Scam Letter(s) from Oksana Krivskana to Patrice (France)

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Letter 1

Hi my new friend form abroad!!! i hope you are reading this message, because it is the first step in our relations, and i am really eager to try, to follow my heart and find my love supreme... I hope you will not throw my letter away, because i welcome you in my life. Our path may be long or short... it may bring us together closer than 2 good friends, we may get attracted as man and woman, we may discover our hearts, minds, bodies and desires moving together, we may end up as lovers, girlfriend and boyfriend or a married couple sharing the joys and problems of life. Internet helps us to communicate and, maybe, one day some travel agency will help us to meat each other in a flash. i am really tender and loving woman, i know how to treat a man, but at the same time i am faithful and caring. i think that we both deserve love, and we are worth it! let's build our happiness together, everything is in our hands. i have much love and passion to share with you, if you are ready to accept my gift write a letter to kseniya_kisa (at) Your Oksana.



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