Scam letter(s) from Valentina Sidorova to Roberto (Netherlands Antilles)

Letter 1
Hello my dearest Roberto, You have made my day with sending me your letter and you can't imagine how happy I am and how fast my heart is beating now! All is because of you dear! Thank you very much for answering my last letter I am so pleased of it! Let me answer your questions dear from the beginning of my letter.
> Are you sure that you want to fall in love with a foreigner and are
> you prepared to learn some English in the future?
Yes honey i am ready to this.
> Did you ever have a foreigner as your lover before?
I have never had a foreigner as my lover as my lover.
> Is my age not a problem for you, can you love unconditionally, I
> want to have a ******* for ever, serious and it is important that
> you love children and be good to them
I love children and your age is not a problem for me. As for not to be pregnant I think a couple must decide this or the moment i have no love and I don't anything to protect me. You know I like you writing style I feel that we have a lot of common and maybe we will have a good chance to build our relations up to such level when we will get married, how do you feel about it? I feel that i would like to tell you that i am attentive, caring, romantic person but I know reality of life and can take care of myself. For me first come the family I was brought up in this way and then my belief in God (I am Christian and visit church each Sunday and big church holidays). The family is one thing that I am going to stand for and I am seeing my husband to be my protector and provider and to think about family and then about his work and the other things. I firmly believe that happy family life gives to men and women force to fight any troubles and love is saving such couples and help to over live even tough times, do you agree with me honey? For the moment I have no possibility to enjoy happy family life all my days are alike and empty without my relative and my man but if the first case i can't change I am sure that in this kind big world there is a good man like you for me and we will make our own family. I can tell you what my days look like now, I am waking up and go to heat the water because I have no hot water and take a shower then I am preparing to go to work, the library opens at 9 am and by that time I am already at my working place, then we have a break between 1 pm and 2 pm and we work until 7 pm. I am coming back home and prepare something to eat and sometimes I watch TV sometimes i read book if I have few work around house. Usually I met my few friends on week-ends. And how is your ordinary day goes? Tell me more about it? How do you like to spend your week-ends? What will be changed if we are together? I am finishing my letter and waiting for your soon dear reply with my open heart! Thinking of you! Missing you!
Letter 2
Hello my darling Robert, Wow, thank you for your wonderful letter and you are surprising me with each your letter I love to get them and i love to answer you and I feel you so close to me and I hope that you are really serious to me. I have to confess that I like you and I do hope that one day we will be together. Tell me please if you feel the same with me and you also would like to be with me? > First I want to be with you, travel a bit over the world and show
> you some very special places, find out the location we will be both
> happy, build a house and than the children can come. How do you
> think about that? Tell me how you would see our future and do you
> have a good feeling about us?
I think honey that a bit it is ok but I hope it is not travel all life long and you really want to settle down. This sounds nice and like an adventure what i like and really honey I would like to hear about term: how much time do you need to travel one year, two, three, five?
> Tell me more about your self, are you romantic, what food and sport
> do you like, do you like *** and how important is that for you? Are
> you a shy or outgoing person, do you like music, animals and which
> ones would you like to have when we have our house and family?
I am romantic but only with my man. Food I like Italian style and Ukrainian ones mostly, but I can eat other dishes and if I like I would like to eat them again. As for sport I like swimming, tennis, football. As for *** i like it and if I like very much a man (I would prefer to say in love) we can make *** but I would prefer to make love if you know what I am talking about? I am normal girl something between shy and outgoing, I like music with melody and good words, I love animals (a cat);))) There are many men here in Ukraine who are interested in having *** and that's all. I am not that kind of woman who needs it badly, I prefer to make love with my one and only one, my dear man whom i take care and who cares of me, because there is nothing more beautiful than clean and sincere relations when you feel love towards your man and when you know he feels the same to you! Do you agree with me? Are you the same? There are a lot of couples here who stay together only for bring up their children, they cheat each other and it is not possible to call their relations even warm ones. I don't want such story in my life, I am dreaming about getting married once and to live with my one man the whole my life and i hope you also don't like cheating and you can't accept it in your life. I consider when you really care of your second half you think always about his/her feelings and never want to hurt them, is it the same for you? Hope our children will be alike with you and we will bring them up in love and harmony! You know maybe I will surprise you right now but I like football and I would be happy if we can go to watch matches together, I like bikes and hope to ride on it one day. I like mountains and dream one day to go there. As for my life I have never smoked and not going to do that i don't like alcohol I can drink a little bit of light wine on holiday or meeting friends by occasion but I don't think it is good to drink every day. And what is your opinion as for subject? I hate drugs as they take away many of lives of people and especially young people. I like gardening and animals and dream to have a cat as I have no animals at all right now. I love nature and going out of town and to make BBQ it is so nice. My friends consider me as communicative, friendly, helpful when it needs, joyful and attractive but they are women so I don't believe them too much;))) As we have nice and good relations honey I also would like to discuss the following theme with you... You know that I am using translation firm and that I am paying for their service I would like to suggest you to take care of your letters as it is a little bit difficult for me and in this way we both will know that each one pays for himself/herself and it is fair, I am not insisting but if I will go on in this way I will not manage to hold for a long so please consider this option and tell me in your next letter ok? I really miss you my darling, so I hope to hear from you soon.
Love and kisses from yours Anna
Letter 3
The Exclusive Service - Translation Department
************************************************ Dear Sir, We are glad to present our firm "The Exclusive Service, Gorskoe" we are a provider of Internet&Computer support, translation service for individuals, converting any documents in electronic way, scanning any kind of documents. Our firm was created in 1996. Since that time we are supporting any individuals with our service, by our experience the best advertisement for our company is numerous quantity of our clients who came to our firm by ads in newspapers, magazines and by advice of our clients. Among different kind of support for individuals we have such service as providing our clients with creating e-mail address, any other computer service and translating of any kinds of texts. Your lady Anna is one of our client and she holds all expenses for our service. By her ask we send you our price list in order to inform you the rates she was paying and to introduce you with our service. You know that your lady Anna can't hold all expenses herself and if you are interested to help her with sharing them for translating of your letters you are welcome to use our service. If you are interested please write back to our e-mail: and we will send you more detailed information. We inform You about The Rates for our services: I. Interpreting: EMAILS
per letter from English to Russian 5 USD;
Russian to English 5 USD;
per 1 month (all inclusive !!!discount!!!) 220 USD;
per 2 months (all inclusive !!!discount!!!) 360 USD;
per hour 20 USD;
per working day (!!!! discount !!!!) 80 USD;
per minute 1 USD;
per 30 minutes (!!!! discount !!!!) 20 USD;
II. Computer
scanning + sending one picture 3 USD;
receiving + printing one picture 3 USD;
scanning + sending one page of any document 3 USD;
CHAT CONVERSATION with your lady (NEW!!!) 10 minutes 5 USD;
III. Training - !!!!! contact us to get full information !!!!
- General computer courses;
- Introductory lectures about the culture of your country;
The methods you can make a payment:
- Western Union,
- Money Gram,
- Bank Transfer (contact us to get information). The fastest way to recharge your correspondence with your lady Anna is to make a payment to your lady (our manager - contact us) directly. the name of receiver Anna Vlasenko
the TOWN Gorskoe
the region
the address 107, Karla Marksa Street
zip code 91000
country UKRAINE N.B. : After making a payment, PLEASE, inform us about its details with the full information for getting it: - your full name;
- country you live in;
- the sum of payment;
- Money Transfer Control Number
(10 digits for western union transfer)
(8 digits for money gramm transfer)

- Please feel free to get in touch with us so that we can discuss your requirements. With best regards,
Ilona, the executive manager of "The Exclusive Service Gorskoe"
Letter 4

The Exclusive Service - Translation Department
************************************************ Dear Mr Robert, We inform you that your lady Anna has got your transfer and put into your account in sum of $65 as soon as her letter translated we will send to you (your last letter is already translated for your lady Anna). Please, take into consideration You should send Your next letter at the following e-mail address, created specially for You and your Lady Anna: With best regards,
"The Exclusive Service Gorskoe", Ilona, the executive manager
Letter 5
Hello my dearest Robert, my darling, Thank you honey for your dearest help because we can talk more now and I was so impressed that you took care of not only your letters but also mine!!!! I am so grateful to you for this and I can write you now!!!! Thank you my Robert, a lot for this and you don't know how happy you have made me!!!!!!!!!!!!I am serious about you and I also would like to develop our relations in something wonderful and full of understanding. Now i am very happy for us as we can communicate ahead!!! Please call me Annushka I like this sweet name;))) Thank you honey for your compliments I am so happy to read them all time you are so attentive and so sweet!!! I adore your pictures I have got them and now i have them with me all the time and when I a thinking of you I always take them from my purse and look at you!!!
You look so attractive and i wish i were with you already!!! I don't remember if I wrote you but I don't like our men in Ukraine because they are not serious don't want to work and they cheat their woman having several. I don't want such person in my life and i don't want to be just a number for my man I want to be THE ONE and ONLY! And this is also how I will treat my man he will be THE ONE and ONLY for me! Tell me please how are you? I feel that you are very special and that we have a good chance to make our future happy and do you remember that "dreams come true"??? And I am sure that our wonderful dreams we will make come true together, right? > But I am on the other side of the world for now, so we need to be
> patient, but we can start planning and see when it would be
> possible, do you have any suggestions?
I am patient even if it is sound to you strange but I am realist and I can understand that i can't come and meet you so all depend on you and you have all rights to plan your trip as you know better your possibility and time and i will correct my plans for us is it ok with you honey Robert?
> Glad you are also romantic and I like all tasty food and I like also
> very much Japanese food, like sushi, do you know it? It is very
> healthy, tasty and no ***.
I prefer more not sushi but rolls from Japanese food I like them more and to me they have more taste;)))
> Send me your address and do you have a telephone number in your
> home?
I can send you my post address but it is useless to send me anything as I live in a small dying town and we have no post office here and any hotels...You remember I wrote you that my house burned in the fire when my mom died??? I have lost there all documents and mobile so right now I don't have it (that man from Kiev who wanted to sell me didn't buy a mobile for me he said that i don't and wouldn't need it) I have renewed my Ukrainian passport because it is necessary but International one not and have no money to have computer, Internet, mobile and so on... I live in a burned house and sleep in the lumber room using it as my bedroom now and all in my house is ok it is kitchen it is almost didn't touched with the fire. I have no hot water and you are talking to me about such things that i even don't dream to have. All this time I was thinking of you and tried to save some money but it was not possible because my work doesn't bring me much and i had to pay my bills and some expenses but everything is ok now and with your help I am happy woman because you gave me a chance to know you better and to work under our relations for future. It is really great. And I am very thankful to you for this. We have a lot in common and I think and feel that we have a good chance to build a family that we are dreaming about so let's do it, honey Robert? You also sound very good to hang out with!!! Will we go to football match together? That's great you see you can be not very fond of football watching it by TV but when you are on stadium it is quite different and I am sure if we go there you for sure will enjoy it!!! ;))) I am finishing my letter because I want it to fly to you as soon as it can and to wait for your soon sweet answer, my dear Robert. Missing you and dreaming of you,
Your princess always,
Letter 6
The Exclusive Service - Translation Department
************************************************ Dear Mr Doorn, We have your letter and we would be happy to deliver it to your lady who is at hospital right now as soon as your account is renewed. She feels a little bit better but needs a doctors help yet. Her condition are due to she was not eating and as a result she lost her conscience in our office. With best regards,
"The Exclusive Service Gorskoe", Ilona, the executive manager
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