Scam letter(s) from Avrora Chernichenko to Wayne (Canada)

Letter 1
Thanks a lot for your interest in me. I am glad to know that such man as you is interested in me and my personality. I am very happy that we have such a nice opportunity to know each other better… Let’s take this chance and opportunity and try to know each other better! Ok? My address is
Letter 2
Dear! Thank you a lot for your reply. I was very happy to receive it and to know that such a person as you is interested in me... I do hope that our correspondence will lead us to something ****** and more serious than just a usual friendship... ;O) So, as you know, my name is Avrora. It is my full name. :O) I was born on the 12th of December 1977. as for me, I live in Shahtersk, it is a small town in Ukraine. as for me, i live with my mom, and my sister and her daughter. Right now, I am working as a librarian. as for my character, I can tell you that I am kind, communicative, open-hearted, tender, romantic girl, but I am a little stubborn sometimes... :O) I am out-going person that’s why I like meeting with my friends very much and going somewhere, my city is not very big, that is why there is no place to gather... :O) I like reading, listening to music, playing the guitar... I like animals a lot... I adore red roses... they are so sweet... :O) As for my desire, it is to find a man who will be understanding, who will value our relationship, who will be faithful, reliable and honest... a man who deserves such a rose as I am... if I find him, I will make him happy... tell me please what kind of woman are you looking for??? What is the most important things in the relationship for you??? What qualities you value in people??? I will be waiting for your letter and your answers... and I do hope that one day we will understand that we were born to be together... :O) With all my respect, Avrora!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 3
Hello dear Wayne! thank you a lot for your letter. i was so happy to receive them and to know that you are with me... again... thank you for this. i am so happy that we have such a wonderful opportunity to know each other better. :O) i think that in letters we can open our hearts to each other and to show our inner world, which probably people who are around us do not see, or do not want to see... as for me, i like honesty in people, and i think that between man and woman there should be only honesty and openness... if there are no such things, then their relations will not exist. on my opinion, the woman is made for care about her man, for creation of warm, family happiness, for to make true all his wishes and dreams... i believe that every person has his/her second half and he can find it... but only if he/she wants. and also love can not be only taken, it can also be given back, people should tell about their feelings, about their love, they should give love each other and demonstrate it every day, every hour, every minute... everywhere... tell me what can you do for you beloved woman??? in my life i didn't met a man whom i could give all myself completely. that is why i am in my search.... but i am sure that one day i will be happy... happy as i always dreamt about. i would be happy near my man. the man i was looking for. i am sure that we are on the right way. we are communicating... we are learning each other better... we are opening the inner worlds of each other...we are opening our hearts to each other. i do hope that the man i am looking for so long time is you!!! here are the answers to your questions:
-here are my contact details:
my full name is:
Chernichenko Avrora
my full address:
Shahtersk 79204
Proletarskaya street, 5 -i receive your e-mails in the computer club. i am sending you the latest picture of me as for where and when to meet, i can tell you that i do not really know, because for me the place is not important. i am waiting for your letter very impatiently. with tender feelings, Avrora
Letter 4

Hi, my love Wayne.
You see we are communicating for a long period of time. it seems to me that i know you perfectly... but i know that there are a lot of things i still need to know about you... :O) I'm really happy that I've met such a person as you. i wonder how it's possible to fall in love without seeing your face "in real"??? and dear, i have never thought that i can feel somebody's love, warmth and attention with letters by Internet... i used to think that mailing by Internet is the coldest way of writing letters but now i am sure that everything is possible... dear, i think that we have such a great romantic story... two people... different countries... different languages... different styles of lives... long distance... and huge love... dear, i think that we will have a lot of things to tell to our grandchildren... ;O) as for me, i always new that my destiny is not in my country... it is somewhere waiting for me... somewhere in the other country. I do not care about your financial status and you appearance at all... as i care only about your soul, your inner world, your heart and your happiness. these are the thing which i care about! and i am sure that with the beloved person there is a paradise even in the tent under the sky... I think that i am the happiest person because I have met you... ad i can tell you as for me it's a real happiness to receive not only a letter from you, but to receive a piece of your heart and soul... And I give you mine. Can you feel it? I'm not near you. I'm here right now, sitting in front of this machine, called "computer"... But I can feel myself as i am near you right now. You can light the fire in my heart. It's true. I will give you the warmth of my heart. I have your love. Thank you very much for this sweet moments of my life... I believe that there are a lot of people in the world and they are very different, that's why it's so difficult to find another part of your heart. But in our life everything is possible. and i do believe that we will meet one day... i do not know when it will be... but i am sure that we will meet, won't we??? and after our meeting, i am sure, everything will become clear... we will never be apart!!! dear, how i wish to come to you, and to fulfill all my dreams... ;O) i so much want to hold your hand and to walk with you so that every one would see that you are my man and i am you woman. i want to care about you, to love you, to make you happy every day! ))) i just want to give you the half of my heart. will you accept it? will you? i want to be sincere with you and always honest. i do not want to have any secrets from you... because my mind is your mind. my heart is yours heart. and in the same way your happiness is mine happiness, your adversity is mine adversity! i want to share with you everything what is on my mind, everything that happens to me... will you share the same with me? Wayne, i want you to know that if you have something that you want to share with someone, you can share it with me, and as for me, i promise always be attentive to your stories and always helpful and supportive. As for me, I went to the travel agency yesterday and to the passport office and found out what is necessary if I would like to go for abroad. And so I was told that I need to have a police report, international passport and visa to go to your country. In the travel agency, I went to, they told me everything about these documents... as for police report it is needed to prove that i do not have any previous convictions... it is done in a day and costs 42$, as for the passport, it is done in a week time and costs 427$ and as for visa it is done in a month and costs 137$ and plus 12$ the cost for the pin code. Pin code is a paper which is given to you in order to prove that you have booked the date and the time for the interview in the embassy, without this pin-code you will not be able to have the interview. On this pin code will be written the date and the time of your coming to the embassy and also the number... so that when you come at the arranged time to the embassy, you are waiting for your number to be pronounced, and when you hear it you will go to have the interview. dear, frankly speaking i was disappointed in prices, 'cause i thought that it was cheaper to go to you... and unfortunately my poor family and poor parents who are working so hard to make the ends meet can't help me... do not think that i want money from you, no, that is not... I just want to be near you as soon as possible and I want to overcome all the difficulties and to come to you!!! without your help i am not able to come, but if you have such a chance to come to me, that would be wonderful... what do you think about it??? here is the telephone number of my friend: + 3 8 098 027 00 29
I hope that every day of you, my darling, Wayne, begins from the sun. The sun, looking in your window. But to be honest it's not the sun- IT'S MY SMILE!!! I'm waiting for your next letter, bye!
Yours, Avrora
Letter 5
My darling Wayne!
I can tell you that I have had a nice dream today! It was like a real dream! I came out of the air plane and you were waiting for me in the airport with red roses...I came to the hall and I was looking for you!!! And I was also very afraid that I wouldn't recognize you...but when I saw very handsome man, with sparkling eyes, holding flowers in his hand, I understood that it was he...the man of my dreams...the man I have been waiting for the whole my life... darling, I came to you...I kissed you tenderly......and I woke up...on the most interesting place...when i woke up, my hand was compressed as I was holding your hand...and that's why i immediately went to the computer club... you are so important for me, i do not want to lose you, i want to always be with you. it seems that it is so easy to be with you. i hope you understand what i mean. you know, sometimes when you are communicating with a person, you feel that it is rather difficult to be near him/her, you always have to look for words so that to be able to say something, sometimes you are afraid because you think that you can say something wrong. do you have such situations sometimes?do you know such people it is very difficult to be with? and as for you, it is really easy for me to communicate with you. i do not have to make up anything about myself. i am the way i am... i am like an opened book for you and you just can know everything about me. Darling, I can say you that I want to be with you and that I am ready to be loyal, loving and caring to you, because this is what will make me happy as well. I don’t want any other person but you, and i do hope that I don't need to prove it, do I? Wayne, as for the perfume i like i can tell you that i like Calvin Klein "Obsession". i adore it, but not able to buy. :( the photos i am sending you are not glamour :) you are wrong :) as for me, i would advise to rent an apartment in Shahtersk. and i can tell you that it is because there is only one small motel and the quality of it is not good, that is why i would advise tell me, my dear, are you ready to be honest, be faceful to me, are you ready to share all your secrets with me, are you ready to live the common life with me? There is one thing that makes me feel great responsibility, it is getting acquainted with your friends and relatives, with your family, and this is what I am thinking about all the days round. I imagine how you'll look, whether we will find common language or not...darling, i do think that time will make us stronger!!! do you believe in this? Waiting for your letter and hoping to hear from you as soon as possible. Just yours devoted and loving Avrora
Letter 6
hello my lovely, my honey, my tender Wayne!!!
so much time without you... i thought i would lose my mind... it seemed to me that a long long time passed and here i am again with you. i can feel you, i can read your thoughts... i can tell you mine, and that is great... dear, but i am so unhappy that we are apart... i have a strange feeling, may be it's love, but it's not usual love.. ye, it is not... it's unusual because i love a man who is distant from me... but i am sure that my heart is strong and it will overcome all the distances... i can wait as much as it is necessary... because without you my life looses its sense... and i am sure that love is the most wonderful feeling all over the world... it brings happiness, warmth, gladness, piece of soul... it makes you feel like in a heaven... and i can say that we all should live for such feeling as love... i think that the person who doesn't love can not be happy... because you meet a lot of people, you communicate with them, you joke, laugh, have fun, but however you are alone... you have no person to devote your life to, you have no person to miss when you are apart, you have no person to love with all your heart, no person to worry about, no person to make all your dreams come true, no person to know that you are the one and only... and it's so difficult to live a happy life without such things... sometimes i go down the streets of my town, overcrowded streets, people, rushing somewhere, all those cold eyes... i look into the windows' of shops... and it seems to me that there is another life somewhere... another world, a world where there is no coldness, but only sun and warmth... love and trust.. happiness... it seems to me that there are two worlds... a world of loneliness... and a world of love.. and i am sure that love can come suddenly... when you are not waiting for it... and when you find it, you leave this world of loneliness and you go to the world of love... :O) when i go home in the evening, i look at the houses and i stare at the windows, see the lights of the flats, but i can not find your window, i can not find you flat, i can not find the light of your home... and that's very pity that this loneliness makes you feel weak, unprotected... you seem to be a small child which had been lost in this big city among big houses...alone... a child who knows that there is a man who will be a real protector for you, but he is somewhere miles along... he is not here.. millions of kilometers separate us, but i want to believe that my love will be strong enough to do everything possible to make all my dreams come true... and that i will be strong... i have found the one i have been waiting for, the only one i have been searching... was dreaming about... i am sure that you are the only one i need... the only man i can imagine my life with, the only man i can be happy with... and i am sure that this small child will never stop being jealous and stop worrying till the moment she will be near you, she will hold your hand... she will tell you the words of love herself, not by writing letters... i mean that future is unexpected. and noone knows what's gonna happen tomorrow, and who knows may be tomorrow, on your way home or on your way to the supermarket you will meet a woman, and you will love her, you will give her your heart... And she will have a big advantage before me, 'cause she will be able to see you everyday, and there will not be such distance as between us... :O) it seems to me that i am writing such ****** things.... :O) sorry for them... my dear heart, Wayne i'll be waiting for your next letter, i know that we will be able to get over all obstacles and soon we'll be together. my dear heart, i'll be waiting for your next letter, i know that we are always together, i feel as your tender heart is beating near mine and i feel your warm care about me, you're my angel-protector, my honey Wayne, your Avrora
P.S. sending you the pictures in my birthday suit... and what about yours??? will you send me some pictures of you in your birthday suit??
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