Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Kandakova to Stephen (USA)

Letter 1
It is very pleasant for me, that you have written to me.
With you we shall get acquainted. My name is Ekaterina.
To me 26 years. I was born on September, 8, 1981.
I live in Russia, in city Nizhniy Novgorod. My city big and beautiful. But I shall tell to you about the city more in detail in the following letters if I hope, that we to correspond with each other. I have addressed to the Internet to find the man, to find serious relations. I the lonely woman. Not when it was not married. I have no children, but in the future, I want to have children.
I work as the seller in shop. Very much to like me my work. I have not the big salary. I live separately from my parents. I remove an one-room apartment. It is an apartment not big, but very cosy. With me 2 cats together live.
I have finished the Vladimir pedagogical institute in 2005 on the teacher of physics when to me 23 year was executed. But has not gone, to work as the teacher because teachers receive very small salary. My mum all life worked as the teacher and always to her the state paid kopecks. My patch is greater, than at mum. I the only child in family. And I always would like to have the brother or the sister.
Tell to me about itself. You have hobby?
My it - Aquarian fishes. It is a lot of efforts they do not deliver, and very beautiful. And in general calm.
And still I like to go in for sports. To me very much to like to be engaged in run. But about it more in detail I shall write to you in our further correspondence. I think, that for the beginning will suffice. I hope, that we with you correspondence to proceed.
Letter 2
Hello Stephen.
I am glad that you have not rejected my letter and is very happy that again I write to you. I with the big interest read your letters. I very much want I shall find out about you as much as possible to try to write to you all about myself as much as possible. I want that you have studied me as it is possible better and were not mistaken in the choice. I very much would like that you were that person of whom I searched for all life. By the way about my parents. I very much love them.
There is no I have no own computer, I write you letters from my work or the Internet of cafe.
I tried to load this site, but my computer could not load your site.
They fair people and all life lived fairly.
Mine mum and the daddy live not far from me. My mum works as the teacher at school, and mine father works as the taxi driver. I very much love my parents. They live in a two-room apartment. And together with my parents I lives a favorite dog, breeds the rate. By the way, nearly has not overlooked. I do not have phone, and I ask you,
That you have sent me the phone number.
As soon as at me the opportunity will call you,
I at once it shall make that. Well?
Unfortunately I have no own computer, because I
i can not afford it to buy.
Tell to me about the parents? You with them live?
Where you work?
In sports a hall I go three times to a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Very much it is pleasant to me. It would be desirable to go to pool, but I am afraid to catch a cold. Tell to me please about the house? I live modestly enough. But all the most necessary at me is. Sometimes I like to dream up on kitchen. But not frequently. I live one, a lot of meal it is not necessary to me. Quickly, that that I shall prepare also for all. Very much I love visitors. But they come, to my big regret not frequently. Itself I do not know, how it has turned out. There are at me two close girlfriends Irina and Ulya, with them and communicate. They married girls and at them are children. I like, when they come on a visit. And now I have decided, that it is necessary to arrange urgently private life, while I still young. I shall wait for your answer.
Letter 3
Greetings my dear Steve.
I am very glad, that at us with you correspondence was fastened.
You seem to me very interesting by the man, and to me like to correspond with you, and to find out about you new.
In us today good solar weather and therefore
The mood simply accomplished.
With a morning I have come in a sports hall. I like to be borrowed on
Sports meets,
Because I think it, it is useful for health.
From kinds of sports meets I prefer gymnastics and
Navigation. I like to float.
In the summer on the river and winter in a reservoir. I like
To observe me,
And I like, when I look beautiful. And for this purpose I
I apply not small efforts.
Many our people are not borrowed on sports meets. They
That they on it have no time. But I think it for
Sports meets,
It is always possible to find time. I daily visit sports
Hall and reservoir.
I was accustomed to sports meets in the childhood. I went in for sports earlier.
I was engaged in run on not the big distances. Also I have a rank of the master of sports on track and field athletics.
Together with this letter I shall send you a photo with my medals on sports.
I love various kinds of foodstuff. You know, that I very much like to prepare!!!
Also should brag of it in me, it very well appears.
To all I have been investigated by my mum she in me also the good cook.
I prepare almost for all. They - various soups, a ragout, pies, salads and many other things.
In the best way in me it appears our national Borsch
You heard about it?
When I make pies which I usually I prepare for them with a cherry and apricots.
You love pies? If yes it, what?
Nevertheless, I adore ice-cream especially chocolate. And I am capable to be prepared for this.
I prefer our Russian kitchen more.
As from the Italian kitchen I love a pizza. Most of all from the Russian kitchen I like pel'menis.
How the foodstuffs in your city various?
I wait your letters
Letter 4
Greetings my lovely Stephen.
Always so it is pleasant for me to receive your letters.
I not when did not try this pie.
Texmex I not when about it did not hear, and what this such???
I shall tell to you about my work.
I work every day 8.00 till 18.00. My work consists that I sell sportswear.
To me like my work because I love sports, and on this I am engaged in favourite business.
I live in beautiful city. My city refers to Nizhniy Novgorod. I is proud to be in 400 km a southeast from Moscow.
5000000 person lives in my city, and my city big approximately, here I was born and I live during 24 years.
In my city there are many beautiful places where it is possible to take a walk. I very much like to walk in park, near to my house there is very beautiful park, and me of the childhood, like to walk in this park, and especially to me like, when walk on park singing various birds in the summer is audible. Together with this letter I shall send you a photo of my city, and I think, that too to like you my city.
And to me in relations always like honesty. I to you shall tell about my last relations.
My lovely, I want to tell to you, that I too am lonely here, and the lonely woman, and me too would be desirable to love and be loved. Also tried to build relations with Russian men, but I had not success in it cases. My dear, I want to be completely fair with you, and am open. In fact understand, that the main thing in relations this trust and love. I tried to build relations with Russian men, but I was not successful, in these relations. The first I to men has appeared, when to me there were 20 years then, I still studied in institute. We have started to build relations, and I thought shall be, is happy with it the man, we met him 3 years, I loved him, and he too spoke, that loves me, but it was not the truth, about it I have found out later. To me girlfriends told, that saw him with other girls, but I did not trust my girlfriends, I spoke, that you deceive me. We thought of our future, and even wanted to get married, but it did not happen. I have come to one day to a theme home when from me has given keys, from his apartment, and have seen, how he made love to other girl. To me it was very insulting, and I very much experienced in this occasion, but time treats, I have forgotten all, only then to me very much it was not pleasant for me. I him next day have torn all relations. Other man has appeared, when my birthday, to me was then 23 years were executed, and we have started to build with him relations. I was happy with him, I thought, that we shall be happy together, but then I have replaced, that began frequently and to drink much, he every day used alcohol. And it very much was not pleasant to me, because he much and frequently saws, to me was sad to see, how he began to drink much, and him has left. I met him 1 year. So my lovely at me was only 2 men with who at me were ***. My lovely understands, I am engaged in *** only with that person whom I love. And I am completely open for you, and I have what secrets from you. I am very lonely now; I do not have not enough man's care and heat. In fact I too want to be happy. I would like to love, and that I could care of mine to the man. I very much like to prepare, it will be always pleasant for me to prepare for mine the man when he comes from work, and he is waited with a tasty supper, and near to him the beloved. This family happiness for me. I shall wait for your following letter.
Strong whole you my lovely.
Your girlfriend Ekaterina.
Letter 5

Good afternoon my lovely Stephen.
I am always glad to see your letter.
I saw this photo already earlier, to me there came these photos on spam
In your letters so many warm words.
About free time from work, sometimes I like to sit houses, and to look DVD.
Last film which I looked was " the Code Yes Vinci "
You looked this film? I liked this film. To me very much like to look comedies because I like cheerful films, and usually cheerful person, and I like men with sense of humour. In these days off we went with my girlfriends to a circus. I very much liked performance of the trainer with lions. I very much like the big cats. Very much it was pleasant to me in a circus. And together with me in an apartment 2 cats live. Cats call Vasya and Fedor.
I very much love cats. And you have pets? You love animals?
By the way, nearly has not overlooked. I do not have phone, and I ask you,
That you have sent me the phone number.
As soon as at me the opportunity will call you,
I at once it shall make that. Well?
I at school and then at university studied the English language and consequently I can good speak in English, but I write with mistakes so excuse me if, from my letter you cannot understand something, but I try to study to write competently letters. I very much frequently think of the future.
Probably, each woman reflects above it sooner or later.
I very much would like to find the existing love, full tenderness in this life,
Passion and human care. Unfortunately, now in Russia it is not easy to find
The suitable partner of a life.
I very much would like, that in my life I have appeared the man with which could
To create happy family and to have children.
The man to which I could trust the most confidential.
The man, for the sake of which, to be necessary to live.
The future is submitted to me as that very good and kind. Likely each woman aspires to this.
And what woman you would like to meet?
I shall wait for your answer.
Letter 6
Good afternoon my lovely Stephen.
I am madly glad to see your letter.
It is interesting to me to correspond with you. You very interesting the man, and you like me :)
Today we with mum have decided to walk around shops.
I wanted to choose to myself a jacket.
And mum looked to itself a skirt. But we and have not found anything suitable.
We passed by interior of wedding dresses and have decided to go.
As there beautifully you would see. There it is so much dress of a different style.
And all such beautiful!!! Simply charm!!!
So it wanted to me to try on any of a dress.
My mum of me encouraged and spoke that soon and I shall dress on this order.
And me it became for some reason sad. But this sad has quickly passed.
Dear that you do when to you sadly.
When to me I I am sad do not like to remain one go to girlfriends and we begin to chatter on different themes.
And I grief imperceptibly passes!!!
Dear I want to ask you like to travel?
I like to travel my dream to visit England.
It is very beautiful country with interesting traditions.
And you would want to visit what country?
how your mood?
I am in good mood after perusal of your letter!
My feelings to you grow with extraordinary force!
They remain with feelings to me so are pleasant, also I need in your letters more and more!
I so am grateful to destiny, that we had a meeting in the Internet.
It has caused to opening in me of new magnificent feelings!
And it makes my life, more beautiful and desirable.
I think that you will make me by the happiest woman in the world.
I should charge the person, who - my assistant by a life. To trust his each word, gesture, a kind, a smile.
The world is a plenty of meanness and not the truth.
I knew you during short time, but I can inform you, that you are very fair, open person. It involves me very much and gives me, Hope that I can love and be beloved!!!
And what at you to me of feeling? I hope, that are mutual.
Please, only answer me fairly. Well?
I think, that the most important in our attitudes, the truth.
I do not know, why, but you cause in me trust.
I wait your answer soon. Also I wait with impatience.
Yours faithfully Ekaterina!!!!
Letter 7
Good evening my lovely Stephen.
I am madly glad to see your letter.
When I receive your letter, I feel, that my heart starts to beat more strongly, and I want to read your letter more likely. I not when did not test such feelings which you cause in me earlier.
You believe in love at first sight?
having met you, I start to trust in love at first sight.
I cannot find at all, that words describe, I have what feelings, when I receive the message from you. It resembles a storm. I overlook about the world around of me - only you and I in the whole world. But each fairy tale has the sad end sometimes, sometimes happy. I hope, what we shall have the happy end, what you think? Well.
I have told it to my mum, and to read some items from your letter. She has told to me, that she trusts me.
And if I am happy, she is happy also. She thinks, that you - the good, reliable, fair, kind and caring person.
And she wishes us only happiness and success. But certainly, only the meeting will show us if we have really been made for everyone by another. I am confident already, that you - my second half. I to tell to my mum about you to tell, that you very good person and are possible to trust you. I love you!!!
We really have much in common with each other, and I admire and I respect you.
It is very pleasant for finding out about each other, that we - mutual understanding each other - the most important fact in our relations. And me becomes joyful on soul. I understand, that our relations everyone become more serious.
And our correspondence becomes more, than is simple letters.
Prove to me, that such love. I searched very much, but have not found.
My lovely it is strange, that I did not see you personally we, only we saw a photo and letters each other,
But I to you had such feeling which never visited me.
There can be you and there is that happiness which I wait???
Fine I want to tell to you, what I love you, but I am afraid, what you will not love on me with?
But I so want to tell it!!!!
Dear I now am left for limits with emotions, and I shall finish this letter.
I wait your answer, and I shall always wait.
Sincerely yours yours Ekaterina!
Letter 8
Good afternoon my lovely Stephen.
It is always very pleasant for me to receive your letters.
Now I am on work, and I have free we tell lies, and at once I write you the letter.
I liked your photos when you were small.
I have no mine old photos on a computer to send these photos to you.
Well next time I shall try earlier to call to you that you still had morning or I shall call in the day off.
To me too it is not much sad, that we could not speak with you.
I completely with you agree, and I too think, that ours with you relations began more, than is simple friends on correspondence. I understand, that I love you.
In fact I not when did not trust in love at first sight and the more so on the Internet, but having met you, I understand earlier, that such love exists, though in it is very difficult to trust. And if to me somebody, has told, that I shall find the favorite person on the Internet, I would not believe this person. But now I understand, that I really love you.
I each time check my mail, and always very much I wait for your letters.
And when I receive your letter, I feel, that my heart starts to beat more strongly.
And I would like to esteem your letter more likely.
And now I can precisely tell to you, that I love you.
And though I too reason understand, that we of all communicate with you during month.
But in fact you understand, that the love arises unexpectedly.
And I see, that you very good the man, and that together with you, I shall feel like, the happiest ******* light.
I know, that I shall feel near to you, as behind a stone wall.
Also that you will always help me, and that a difficult minute I can address to you, and you to make all to help me.
And not when did not begin to write the letter to other men because I think, that it was treachery for my part.
I could not speak, that I like at once to many men.
In fact I very seriously treat in a word "LOVE".
And always considered, that the main thing in relations between the man and the woman, this trust and understanding.
If there is a love, trust and understanding when we can be the happiest pair on light.
I think you the favorite person.
I wanted to find out, you test what feelings to me???
I want to receive your fair answer. And I shall always understand you.
Soon I shall finish the work, and I shall go home.
Usually I see off my evenings of a house because I very much get tired on work, and it happens it is necessary to be engaged in domestic affairs. Usually at home I am engaged in preparation of food for myself, and always I keep up on cleanliness of an apartment.
And houses I in the evenings I watch TV.
And I frequently after work go on a visit to mine parents, and my mum is always glad to see me.
And we sit on kitchen, and always my mum likes to feed me, and we chatter about life and on different themes.
And I want to tell, that I told about you to the mum, and my mum each time we ask me about you, and asks, as there are we with you of the relation. And with girlfriends we meet on the days off because all of us work, and in everyday lives there is few free time.
I together with my girlfriends usually we go to walk on park, we are in cafe to sit to chat on various themes, and everyone tells about the life. And usually we drink in cafe on a glass of white wine, but no more than one glass.
And you drink alcoholic drinks? What do you like to drink usually?
And still we like, to go to cinema, and I very much like to look comedies.
And you love what genre of cinema?
How you will see off time with the friends??
I shall look forward to your letter.
Yours and only yours Ekaterina.
Letter 9
Good afternoon my love Stephen.
It is pleasant for me to receive your letters.
Yesterday at me very heavy day on work was.
At me was a lot of work, and I yesterday had to be not much longer on work because was a lot of work.
And still yesterday I had training in a sports hall, and after training in a sports hall, I have gone home, because is very strongly tired, and it would be desirable to eat. When I have come home and have gone rice with the hen and have gone to sleep. And yesterday I very much early went to bed, because I did not have forces.
Today I feel well, and now I am on work and at me a lunch break, and at once I write you the letter because I know, that you always very much wait for my letter. And what weather at you my lovely???
Tonight after work I am going to go in my girlfriend at cinema.
I want to look a cartoon film " Simpsons at cinema ", I very much like to look cartoon films, I think, that I will like this cartoon film. And you looked this cartoon film???
I wanted to ask you, you like to go to cinema???
And I very much am pleasant like comedies and cartoon films, in fact it always kind and ridiculous films.
I am very glad, that you have left a site of acquaintances.
I do not remember precisely, that at you was on a site, in fact I too for a long time have removed the structure from this site of acquaintances. I like to receive massage.
I too like to look cinema, especially I like to look cheerful cartoon films.
I shall wait for your letter.
Yours Ekaterina.
Letter 10
Good afternoon my lovely Stephen.
I was glad to see your letter.
I not when did not see it.
I not when did not try molluscs.
I studied the English language at school and then at university, and on this I well know the English language, I did not have problems with studying language, studying language came easily to me. My lovely I with you it completely agree, I want, that our relations developed further, in fact both of us like each other, we want to be together, I can precisely tell, that I want to be together with you, and on this, I want to arrive to you and to be together with you. In fact the distance between us does not allow to be to us together.
I want, that our relations developed further, and on this I am confident, that we should be together.
You with me agree?
My lovely for us it will not be difficult to be together, but there is problem, I cannot arrive to you.
In fact I think, that it will be better to build relations at you, in fact your country gives more opportunity to live happily, and to have less problems. My lovely I it is glad, that you can help me with our problem, in fact we have one problem, I want to arrive to you to build further our relations, but I have no money that I could arrive to you. You understand me?
You can help me with money for my trip to you?
You want, that I have arrived to you? That we were together with you. In fact you understand, that between us distance there is more, and will be better if we shall be together. In fact we while can write only each other letters, and call up, and only if I can call to you. And on it will be much better, if we shall be together when I shall be near to you.
To me it is very lonely here, I so would like to nestle on you and to feel all heat of your body, to fall asleep and wake up together with you, to prepare for you I peep, and when you will come from work tired to feed you and to care of you. I am ready to give all love and care to you.
I understand, that you that the man which is necessary for me and which I searched for all life.
I not when did not trust earlier in love at first sight, but having met you, I have understood, that such love exists.
My lovely I think, that to you it is difficult for understanding, but I feel, that my heart misses on you, and I want to be together with you. To me so it is lonely here without you....
I want to arrive to you, and to be together with you my love.
I shall wait for your letter.
Love Ekaterina.

Letter 11
Good afternoon my love Stephen.
It is always pleasant for me to read your letters.
Now I have come to the Internet of cafe to write to you the letter.
Today at me the day off and I had an opportunity to have a sleep, and, at last, I could sleep.
I today have woken up today 10 a.m. and have prepared myself for a breakfast.
And I so would like, that we could wake up together with you, and we could lead this morning together with you.
And I could prepare for a breakfast for us two.
And we could accept together with you peep, and to talk on different themes.
In fact I very much miss on you my love Stephen.
And now I shall go on a meeting with my girlfriend, and we want to take a walk together with my girlfriend.
We want to go on shops, and to look new clothes, and then to take a walk on city.
in fact today very good weather, and in the street shines the sun.
Lovely at me today in city very warm weather. What weather at you???
And after walk on shops, also we want to sit in cafe to have a bite, and to drink on a glass of white wine.
My lovely Stephen and you love wine???
In fact we very seldom meet with my girlfriend, in fact because all the week long a lot of time is occupied with work, and very much get tired on work. And after work in the evening not where not hunting to go, and time you will spend behind the TV. And today we can quietly sit in cafe, and chat on different themes.
And today I shall tell to my girlfriend about you, and very much I want to share pleasure with my girlfriend.
I want to tell to my girlfriend, that in this life I have met you. Also that we like, each other, and I hope, that shortly we shall be together with you. But the most important ours with you love, that our I of you, and for it I am very grateful to destiny.
And I think, that my girlfriend will be glad, that we have met each other.
How your affairs???
My dear Stephen how you will spend the free time???
I want to tell to you that you always remembered that I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
I shall wait for your letter.
Yours and only yours Ekaterina.
Letter 12
Good afternoon my lovely Stephen.
It is pleasant for me to see your letters.
It is a photo I has made specially for you that you could see how strongly I love you.
I hope, that it is a photo to you very much it is pleasant.
I went in travel agency and all have found out about trip to you.
To me all have told that it is necessary for me, that I could arrive to you. To me have told, that for the beginning, I should legalize papers, and it will occupy approximately on time of 10-15 days, and it will cost 470 usd. And this sum includes registration of all documents: the visa 220 usd, the passport 50 usd, the medical insurance 100 usd and other documents 50 usd, and 50 more usd takes to itself agency for work. Tickets to you cost approximately 800 usd. And all to trip to you to me will cost 1270 usd. My lovely you understand that it is the big money for me, and I cannot pay this money. My lovely I shall forgive to the help for my trip. My lovely you to me can help me with this money? That I could arrive to you. My lovely understand me correctly to me not important your money, simply understand, this money are necessary for me, that I could arrive to you, and for me the main thing you, and ours with you of the relation. My lovely I think that it will be better, if I shall come to you, and we shall try to live together. In fact, the truth so we can better find out each other, and understand, we can be farther together. In fact you with me likely agree, that when we will be together, we can better and more correct understand each other, than we will write letters and so we can talk to you, and discuss any questions. I hope, that you understand, that I speak you. Understand, in fact both of us are lonely in our countries, and both we want to be together for now we are far apart. My lovely I too understand you, that you yet do not test those feelings which overflow me because we yet for a long time know each other. My lovely I understand, that you that person who is necessary for me and which I searched for all life. I when we shall be together, I shall make everything that we were happy together. In fact you with me agree, that we can better and more correct understand each other when I shall be together with you. My lovely too it will be pleasant for you to come back home, when you will know, that you at home waited by the beloved, together with a tasty supper. I shall show all care of you. Simply understand me, I am tired to be lonely, I want to love and be loved. My lovely in fact you understand that it is difficult for you to grow fond of me for this short time, but I think, if we shall be together, you too will understand, that it is destiny. My lovely you do not imagine, as I am glad, that our hearts have met in such huge world. I shall forgive to excuse me for my English, but I think, that you understand all, that I write to you.
My lovely I shall wait for your answer.
I love you my lovely.
Yours Ekaterina
Letter 13
Good afternoon my love Stephen.
My lovely it is always pleasant for me when you write me the letter.
I have a free time, and at once I write you the letter.
I'm fine, and today I saw fine dream how we have met you.
I dreamt about how I fly to you by the plane, and I look in a window in the plane, and I see as fly by a line of a cloud. Then the plane to sit at the airport, and I leave in a hall of the airport and I see, that you stand in the big bouquet of roses, and look around for me, and ours eyes find each other, and we approach to each other, and you give me a bouquet of roses, and I am strong to you I get accustomed and I feel all heat of your body and heart, and then I kiss you, and feel taste yours of lips, it the first was ours with you a kiss. And we together leave the airport holding each other for hands. When I saw this dream to me it would not be desirable to rise, and would be desirable to be together with you in this dream. But I am sure, that becomes already fast this dream real.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! At us weather became warmer, and in the street there is a sun, and the snow starts on to leave not many.
I know about this program not much.
Give in the beginning I shall come to you, and then we shall think of ours with you to a marriage, but I agree to be your wife. I understand, that you that unique the man which I searched for all life.
I am grateful to destiny, that the destiny has connected ours to you hearts together.
Yes I shall take myself the certificate on a birth.
At me affairs go well, and my parents, too feel like well.
My surname Kandakova.
I too, as well as you love white wine.
I am very glad, that you can help me with money.
In fact understand to me your money, the most important for me are not important, it that we could be together with you my love. I am very grateful to you, that you have understood my situation, and will help me with money that I could pay my trip to you. I went in bank, and have found out, how you can send me money.
The information as you can send money to me.
You need to come in bank where there is office Western Union.
Then you should send money for name
My name Ekaterina
My surname Kandakova
City Nizhniy Novgorod.
Index 603005
My lovely what I could receive your money to me needs to be known:
Your name and surname
Your address, city, zip code
The exact sum of money which you have sent.
And I should know the most important MTSN.
I once again want to tell to you many thanks, but that you will help me with money to pay my trip to you.
When I shall order tickets, I shall try to buy tickets up to this airport that to you was closer than me to take away.
I am sure, that together with you I shall be the happy girl, and together with you we can create strong and remarkable family. I shall wait for your fast letter.
With love yours Ekaterina.
Letter 14
Hello my love Stephen.
I so is glad that you have written the letter!!!!!!
Today I shall call to you, please wait for my bell.
I very much want to speak with you.
I very much love you and I can not without you adore you!!!!!
I want to be with you each day and to dream of you!!!!
To wait for you from work!!!!
I want to prepare you for breakfast and supper each day!!!!!
And to wake up in the mornings together with you!!!!!
Each day and to love you all life!!!
I want to be mother of your children and to love them just as you!!!!!!!!!!
I want you - I want that our family was very happy!!!!!!!!!!!
I know - that we shall be with you forever, I LOVE YOU MY LOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!

You that person whom I searched for all life, all my ideas about you and about our meetings,
To me very much would want to cast in the lot with you.
It is a pity to me, that to our happiness costs obstacles and this obstacle... Money. I cannot pay itself, it is very expensive for me.
And if you can pay my arrival to you,
That I can arrive to you. When I can arrive to you,
All depends on when you will send me of money. Sadly that to me to have to ask them you if I had the money, I not reflecting have arrived to you,
But I believe in you and in ours with you love. In MY IDEAS And SOUL - ONLY YOU MY MY LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I very much love you and it is very bad to me to be so far from you!!!!!
I ask you, I do not want to remain here.
I very much love you and now I want to appear in your hands!!!!!
I love you and I want to be only with you!!!!!
It is fine, that I test such feeling to you.
It is should on what, this that to that I am glad always!!!
And it I searched for all life.
It so is bad to be so far from you!!
You know, I frequently look at the moon at night it too one, as well as I.
But even the moon is covered with clouds, but me not to whom to cover and not to whom of me to care.
I want to be near to you. I want that you would embrace me under this moon, and I do not want to be lonely more.
But tell you do not want it?
I want to hear from you, that you love me. I cannot live without it.
I have understood, that searches of my life are finished also to me who is not necessary any more except for you.
I very much want to begin life where there is no place, to a deceit, I want to see the world where there is only you and I and we are happy, because we together. I very much like, you as loved whom before and I shall grow fond of whom.
Our happiness in our hands and is very important to appreciate it. Life seldom gives chances of success and fortunately and it is necessary to try to use it. I want to be with you. Tell, whether you want it?
I shall force you to forget about all last mistakes and not good luck because I shall surround you with the care and love and it will be fine for us. It is necessary for me what to be together, I do not want to live more than one, and I love you!!!
Your love for ever Ekaterina...
Letter 15
Good afternoon my lovely Stephen.
Today fine day! It Saint Valentine Day!
The Valentine day!
You always are in my ideas!
I belong to you on always at any time!
Cupid has struck with the arrow my heart!
This arrow was charged by your energy and your name!
And you became the unique owner of my heart and it belongs to you! At us in Russia this holiday did not celebrate until recently.
It have begun to celebrate years 5 back.
Because this holiday is Catholic, but at us in Russia love holidays.
You probably heard, what Russian love holidays? It is the truth!
And we have begun to celebrate it too!
This holidays of love, light and kindness!
And we should be together!
Even in ideas. I went to travel agency, and asked, that you could pay my trip to you.
But in travel agency to me have told, that it is better if I shall give money for my trip, and it will be better, that I have paid my trip by cash money. My lovely Stephen, in fact it will be better, if you will send me money, and I shall go to travel agency, and I shall give money for my trip. Having read your letter, I think, what you do not trust me on 100 % in fact I correctly I think???
Tell, why you do not have trust to me???
It turns out, you trust travel agency, than me more...
Tell, then that to me to make, that you could trust me???
In fact understand all relations always are under construction on trust and understanding if you will not trust me when we cannot be completely happy with you. You ask, can accept travel agency a measure by phone, no, in fact will start all to do(make), only when I shall give money for work, all documents, the visa and tickets. You understand it???
The address of travel agency.
603000 Nizhni Novgorod street. B.Pokrovskaja 71 "A" 5 floor io.3
Ph. (8312) 37-32-02, phone/fax 30-07-52 I know, that it is very big holidays at you!
What you will do?
How you intend to spend a weekend?
I so wanted that we could meet this day together with you.
But I think, that we shall meet the following holiday together with you.
I shall wait for your answer.
With love Ekaterina.
Letter 16
Good afternoon my love Stephen.
It is always pleasant for me to read your letters.
Now I have a free time on work, and at once I write you the letter.
In fact I too have met you in the Internet, but I trust you.
In fact I sent you a photo which to you should tell about much to you.
And you see, that as I strongly love you.
Already soon I finish the work, and I am going to go today on a visit to mum.
In fact my parents are always glad to see me.
And today at me last working day for this weeks, and today at me was a lot of work, and at the end of each week, I hand over the report, and I fill various papers. And now I have made all, and is very glad, that it has occupied not enough time from me, is usual at me leaves on filling of all papers, about 5 hours, and now I it have made only 2 hours. And on this I have free time.
Certainly I understand, that likely it is not interesting to you, but I am simple is very glad for me, that I could so will quickly cope with this work. And tomorrow I will have day off, and I shall have an opportunity longer to sleep at home.
I certainly understand, that it is a bad habit for a long time to sleep, but I like, when I have free time, and I not where should not go, and I like to lie in a bed. But you not on think, that I the lazy person, in fact if it is necessary to me, I can rise at any time.
But simply I think, that each person has the of weakness.
And after my mum I am going to go today on a visit to my girlfriend who works together with me in shop.
My girlfriend has invited to it because today my girlfriend to the son will have 2 years.
It is very beautiful and not on years the clever child.
And I very much love small children.
In fact I always considered, that children it is pleasure of parents.
I shall wait for your letter.
Love Ekaterina.
Letter 17
Good afternoon my lovely.
That happened why you to me so for a long time do not write.
In fact you usually wrote to me letters, and now you so for a long time do not write to me.
I very much worry in this occasion, and I do not know what already to think, why there is no your letter...
I hope with you all normally, and you are simply very much borrowed on work.
I very much wait for your letter.
Write to me, and do not overlook about me.
In fact I always think of you and I suffer for you.
In fact I very much love you!!!
I wait for your fast reply.
Love Ekaterina
Letter 18
Hello my dear Steve. Excuse for a delay of my letter. But now I have such opportunity and I am glad, could write to you. I'm fine? How your affairs? At me anything interesting has not taken place, at me one only pleasure, to write to you letters. Only in letters I am free also this freedom you allow to me. Thanks you for it. The beginning of new week and as her you will begin so she and will pass. I wish you that at you all was good. Lovely Steve. I want to tell to you, that is deep inside your heart there is a part which requires heat, tenderness and care. I want to be the woman who you can inform that you worry about, your requirements and wishes. I am so happy, that I can feel open and trustful with you, write about my feelings and ideas. Ability to trust your partner, feeling, that spiritual affinity is the most important thing in relations. If you ask, that who - informed that sincerely, than he, kindness, sincerity, all features which allow you to trust this person. Everyone should love, so why that misunderstanding happens so frequently? I think, that - not because people average or something, they only cannot find a means of communication, understanding the friend. Dear, I am happy, that we have found our way. What incredibly successful woman - I to have you in my life! This rainy morning seems bright and solar for me, you know why? As the sun - inside my heart. Sometimes I imagine us having dinner romantic with the lit candles, beautiful soft music arrives directly to your soul, and your warm sincere smile fills in my heart tenderness. I love warm summer nights about the sea party when pale lunar hours from height, and it seems, understands all romantic beloved. We sit in cafe on coast, a roar of a surf, solar stars, flickering in darkness do an environment of an improbable relaxation. We investigate eyes each other, only you and I, and, anything other does not matter. I like to divide my dreams with you, it is possible once they will come true. I want to know, that I am necessary for whom - that in this huge world. I want to live a happy life, instead of rich. As among rich there are many unsuccessful people, and them it - sincerely pity. It - everything, that I want. Whether to become ready you for me my prince and to love me? The way to my heart is in sincere and tender feelings. I am very happy, that we have found each other. I want to speak you Greetings, a smile and to kiss you gentle. And when walk, having joined hands also enjoys the friend the friend. If you want to do me happy, write to me again as soon as you can, my dear Steve. I shall look forward to hearing from you. Strong whole also I embrace. your Ekaterina
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