons ». This music cheers me up.
And what you like to listen to music?
Through our electronic letters we should find out about each other more to not make a mistake at once.
I hope, you will understand me correctly, also agree with me, Bryan?
Bryan, on it I shall finish my letter and I shall look forward again to your letter.
Good to you of day and success!
Your friend, Elena!
Letter 5
Good afternoon the my dear friend Bryan.
Today I have received your letter and I am again happy.
I every day hasten in the Internet of cafe what more likely to receive yours the letter and to read.
To me brings pleasure to receive your letters and to read fine words which you to me write.
Bryan, I would like to ask you, that you would write to me your full and exact name and as the address where do you live.
I need to know this information as the Internet of cafe not always works and there are frequently failures in computers.
As the Internet of cafe is sometimes closed for repair.
It will be so is sad, if we cannot write each other our electronic letters. Because your letters became a part of my life.
It is important for me, and I as in replacements send you in this letter my address and my full name.
My full name: Elena Guslyarova.
Mine a home address: 142700, city Vidnoe
Street Wood, the house 10 apartment 18
The Russian Federation.
But I would like to warn you that you not in what case did not send me anything by means of our city mail.
At us in the country of a sending reach the addressee very seldom, especially if it is sendings from other countries.
Many Russian organizations of mail and their workers love theft of sendings of other peoples.
And it is very bad and shameful for our country.
Even it is a shame to me to write to you about it. But larceny exists in our country and I that I can not make with it.
Therefore I ask you to not send me sendings our city post office. Ok?
I do not want, that she has been stolen by dishonourable people.
And as I would not want that your letter or a sending or a gift who had that another.
Especially the most expensive and desired gift from you for me are you and your letters!
Now I to you shall tell at liked dishes and meal.
Most of all I love a fried chicken with a potato. It is very tasty.
As I like to prepare. I like to prepare for sweets, for example a pie or cookies with jam.
Most of all I like to prepare for the stuffed goose.
In it I fill groats with apples and so it to be extinguished some hours.
Actually I am able to prepare for everything, or all is possible to tell practically.
Mum speaks at me and an easy hand. If I plant flowers they necessarily grow and blossom, and if I prepare, at me always all turns out is very tasty.
There would be a desire and products, and on kitchen it is possible to work wonders.
Well and so it is possible to list much all that I like to prepare, easier to tell I like to potter long on kitchen and to create.
I never search for myself easy ways and consequently for all holidays which we mark, I take on myself.
Bryan, and what tastes at you? You prefer what cuisine?
Whether also there are at you any national dishes what prepare only in your country and more they anywhere cannot be tried?
I look at people at which there are children and the beloved and dream that sometime I too will have family.
And not simply family, and the best on the ground, the most amicable and loved.
I so a long time want it and I hope that all in my life will turn out. It is necessary to trust and wait only.
On it I stop to write my electronic letter.
I miss and wait your letter.
Yours faithfully, yours Elena.
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