Letter(s) from Anna Holopzeva to Jens (Norway)

Letter 1

My dear Jens!
thank you for your photo. I liked it very much. Judging by it you are a nice person. It is a pity that it is only your photo near me but not the original of it. All is left - to hug you only in my dreams! :-))
But meanwhile I can talk with you looking at your face! It speak so much...:-)))
it is great that you want to invite me to Norway i think we may think about it when get know each other little better.
I love the sun, the life in full swing, the dances full of joy and passion, laughter, flowers, the brightness of colors and feelings! I am sociable. People feel at ease with me and I like it. Quick rhythms draw me away. But all the brightness doesn't interfere to be aware of the fact that life is complicated and at the same time magic and that it all finds its reflection in serious books and classical music.
In the day time I work as a sales manager in the small private firm, my activity in the evening depends on the weather ,season and my mood . Generally I like out door activities, but I spend calm evenings at home with pleasure too.
My life seems complete but it is not so. There is one and the main place that is vacant -your place. Only having found my Man, my support and protector I will reach harmony inside and will bring it into our life together. I know you need me! You need me to make your life brighter, to warm the world around you and your inner world by the sun of love and tenderness, to take the emptiness out of your life and give sense to it! The world is wonderful and let's enjoy it together!!!
I will wait for your answer because I am sure you exist!

With sincerity and trust,

Letter 2

My dear Jens
Thank you for another photo and story of your life, i also have tried to visit your web site but there i did not understand anything as it is not in English.
Where to begin? I love the outdoors, summer nights, the seasons, special times with that special someone, humor, silly chatter, a quite night by the fire or a wild night on the town, distant thunder that makes my heart skip a beat, a passionate kiss that makes my knees weak, repaired broken dreams, dancing the night away to blues or real slow stuff, promises that are kept and secrets that are revealed ,spoiling the one you love, being able to laugh at oneself, living life like tomorrow may never come, waking up with your lover on your mind and then finding them next to you is the beginning of a great day, just a hug and kiss can tell all. Romance, respect and a love for life are the keys to life itself. I am a caring, fun loving, attractive, confident, open-minded, flexible, intelligent, intuitive, passionate and romantic girl .
In my free time, I like to listen to music. I like to dance and sing, I like all styles and trends except for hard rock. I like reading, meeting with friends, watch TV sometimes, I enjoy travelling very much.
I like traveling and enjoy learning all about other peoples' cultures and traditions. Generally, I enjoy discovering something new to me.
I love sea and everything that is connected with it. I enjoy walking along the seashore,swimming, jumping at the waves and my dream is to learn wind surfing. I like watching sunrises and sunsets. But it would be much more fun to do it with someone special. I dream of meeting a man who will be my friend and lover. I dream of a relationship based upon mutual understanding and respect,trust and, the main thing of all, upon love. I dream of going along the path of life with my beloved husband. I picture him to myself as a kind, honest and decent man, who will be loving and affectionate towards me. I'll answer him with the same, maybe even more
Please write me soon
take care
your Ann

Letter 3

Hello my dear Jens!
Your letter is like a light breeze from the far seashore touched the petals of my soul. My heart started beating with excitement and I thought: "It's possible that it's you who may knock at my door one day and bring happiness into my life!"
My mother used to say: "Wait for your happiness, my child and it will certainly come to you."
I was born and always lived in Odessa, it's a beautiful generous land near the sea always full of sunshine. My parents sadly are divorced but they brought up two charming kids, me and my brother Vasya. Now he has a great family and I have nephew who I adore.
I was married once but my marriage was short and unhappy,we divorced in a few years, but since that time I decided that my next marriage will be happy and with a right man, who will be my one and only love, my real soul mate. I think that I am very romantic person that believes in love between two people and thinks that honesty and faith are very important things in a relationship.
And regardless of our relations I promise to be always truthful and honest with you and hope you will do the same.
I know probably left out many things that you would like to know about me, so feel free to ask me anything you wish to know.
I am looking forward to hearing from you again soon.

Have a nice day and take care.

Best wishes from me

Letter 4

My dearest Jens
Thank you for the letter and photo, you asked me about my family and dream about future, but i have written to you all about this, if you want to know specific - ask me. I like animals but do not have any, and i would also love to have children in future family if my future husband also wants to, i think this should be decided together.
Dear Jens now we are learning more and more about each other from our letters. There is a great distance separating us. I'd like to ask you a few questions the answers to each interest me greatly. Here they allowed.
What attracts you in women?
What traits in women you don't like?
What have you decided to search for your special woman in Internet?
What in women of your country doesn't suit you?
Would you like to find exactly a Russian/Ukrainian woman?
Please write me soon
take care

Letter 5

My dearest Jens!
Thank you very much for answers on my questions i think we will be a good match. i am looking for relations with marriage perspective so hope we can meet with you in person and then we will see what future holds for us.
I have a feeling that with every letter we become closer. How are you there?
What people are around you?
This morning cooking breakfast I've thought how wonderful it would if you were here. With these thoughts I started decorating my room with flowers. For kitchen I composed a new 'ekibana'. In the center of it I place two flowers. They are symbolizing a man and a woman. It may be you and me.
Flowers are always so nice. Sometimes it seems to me that they are speaking with me stretching their leaves and nodding their heads. Owing to them my apartment has the atmosphere of comfort. I love when everything is shining with cleanness, when every thing has its own place. Home must be full of freshness, than the feeling of comfort will be always present in it. I like the style of our days, nothing unnecessary, much air and light.
When I come back home tired in the evening I have a strong desire to have a good rest.
I usually calm down and relax. All the cares of a working day are left behind. The eyes are gliding aimlessly along the surrounding things. Everything in my room prepossess for rest. The furniture is placed cozily. Soft sofa pillows are tempting to put the head on them. The eyes have a rest looking at the illustrations that are decorating the walls of the room. With big love I was choosing these small pictures. And here it is my favorite indoor plant. Its long thick branches are hanging down and tender fragile leaves are turned to the sun. Indoor plants is one of my hobbies. I love my plants and they answer me with love too!?
On a low table there is a vase in which my favorite flowers (roses) are standing. A charming bundle is spreading around wonderful aroma and surprising freshness. The presence of fresh flowers in the room tunes me lyrically and my head becomes full of dreams. I imagine your eyes very close, in which dreaminess joins common sense, humor joins romantism. I also see kindness, decency and something else that I can-t give explanation to, but which attracts me most of all. ? What is it? Can you explain?

With tenderness and trust,

Letter 6

My dearest Jens!
your life is so mysterious and exciting, so cool to read about your days.Yesterday late in the night, i couldn't sleep and i thought a lot of things and i dreamt while awake, of course i 've been thinking of you... Outside it was a storm, strong wind and rain shock the window, it was nice to listen to, i felt so comfortable and warm in my home and i was thinking how wonderful could it be if you be near me.
I like sunny days but i like stormy days too, when the forces of nature express themselves its very nice too, all little things which people never notice and these things can make you happy.
It makes me happy too, the feeling and knowing that next morning i shall find a sweet email from a man who lives very far away from me in a strange land for me, but his emails bring me joy and sun.
He too is very mysterious, and he is handsome and romantic, and this seduces me so much !
I dont know what the future will bring , but i whish with all my mind and cellars that with this sweet man i will write some beautiful pages of a love book.


Letter 7

My dearest Jens
Thank you for your letter and interesting web site, its a beautiful place and i would love to be there together with you.
What a lucky day I am having today. Since the very morning everything has been so fine!: Hardly I opened the eyes I saw that on the windowsill my favorite window plant had burst into blossom. Its tender pink petals were reaching for sunshine greeting the first sunrays.
Later on I found my golden ring that considered lost long ago and was so upset with it!9 :
Last the evening I visited our wonderful Opera House. It is one of our favorite places to rest. There we enjoy its architecture and beautiful interior relaxed after everydays cares and problems.
On entering the theatre a fantastic world of mirrors, staircases, candles and fine wall paintings framed with white and golden lace is opening in our eyes. This view can be admired endlessly. But the first bell makes to anticipate with pleasure a new meeting with the world of theatre art.
Yesterday all the night I was enjoying opera "Iolanta" by Chaikovskiy. It`s a wonderful musical composition. Each time I am listening to it with bated breath. Iolanta's image is far and at the same time close to me. As well as she is, I am willing to experience this world with all its colors and I am ready to do much in the name of love. :
What I like most of all is that the plot has a happy end. Oh, if it could be in life too!
My dear, how wonderful it would be to visit this theatre together and plunge into the wonderful world of arts. I am dreaming about it!
With tenderness,

Letter 8

My dearest Jens
yes its a short notice but i will go today and ask for some hot offers maybe there is one sit in plane or something like this, but i will need to know what airport , what city to go where you can meet me. i will see if i can come on 11 or maybe on 10th and wait for you at the airport, i like to be spontaneous and sometimes just pack small bag with few bikinis and go to such trip from autumn to hot summer- i guess its summer there now?
i will email you today in a couple of hours and tell what have i found if any, i hope i can, because at my work i have no problems to go for small vacation!

Letter 9

Ok then i will need not only bikinis:))thank you for telling. but anyway its warmer then here, here it is only 13.
I've got some good news form the travel agency , that because there are empty sits on the flight they give a big discount for it, last minute flights are not so often used that is why they always cost cheaper. there is flight from Odessa . Odessa-Prague-Barcelona, and it arrives at 22:55, it seems just what we need because you say your flight arrives late in the evening, we may arrive almost same time, it would be cool if we find out that your flight is also via Prague!:)) the flight back is on Sunday early in the morning. the flight's regular cost 450, now its only 380$. so if this will suit you maybe you can send me or tour manager of travel agency money by Western Union, and i can purchase the ticket up till 10 afternoon, we have almost 1,5 days i guess:)
my dear, also could you please let me know what is the name of hotel and can you reserve a place in your room for both our names, so i would feel calm that i wont sleep under the bridge, as its only +23 there:)) my name is Ann Holopzeva, address is Botanicheskaya str 5 apt 11,65000, Odessa, Ukraine.
so my dear, i think it will be easy to change reservation in hotel , i think most rooms have two beds anyway, as far as i have been travelling, the price of single room and double room is always the same, and rooms also seem the same...
my dear i will check the email today again , hope to hear some good news from you.