Scam Letter(s) from Alexandra Fedorova to Franco (Italy)

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Letter 1

Francesco, I know that you have met the wrong woman and she has deceived you but I am distinct from her and nobody will love you like me. I really love you, I do not doubt concerning your gravity and your intentions. But believe, that even sometimes you should study to trust people. I do not speak about me, I advise you my sweet for your future. I am in clouds when I receive your message and I am glad to answer to you very much. I am glad that you recover and your knee becomes better. I am happy! I love you and maybe we never shall meet and I do not feel closer my italian beloved. I am sorry for these words but it's naked truth. I can't find money here, I had so much plans and dream and I am really want to make to come true, but I am not rich. My honey Francesco, no problems with me. I shall be here in my country and to bring up my children from another man of whom I shall not love, bring up children in this adverse place, well! Bye! I think that there is not sense to continue our relations. I wish you to find a woman who will love you and who has money so that to travel to you. Good luck Good luck my not come true dream. please don't write me. Ok? and you'll not hurt me again! thanks for your truly love! it's really deep but I do not wish to become attached more to you. Sorry. Aleksandra!



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