Scam Letter(s) from Alexandra Gorohova to Frank (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my love Frank!!!!!!!!!!

My love Frank!!!! How - you today??? In the street simply fine weather! My love, I love you Frank!!! I want to divide with you mood.

Today I have found out in the tourist agency who is required for our meeting. This travel agency has helped many Russian people to leave abroad without any problems. I saw letters with gratitude of a word which have been precisely exposed in this travel agency. I have found out, what documents to me are necessary for disassembling for our meeting.

The manager tourist agency has told, that for trip to you it is necessary for me to have: the visa, the passport for travel abroad, the medical insurance, tickets aboard the plane.We have defined type of the visa, and it - type which allows to marry in the future. This visa allows me to be in your country within 90 days. I think, on which will know each other and in a consequence enough to marry. If we marry during legality of the visa, I can remain with you on a lot of time. If we do not marry, I should leave your country after end of legality of the visa. As the manager of the company to me has defined cost of all expenses. When I have heard this figure I have not fallen nearly.

On all documents 460 dollars and still plus cost of the ticket aboard the plane which makes 1380 dollars are necessary for me. It includes the ticket in both parties.As it is necessary for me to buy two tickets, in one and in other party. I counted my sum, and I have found out, that we with mum have only approximately 210 dollars. I have asked my friends about the help to me, and they have told, that it has no at the moment. Now I do not know what to do and where to take money! All hope only on your help.

You should know, that I decide to ask you about it because I love you and I trust you very much. I decide to arrive to you because I feel this way, and you are very necessary for me, I have decided to not arrive to the unfamiliar country and me never to be outside of my country. But I have decided to make it because now you - a part of my life, and I trust you all. I think, that you trust me as well love me also. 1630 $ my love, I need in dollars, I think, that you will help me because we have found our love, and we want to meet closer. In most cases money play a leaging role in a life, but it is not correct! I am confident. And the quantity of money was, and will not be important for me, I always did not aspire to material enrichment and to not search especially rich for the man. I estimate human qualities and attitudes, and I love you Frank!!! I think, that you love me also, and we shall meet very soon. You - my love Frank, my Angel. My your heart. I wait good news from you, I hope, that all will be in the order, and we shall together soon. Every day I think of our meeting, and I think, that it is real, we should use this chance

From destiny.

I LOVE YOU Frankl!!!!!!!!

Yours Aleksandra!

Letter 2

Hi my angel Frank!!!

I so am happy to receive your letter.. You do not represent as I is happy that we soon shall meet..My parents even were surprised my mood. Mum has asked that with me. I have told that I fly to the favourite person... My mum is glad very much for us. She has given me the Approval.She transfers you the embraces parent. I love you. My angel, today in the afternoon I went from work and thought of you... At us the snow and road very slippery lays I have slipped and have fallen... Passers-by have run up to me and hands have submitted the and have helped me to rise.. The Woman began to calm me... And I on all street began to laugh and cry.. But it were tears of pleasure. On me looked as at a lunatic... I have shouted on all street I LOVE Frank. I have told then all that I fly to the husband. Everyone began to be pleased for me.

You represent as strongly I you I like. My prince, what weather at you? What I need to take??? My mum has already prepared me for warm things. Yes nearly has not overlooked... My mum has prepared for you for a gift.. But I shall not speak that it!! You do not take offence?Today I went again to the manager of agency. I at once have concluded the contract with agency. The manager has told that all my documents will be ready in 10 days. he to me has told as you can help me. You can send money through the Western Union or Money Gram. You know such firms? I never simply used these firms and badly I know as all this works. The manager has told that I should you give the full name, the full address... And you without problems can send me of money! As he has told, that when you will send to me of money to you will give any code... I without this code cannot receive your money.

My information:

Russia. Saint Petersburg. My home address: Sedova street 83/9 appartment 3 , my full name Gorohova Aleksandra. My love, 1630 dollars are necessary for me. You can send money today?That I tomorrow again went in agency and paid for all documents. As write to me the nearest airport.. Only write to me the full name of the airport... It is necessary for booking tickets. So to me the manager of agency has told.

I love you.

I wait your answer. Write to me as soon as possible.

Yours and only yours Aleksandra!



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