Scam letter(s) from Oksana Krivskana to Michael (USA)

Letter 1

Hello, my darling! i hope you are reading this message, because it is the first step in our relations, and i am really eager to try, to follow my heart and find my love supreme... I hope you will not throw my letter away, because i welcome you in my life. i want to dedicate myself to you, fulfill all your needs and desires, to live for you, just love you and give you everything i have, my body and my sole. I have plenty of tenderness and warmness inside my heart. It would be my pleasure to share it with someone special. I feel it's a time for me to create my own family. I'd like to devote my life to a caring man who won't be able to live without me. I'd like to give you all my love and care,cherish, bring pleasure and make all dreams come true. The future remains unknown. Our path may be long or short... it may bring us together closer than 2 good friends, we may get attracted as man and woman, we may discover our hearts, minds, bodies and desires moving together, we may end up as lovers, girlfriend and boyfriend or a married couple sharing the joys and problems of life. Internet helps us to communicate and, maybe, one day some travel agency will help us to meat each other in a flash. i am really tender and loving woman, i know how to treat a man, but at the same time i am faithful and caring. i think that we both deserve love, and we are worth it! let's build our happiness together, everything is in our hands. i have much love and passion to share with you, if you are ready to accept my gift write a letter to Ksusha_krasa at
Your Oksana.
Letter 2

Hello, my dear Micahel, I was really glad to receive your letter. You have chosen me and it may be the first step in our relations. I think love is the most beautiful thing that can happen between a man and a woman. Love is a great gift and everyone deserves it. I have read and heard a lot of stories about people who found their halves in the Net. That was the main reason why I decided to place my advertisement in the net. I really hope that it will help me to find my beloved. Now I think it's time to tell you a bit about myself and then it will be your turn. My parents were delighted about my coming to this world. They gave me a name "Oksana", but my friends usually call me Ksusha. You can call me as you wish. I am 30 years old and I am single. I live in Lugansk (Ukraine). It's neither big nor small. There are not much beautiful places and entertainments here. During 30 years I've done a lot, but the main is I gave a birth to one small baby, now she is a sun ray of my life. This wonderful creature is able to make my feelings so bright. Her name's Anastasya. She's 9. I call her Nastya and she is both funny and serious at the same time. Nobody can look at her without smiling. I do my best for making her life full of tenderness and love. To my sorry I can't spare her as much time as I'd like, because of my job. I'm a shop-assistant at the perfume shop. When I'm at work, my mother watches Nastya. I adore my sweet daughter, but I wish to have some more nice kids if my future beloved man would like it, too. Do you love children? I have a lot of different hobbies, because I don't want to waste time. I like dancing and swimming and jogging in the morning, it helps a lot to be in a good shape. do you do any sport? I am educated and well read. My friends would say I have an easy-going personality and look younger than my age. I am passionate about what I do. I am adventurous and love to have fun. I am an experienced and ****** woman, with a strong libido ( love this word) not afraid to explore and create new sensuous experiences, not afraid to show my affection for you in public. I am looking for an experienced, kind-hearted and ****** man, who love kids, with whom we can build a happy family. I'm searching for serious commitment and I believe that love is waiting for me. I want to find a sole-mate, a man who would be an only person on the Earth I share my love with. And can you tell me, what are you searching in a woman? What are your views to the family? Looking forward to your answer,
Your Oksana.
Letter 3

Hello, my dear Michael, I am glad to get a letter from you again. I'm interested in you and I hope you like me too. We live in different parts of the world and there are miles of land and water between us, but my random message helped us to meet. If you want to know more about such a cute girl, here you are. I was born on the 21st of September. I'm 1.67 m length. As I told you I have a lot of different hobbies but most of all I like bowling. It is my real obsession! I play rather well and during the game I feel excited and forget about everything! Can you play? May be someday we can play together and I'll show you what i can. What is your obsessions? It can sound surprising, but i am a football fan! i also adore volleyball and tennis for been fit and music and dancing for soul, i can't live without it! i enjoy different music, but not hard rock. Do you like woolen jumper or socks that warm you in the cold winter evenings? I can knit for you. My Mom taught me to do it when I was a little girl. And now i am teaching my daughter! we are good friends with her and we can keep chatting with Nastya for hours! When I knit I relax and come down and I also like singing while doing it. Sometimes I go wool-gathering and imagine my future family life, full of joy, love, care and children laugh. I am family-oriented woman, so I love children and hope to have more of them soon with a right man. I can be passionate and give pleasure to my beloved. I dream about a cozy cottage somewhere in the countryside with a small little garden where I would plant flowers, by the way I have green fingers. What is your plans for future? I think you have thought a lot of it?I should tell you one more thing. Unfortunately, I don't know any foreign language - I would like to learn it but now I can't afford it. I have a computer neither at work, nor at home, so I have to use special agency to translate and send my letters. Is it OK for you? We've just found each other and now I want to learn more about you, so please send your answer as soon as possible and attach great photo.... Have a wonderful day!!!!
Your Oksana
Letter 4

Hello, my dear Michael it's so nice of you to find some time for writing me. I was glad to receive your reply. Each of your letter reveals you slowly to me. And I like the things about you I find out. I've never believed that Internet can help me to find a nice friend as you are. Let's see if we succeed to get more in our relationship. Frankly speaking, I feel anxious beginning our correspondence, because it's the first time when I use this way to get acquainted with a man. With all my open heart I wish to build a nice friendly and loving family. I wish to meet my husband when he comes back home after his work. It would be my pleasure to take his fatigue off and make him forgotten about all problem he has ever had. I want to share all pleasant and upsetting moments of his life. I tried it once, but it wasn't very successful. So I'm divorced now. But I can't help believing my dreams about a happy family are going to come true. What do you think of us, dear? do you think we will be a good couple? because i already feel that i cannot live without your letters, even if they are only short messages... And you? do you feel something special ? My full name is Oksana Krivskaya, my address is 91000, Zhukova block, 5b, Lugansk, Ukraine. i don't have a phone number at the moment. i am moving tot he new flat and as soona s i have it, i will tell you! You may laugh at me, but even now, being 30, i still believe in a true love and i want to find my Prince. i am sure, i have found one - you. I think that you also have inner beauty...which is really what I am looking for. So I have decided to give you the opportunity to enter into my life and share it with you want to give me that opportunity also?...right now I have a very big need to give a special person a lot of love and tenderness and attention...and I feel that that person is you!...will you accept my love?...please say yes...I promise that I will take you places that you only imagined in your dreams. You know...if I sit really still and silent, sometimes I like to think that I can hear your heart beating next to mine, I imagine your voice whispering into my ear, I wait each day in anticipation to feel close to you. You know, I wish that I could reach out and touch your name on the computer screen and pull you to me. I have to confess to you...since I decided to let you into my life, I have not stop thinking about you. You have a face like an angel, maybe you were sent from heaven for me. Let me come into your life and show you that there are still passionate woman in the world with love and honesty. I fill you with so much love and attention that you never thought possible. I kept my head up high, and then you came my way. I've been hurt so many times, my heart filled with so much pain. But now that pain has gone away because I've found a place that I want to be...this place I want to be with you in your arms staring into your beautiful eyes...your eyes that are like to evening stars. in your arms I will feel safe, because my heart believes in you. Looking forward to your answer,
With all my warmth,
p.s. it is not my cat, but the cat of one of my friends, his name is Mura
Letter 5

Dear Mr. Michael allow us to inform you that Oksana used our firm as the access to the Internet and our translator. Unfortunately, she can't reply to your letter because her account is over. If you're interested in the girl, we can send you information about our service and payment. We hope for our future cooperation. Sincerely Yours
Principal "Consensus"
Raisa Shevchenko
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