Scam letter(s) from Olivia Pepper to Anosh (USA)

Letter 1
I'm so happy that i could receive your email again just now .you should know that i would have been waiting to see this my dear , what alovely email that you sent to me and this makes me feel happy .that i could meet a man from the internet .this makes me feel so suprising though ,when i read your email .its inspired me so much my dear .My believe in life is that some kind of good people dont always meet their right match at the right time at first .they always make some kind of mistakes at first,But such is life and Diffrent people always makes diffrent mistakes at diffrent time.May be that is the reason why you people have some kind of mis-understanding at first time..i have a very tough time with diffrent kind of men ..because all they want from me is my beauty or ***.And Only to me and my mum knows that i m still a tight and straight girl(****** )till up date because my mum always warned me so much about me and since the time of my life and time .i have always keeping my self ..and have been very vigilant about men.I knew that men have so many tactics to have *** with a lady and to ruined the virginity of a lady but i m lucky to be succed over that till up date ..when i was in college .i try to have just a boyfriend.hoping that he is a very decent one among the men.we both dated for some kind of 9months in school and later on .i get to know that all what he likes about me is my body..I m a very open minded lady.i have flexible heart.That is why i dont have any man till update yet ..because i just need a man in my life that will truly love me for whom i am ..not what i am ..although my parents are very poor and either have i get secured with a job yet .but i take my personalty very important to my self.I came from a christian home and i do my best to study hard in school so that i can have a good qualifications in life for now .i lost my dad last year .so i missed him so much..because he is my best friend too ..he cares so much about me pampered me so much and called me some kind of lovely names...because i m the only daughter of my parent so they take a good time to give me a moral lessons about life so i make sure in my life not to make my parent feel disappointed about me in life .Because they love me so much.Well i just hope this will allows you to get to know much about me .Well i will look forward to see your lovely email
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