Scam Letter(s) from Marina to Grant (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hello my dear!

Thank you for your interest. I am very happy that you are interested in me and we are going to talk more and know each other better. It is great, because i am sure that communication will help me to know you and it will help you to know me. I have read your profile and it gives me feeling that you are good person with kind heart. Your picture attracted me very much. You know , appearance doesn't matter for me, people's action and words mean for me much more I sent you my picture. Hope you like it. If to speak the truth ,news from you made me to smile and warmed my heart. I think you would be happy to read more about me. My name is Marina. I am 26 years old. If you ask me what i like to do most of all , i like to read. Nothing can make my day more interesting than good book. I think books can teach people more then TV or mass media, but at the same time i don't mind to watch interesting thrilling movie in the company of friends. I am romantic person and sometimes i compose poems. It comes from my heart. I can't explain why i want to write and put my thoughts on the sheet of paper. Sometimes i read my poems and can't belive that i wrote them myself. As i am romantic person i like to dream. I hope you too and our dreams are the same. So , it is me and i truly hope that you will write me back. If you have any questions , you are free to ask me. I will be gladly to answer them and be as honest. Please write me my e-mail address

I am looking forward to your letter.
With best wishes Marina

Letter 2

Hello Matts!

Nice to hear from you. Thank you for your lovely letter and photo. You know , i have never talked to anyone before you through the Internet. I find it very interesting, but more over i think that Internet unites people. Any single person has a chance to find his soul mate. Life is so unpredictably and nobody knows what is waiting for him around the corner. We also can't be sure if this connection will bring us together , but i like you and you like me. I feel that it can be the beginning of something very strong. I want to be your friend and share my life with you. It is important when you are talking to the person whom you almost don't know. It is not a problem , because i am ready to open my heart for you. I belive in love. It doesn't matter what kind of love. Everybody loves someone, mother loves her children, man loves woman, more important to be honest and fair. I am sure, love will save this world and will make people more kind. If we were blessed to fall in love , lets start the "trip through the whole life".

I am happy to read more about you. I was not wrong , you are really interesting person. Now it is my turn to tell you more about my life , my personality and my character. I hoper you don't forget that my name is Marina :) . I am 26 years old. I was born on 12th of June, 1981. I live in town called Tarasovka. It is not big town but rather small. I was born there, this is my native town. I am a single child in my family. I live with my parents. I love them very much. My family is an ideal for me and i am aimed to create such family as my parents created. My parents have been living together for almost 30 years. They love each other very much. So I am trying to say that i am family oriented person. You know when i was a child, i like to read very much and now i am working as librarian. I am working in Luhansk (this city is situated next to mine) and every morning i need to wake up early in order to get to my working place in time. I work as a librarian. I spend a lot of time at the library. I like to read books, especially about Egypt. You know , there are lot of people visit library and i try to help them in finding necessary book. I try to do my best , because if you want to achieve all your goals you should work hard. I like to cook. I have another hobby , I fond of dancing. I think this is one the ways of showing your desires and feelings.

I have a lot of dreams and I hope they will come true. One of my greatest desires is to learn English, because my English language is very poor so I have to use translation service to send you my letters and read yours. Shame on me, but i hope that it is not a problem for you. I am planing to study English, moreover i met you. By the way i think it doesn't matter what language people talk ,where they live and what race they are, more important to treat people as you wish them to treat you. I am finishing my letter with the hope that you will write me back. I am sending you my picture. I hope you will be happy to receive them. I also would be really glad to receive yours. I hope this letter helps you to understand who I am!

Waiting for your soonest reply!!

Your Marina



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