Scam Letter(s) from Julia to Grant (Canada)

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Letter 1


I know it might be strange to start getting to know each other with a life story but I am sure that there is no future without the past, do you agree? So, my life has been dark and colorless, I was just roaming around the streets without any hope of improvement, I lost my job, I lost my boyfriend, I lost tires with my family, I lost everything... All I had is my lovely dog Bobo who is my friend for ten years already.

I was so sad and I was about to jump under the first track coming by... but suddenly I have seen a sign on the taxi department office, I do not know why but it seemed to me that it is my way out. I came in and was accepted as a dispatcher there. I had hard days and easy ones but gradually pain was going from my heart, though loneliness remained...

One day I noticed that there is a new office building near the place I work. It is translational company which gives opportunity to ladies to communicate all over the world as well I thought it is one more chance for me and I decided to join the services.

So this is how I have found you and I hope that we will get along, if you are interested in me, you are welcome to write on:

Your Juliya.

PS One more thing about me: I ADORE chocolate:))) I hope you will treat me with some one day...



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