Scam letter(s) from Cherry Anderson to Rod (USA)

Letter 1
Hello My Love, How are you doing today,I miss talking to you but It is not wht you think abt me logging into the site,I just logged Into the site to delete all the messages you send to me bcos i wanted to delete my profile there and give my membership to a friend of mine here who is single so that she can use it as well.....Ok Thank you so much for being there for me,i got the info for the money and i will email you my flight details as soon as i got it....ok I love you so much and i am hoping to chat with you later..... GIFT
Letter 2
Hello Love, Good Morning to you, How are you and our Kid doing today? i hope you are feeling good my love,i was really worried abt you why i haven't heard from you but now that i saw your emails,I was really happy to hear from you,How was your Night my love? i hope you are not feeling lonely because i am not there with you, but i do understand all your feelings and i want you to try and go to any grocery store around you where they do send western union to send the money to me and i will be waiting for the info,i am really missing you so much in my life,i wish i could be with you to hear your lovely voice and all the those scintilatting words of yours,i really thank God for having you in my life as a man to spend the rest of my life with,i miss and love you so much and i hope to hear from you today,you can go and send the money first thing in the morning so that i could pick it up here in time and i will be waiting for your email soon.. I miss you so much and My regards to our Daughter......i cant wait to meet you ... Gift
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