Scam letter(s) from Irina Kirillova to John (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Dear! How are you doing?I hope all is well.I want to sorry for my not very good English.So if you can't understand something please ask me and i will answer with great pleasure.For me it is first time when i write such letter,but if million people are looking for their love why can't i also use the chance.(smile)
i I don't know what to say next so i will tell a bit about me.
My full name is Irina Kirilova.My friends and my parents call me Ira or Irena.
I am 31 but every body says i look like 20 year old girl.I am so pleased to hear it(smile)My birthday is 4th April.My family consists of my parents and no one else.I have always have been dreaming of an older brother.
As for my past relations so i have been married for 5 years but it didn't last long.
For about 2 years i have been lonely.I do want to find a man with whom i will plunder into the ocean of passion,happiness and love.
AS for my work so i am an organizer of holidays,parties,trips.People come to our office and ask how it will be better to organize their parties,holidays and so on.
We offer them different variants and help to make those holidays for them unforgettable.
I do love my job a lot.
AS my hobbies i do like swimming,long walks,playing tennis,watching romantic comedies, adventure films.AS for music i do like European pop music.I also like dancing and listening to energetic dancing music.
My friends say i am an easy going person,with sense of humor able to cheer up anybody(smile)...
I am also trustful and able to forgive.
I think it will be enough for the first letter.I hope you didn't sleep a lot(smile).
I am kidding.Hope to hear from you soon.
Warmly Irina
Letter 2
I think i am right in this sum in GBP it will be 243 pounds.Dear i don't have bank account,you see only rich people pr businessmen here have them,dear i have learnt that you can send the money for the documents through Western Union to my home address,and then i will need the code and my passport to get money from the bank.I will give you now my fool name and address:
Irina Kirillova
Ukraine city Alchevsk
zip code 91006
Lenin street 23/45.
Steve i don't know exactly what work i will get there in Jersey but i think that i will be able to continue work which i am doing here.Do you have there such agencies which organize parties and holidays for people?It seems to me yes.if not i will find another one,i am not scared of that(smile)Oh dear i so do want to come to you a lot.We will be very happy,OH i am already dreaming about it(smile).
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