Scam letter(s) from Anna Timofeeva to Joene (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hello my love Jeroen.
Fascinating, wonderful day, wonderful mood, charming man that has written to me charming letters. Wonderful feeling of pleasure and calmness. Love... Really it occurs with me? It is so wonderful, my sweet Jeroen!!! Reading lines of your letters, I have wonderful transformations, it is such pleasant sensations warm and care of your love. It is so wonderful to receive letter from you.
The distance of thousand kilometers between us disappears as if a morning fog, only I begin reading your words, your gentle and so desired to me words. I fall into hypnosis, I can not look away, even for one second. Then I start to re-read your words again and again, but is already more attentive. As if the wanderer wandering in desert some days find water, and greedy drink all over again, not having strength to stop, then slowly feeling taste of each drop. I can not find all words, to express all emotions and sensations. I love you Jeroen, only now I become the woman.
Mum speaks, that I should be more cautious, because girl shouldn't lose a head. You see I have not arrived yet. And what will occur with me when we shall meet? She speaks that I should control myself and emotions. It so is amusing, I did not hear these words from time of training at school. And really I am glad by each your letter as if the little girl is pleased to a beautiful gift, considering that this biggest happiness that can be found in the huge world.
My love Jeroen, you are treasure gift, that I could wish ever. I love you my sweet Jeroen!!! So far, I can only ask the God to give patience to wait that wonderful day of our meeting.
With love from Anna.
Letter 2
Hello my lovely Jeroen.
I have gotten your answer, it's so happy for me to receive your necessary love for me, your warmth words my dear.
When I read your letter it seems that I feel your presence near to myself, I feel your breath and warmly of your hands.
I love you so much that I can't without you now my love, you and your messages are so necessary for me, you are the inseparable part of my life.
I say about it very seriously! Because you know how much I love you my darling Jeroen!
All days, all seconds I'm dreaming about our meeting, I can't wait a moment when we will meet in your airport my love, I want it so much my darling!
I'm a happiest woman in this world, because we have met each other.
I want to wish to all people to love each other very much, because I have tested this feeling with you my dear, it happen so quick my dear and through Internet, I want to say to you my dear, that all people, who want to find a love man or woman, this man or woman will find the love necessarily, I'm sure in this, because I found you my love through the Internet, and we love each other so much, and I know that our love is most dear feeling from other feelings that exists on this small light-blue planet.
Now all my ideas only about you and this night know that I shall think of you.
I see in the sky, among dark clouds the lonely moon, I see in it an outline of your face.
Now I think, that is very good that I have got acquainted with you, let even we did not see each other actually, let between us large distance. I do not know that occurs to me, my soul is torn to you, I have what that strange, inexplicable feelings.
Close the eyes and do not think of anything bad, let you will be left by all problems and care.
Present that we beside. You feel me, my touch of hands, my gentle kiss.
My dear I went to agency and learned all about travel to you.
They were very kind with me and all have explained to me.
But there is one problem. I thought, that I can consult itself, but to me informed, that for me it will be necessary 600 $ for official registration of papers necessary for trip.
At me is only 100 $ if you can help me with other part of money then I can receive the visa.
It is very inconvenient for me to ask you the help, but I cannot find other exit.
I asked the help my mother and at my familiar, but nobody could help me.
For our country are very big money.
To me informed, that process of official registration of papers will borrow from 2 till 3 weeks.
Inform me my dear, whether you will be capable to help me with this money.
It will be necessary for me 500 $.
It is very inconvenient for me and if I had opportunity to arrive to you I would not ask you about the help.
I very much hope, that you can help.
I have asked in agency as it is possible for you to send money and they informed me, that is possible through Western Union.
There is bank Money Gram, too very good bank at us in city.
And he can trust.
I very much hope, that you can help me and we can meet each other.
The necessary information that you could send me a remittance:

Nity: Saint Petersburg
Gastello 13, kv 40
Zip : 191025 Name: Anna
Surname: Timofeeva After you will send to me a remittance, it will be necessary for me to know: number of a remittance, your full name and a surname and your full home address.
My love, I understand completely that it's a large money, but to me any more on whom I can to rely and on this I ask you about your help with this expense.
My lovely prince, we love each other very much and we will together, I sure in it!!!
I'm waiting and I'm dreaming for a moment of our meeting in your airport my Jeroen.
I will cry in this moment, when I will leave from an air gangway and when I will see you my angel, because it will from our happiness.
I close my eyes and I am imagining about this so happy picture.
My love, I dream as we will live together my darling, to go for a walk, keeping for our hands.
I want, that you will show me your native land, a places where you like to go for a walk and where you like to spend a more of your time.
Also I want to get acquainted with your relatives and closest friends so much!
I want to be with you very much and I miss you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My darling, on this I will end my e-mail to you, I will wait for your next e-mail with my great love desire!!!
You must know, Jeroen, how I love you!
Well, it is time to me to go, I will think about you so much, I love you, and I want to be with you as soon as possible my love!!!!!
More kisses and hugs.
Your love,Anna.
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