Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to James (Japan)

Letter 1
Great to know that you are interested in me. As for me I want to tell you that I am hear for serious relations and not for jokes. If you feel the same I am ready to share with you everything I have and to make you very close to me. I hope to find here the love and the right person for this. I need the person who i can devote all my love, thoughts and time... If you are ready to be this person I am waiting for you...
Your Tanushenka!!! xoxo :)
Letter 2
Hello my new friend James ! It is great to receive today a letter from you. I want to tell you that i was a bit sad as your letter was rather short and of course i hope that you will be able to tell me even more. I want to tell you also that of course I will be also very glad if you can send to me some of your pictures. I hope that this will be possible for you. It means that you are interested in me and you want to know more about me and my life. Am I right? your latter put a smile on my face. And i think that it is time for me to tell you more... So as usual people do i will start with the presentation of myself. My name is Tanya. I am from Ukraine, I was born in a small town Belovodsk. I am sure that you have never heard about it. I can tell you that it is situated in the east part of Ukraine and it is rather small. But I like it very much as it is my home. I want to tell you just more about my life. I work as a cooker at the restaurant from the early ages as i have finished the University. You don't have to be surprised with this fact as i studied not only how to prepare different meals, habits and culture of different countries but also how to run the restaurant business and as you can understand I want to open my own restaurant in the future. i hope that my dreams will become true. I like my work very much and I have sent a lot of pictures to you. All of them are dedicated to my work so of course i want to tell you a bit about them. Forgot to tell you that i work in this restaurant from the beginning. Two pictures that you can see me on the beach were made when it was the advertisement of the new restaurant. It was on the beach of our river. We have a small one in our town. We had to do everything to make people visit it. I remembered that all the day we were preparing dishes and then we make people try all of them. We had a real success. Then you can see just a picture of me and i hope that you will like me:) Also i send to you a picture with my boss and the last picture was made the day when we have opened our restaurant. Our boss told us that we made a very good presentation on the beach as we had a lot of customers. We were so happy. i believe that you can see this on the picture... And now i can tell you also that I was married for five years and I had two kids but my husband and one of my children died in a car accident... But I don't want to begin our communication from such stories and I will tell you about this later. James, I think that i will stop here and i will tell you more in my next letter. your new friend,
Letter 3
Hello my sweetheart James! It will be a very hard letter for me. I was very happy to hear that you liked my restaurant and of course i hope that one day you will come to me and we will be glad to spend the time with you. By the way I want to tell you that when you come to me or when i come to you i will prepare a special drink for you and i will even name it after you. And of course i want to tell you that it was very hard for me in the past but the time passed and now I am ready to have the new steppe in my life. i hope that you will be able to do this and of course it was very nice from you to understand me. And of course i understand that you have to go. i hope that you will have a good business trip and when you return you will tell me about it. i think that you have already understood that i am a very independent woman and i want to be with you. But it is not possible for me to pay any more for the service i have used in the firm. As you know i have a child and I appreciate my daughter very much. Nowadays in our country it is rather expensive to have the child even for both parents but when you are the one it is even worse. I have to pay now for kindergarten, to buy some clothes to my Natasha as she grow very quick. So i have to choose... of course i want to continue our correspondence very much but first of all I have to think about my daughter. i am sure that you think in the same way and that is why of course it won't be a problem for you to understand me. So it is my last letter for which i can pay by myself but i will be thinking about you all the time and i will be waiting for a miracle that will help us to continue. James, I think that this letter won't be very long as it is so hard for me to write it. I feel that in few minutes my eyes will be full of tears and it won't be possible even to tell a word. I need you in my life but the soul is cruel! James, I just want to tell you that now i am sure I feel something you.For me it is a big step in the new love as i didn't have any men after my husband. I will pray for us and i hope that the God will be kind to you... with a big love,
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