Scam Letter(s) from Mary Baidoo to Franco (Spain)

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Letter 1

Darling the Doctor says i should get all the money so that they will treat me well because in Ghana here they take money before treating people thats why am asking you to help me with amount of 170$ to settle the bill because am afraid about how am feeling now darling
they have already gave me some medicine so am taken it a little by little so darling this all i need so that i can pay them and they will put me to the hospital there and treat me
please darling try and get me that
take care and have a good day

Letter 2

Darling yes it will be okay for me because i have a little here so i will manage it ok?
this is my address to send to me


darling am really need it today after tomorrow because am really suffering and i need to be treated faster ok?
love you my future husband



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