Scam Letter(s) from Vera Golubeva to Gavin (Australia)

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Letter 1

Hello Gavin !

Thanks for writing me!

So, something about me... I am 29. My height is 167cm. Well, I am not going to write you I look like, you can see it in my photo :)

I live in Saint-Petersburg, have you ever been there? Or have you ever been to Russia? Where do you live exactly?

I will go to Australia very soon that is why I am looking for friends or may be more there, who knows? :) For the moment I am waiting for my visa to be done. I am so sorry, I don't know what to say now because I have never corresponded with anybody except my relatives :)

I will come less than in 2 weeks !!!

I would like to have friends in Australia because for the moment I don't know anybody there except my uncle and... you :):):)

I think you would like to know some aspects about me.

Family... I have only my uncle. My parents died. I was born when my mom was 46 and I was the only their child. After my parents death I had only my aunt who married an Australian man many years ago. They are very nice people but my aunt died because of cancer a year ago. I still communicate with my uncle because he is my only relative. He lives in Perth but for the moment he works in the Southwest National Park in Tasmania, about 200km from Catamaran. He is a biologist.

My uncle always asks me to relocate to Australia but I haven't decided yet, I would like to see more of this country, to have friends there and only after that I would make the decision about staying in Australia for the rest of my life.

My work... I am a diploma specialist in sphere of economics and management. I work as a manager in a small firm which sells cash registers. I like my work much and it is rather good money if work very very very hard :):):) Tell me about your work. What do you do in life?

You replied me and that's great because I am going to come to your country very soon and it's not an unuseful correspondence, if we like each other, we will meet in real for sure. I would like to have friends in the country I don't know!! It seems to me very interesting to communicate and know each other; different cultures, everything is different... My uncle says people in your country are friendly and polite... I am looking forward to my visiting your country to see everything with my own eyes. We could meet for dinner and probably we could become good friends, we could find common interests... I feel I am in the beginning of something new and good in my life.

2 or 3 times a week I go to the gym to keep in fit my body. And what about you, Gavin ? Do you go in for sport? Do you like outdoor entertainments? Tell me something about your way of having fun. It will be very interesting for me to know about such things.

I don't know what else you would like to know about me. Don't hesitate

to ask questions!

I am finishing this letter and I am waiting for your reply!

Sincerely Vera.

Letter 2

Hello Gav!

I am very pleased to have got your reply!! Thanks! Today I got 2 letters! From you and from my uncle!! What a nice day!! :)

My uncle works in Southwest National Park in Tasmania as a biologist.
He has much work and sometimes he even has no time to write me a propper letter, he loves his work and I understand how much it means for him. It's a pity he even won't be able to meet me in the airport! He lives not far from Perth and I am going to go there and stay in his apartment. It's empty and I will live there until my uncle will be back home.

My uncle helps me very much! He invited me to come to Australia and he pays all the expenses. It's a pity I won't see my uncle soon but in 2,5 months he will be back home!! I will spend the last month of my vacation with him but the other 2 months I will be free to travel around. If I like the country, my uncle will buy me a small apartment in any city I like, I just need to find the city I like :) That's the very thing my aunt always wanted. She owned a small flower business and after her death my uncle sold it and he wants to buy me an apartment according to my aunt's wish.

As you can see, I am trying to begin a new life and I am full of hopes and dreams!

Gav, tell me more about the place where you live. May be I will visit your city :) Or you will visit me there in Perth :)

May be if you like to talk to me over the phone, you can give me your phone number. I don't have a phone of my own but I will try to call you as often as possible because I understand it could be very important for us. I don't insist in giving me your phone number but I would like to give you an option in our communication :)

Today I have free of work evening and I decided to spend it at home to have rest. I rented several DVDs and I will watch them :) They are new Russian movies, I heard they are interesting. Also I am going to wash my hair and cook supper for me and for my always hungry friends :) I live with 2 girls, we went to school together and we are friends for almost all our lives :) They asked me to cook a big cake :) I am good at cooking delicious cakes :) Probably also I will cook fried fish and mashed potato with gravy because that's what I like to eat most of all!! And what about you, Gav? If you could ask me to cook something for you, what would you ask to cook? :)

I rent an apartment with 2 my friends because the house I own after my parents' death is in the country side and it's very far from my work.
We go there only to have rest and enjoy the beautiful nature! I can't sell this house because I was born there and I spend almost all my life in that house where I still feel the presence of my deseased parents.

And you, Gav, how do you spend your free time? As for me, I spend all my free time at home or I go for a walk with my friends. We like going to the cinema! We try to go to swim in the pool rather often because I adore swimming!!!!

I still feel very clumsy in writing about me but I hope I tell you the things which are interesting for you!

I am finishing my letter. Don't keep me waiting with your reply!

Have a nice day!

Sincerely Vera

Letter 3

Hi Gav !

How are you today? I hope that alright. It is a great pleasure for me to read your letters. Before this moment I was sure that it is not possible to miss a man I have never seen and with whom I never spend time together. But now I feel pleasure when I read your letter. I think about you and sometimes I am sad because we are far from each other.

For the moment my uncle is in the Southwest National Park in Tasmania, about 200km from Catamaran, he needs only his work... He is very busy all the time and in his letters he tells me much about that... unfortunately he even won't be able to meet me in the airport because he has much work and he won't come to Perth within next 3 months. We could spend much time together if you like.

I wrote my uncle about our acquaintance and I told him you are very nice and now I have a friend in Australia :)
I will travel at first in Melbourne.
I hope when I come we will go and see the most beautiful places you know. Will you be my guide? :)

I would like to meet you in real as soon as possible! I am very glad to have acquainted with you!

My friends here ask me about you :):):) They are very curious about you :):):) What I can tell them? I know you a few days but the only thing I can tell them that You are very Nice !

Do you have one best and the close friend or many friends?
It is very good to have best friends. There are sometimes such days when it is just really necessary for me to visit my friends. You are lucky if you have such friends that can listen to you whenever you come to them or call, even at night :):):) Without them it'll be not so interesting to live.

Gav , how it is wonderful that I have opportunity to talk to you in such a way with the help of internet. Thanks to it we can meet friends and be happy with them. My friend advised me to try and find friends on internet.I hesitated but later I decided to try. Why not? Our world is a mystery. We cannot know for sure what will be in the next two hours and to know our future is impossible. We can only guess.

I need to go unfortunately. I wish you to have a nice day!

Hope to hear from you soon!
Hugs and kisses.
Sincerely Vera.

Letter 4

Hi my dear Gav!!!

Thank you very much for your letter. I enjoy our correspondence and I am serious. I consider you to be my friend, I think that you understand me in lots of things and it's easy for me to talk to you on many topics. You can ask me any questions you want. And when we meet, we will be like very close people and there won't be any sign of being shy, we will feel very comfortable with each other.

Thank you for being honest with me and from my side I can say that I will be honest with you also. I think we should try to tell each other as much as we can.

I got my uncle's reply! He is very happy for me because I found you and he is glad I won't be alone. He asked me if I talked to you over the phone. You didn't give me your phone number :) If you can, please, give me your phone number and I would call you! I'd like to hear your voice and to talk to you about doesn't matter what :) Just it will be something of real communication :) Don't worry, I speak good English, we won't have problems with understanding each other (I hope) :)
My uncle replied me and he is very happy for me! He asked where you live and I didn't know what to say... Could you write me your address?
Gav, don't think I ask you for something strange but may be you could give me your address. If you don't mind :)
I would like to know better your inner world, Gav, because you seem very interesting to me, so I have a question for you: What qualities do you appreciate in people the most? In my opinion, honesty, faithfulness, kindness, sincere and understanding are very important in people. I also think that in every relationship trust plays the main role.

I want to trust you because there won't be anybody there who I know in your country. Trust is also very important, no relationship can be strong without it.

When I woke up in the morning, I was in high spirits, well, I am in high spirits now as well :) And I noticed that all everything in my apartment is the same for too long. I feel that my life is changing now and I can't predict it. Before our correspondence I knew what could happen the next day but now my life is full of hopes and dreams which can come true any time! So, I decided to make some changes in my apartment. My bed room is perfect for me and I don't want to change anything there but living-room needs some changes. You know, Gav, you bring some light into my life and I decided to buy a new lamp with more light! I want to have light both in my living-room and my life :) And of course new curtains will please me much :):):)
Tell me, Gav, what are you going to do this evening? I will go shopping :)

Ok, I am finishing my letter now and I wish you to have a great day!!!
Remember that there is a girl in this world who is thinking about you and smiling for you :)

I will be looking forward to your letter!!!!

Sincerely with warm hugs and tender kisses yours Vera.

Letter 5

Hello Gavin ! No news from you?! I hope you are ok!!! Please, write me :) I am waiting for your reply very impatiently! I have just came home from work and i will check my mail later with hope to find your reply!

Letter 6

Hello dear Gavin !

Thanks a lot for your mail! I am glad to know you are doing fine!! You may not believe but I always look forward to your mails and sometimes I am very angry I have to work so much because sometimes I can write you as often as I wish.

Sorry but I don't understand you worries at all and the reasons of your not giving me any your information. It looks at least strange and it scares me as you hide something from me. I want to trust you, it's very important for me not to be afraid. I will come to a strange country for me, I trust you my life but you don't trust me you simple information about yourself and I don't understand what's the problem... You are very strange... I didn't think that after my request there could be such problems... Are you married? Probably you want to have fun aside with naive Russian woman who needs somebody close there where she doesn't know anybody... I am very upset with your position and I won't hide the fact I am scared as well.

But it's ok, very soon we will be able to talk in person, face to face :) This makes me really happy and I smile because of it :) To tell the truth, I am very talkative but at the same time I like to listen to other people. Sometimes I feel true teacher when talking to you because I had been working as a teacher of English for several years and I feel in my letters I am rather official :)

First name: Vera
Last name: Golubeva
Country: Russia
City: Saint-Petersburg
st. Sevastyanova 42-12

By the way within next 3-4 days I will book tickets and I will be able to tell you the exact date of my arrival. I am very excited about this!! Gavin , how would you like to spend our first meeting? Do you have any cafes with wonderful views to nature there? As for my city, I have my favorite cafe here, it's on the bank of the Neva river, that's very nice there in summer, I like to sit there alone or with my friends. I like water very much and I can watch the water flows for very long time, it seems to me all negative emotions go away with water and I feel very relaxed in my soul. By the way, tell me, what can make you stop being sad or angry? For me the best way to improve my mood is water and it doesn't matter what kind of water: shower, swimming or even washing dishes or floors :)

My uncle wrote me, he is very happy for me :) He invited me but he can't spend time with me and he worries about this. I understand him but also I understand how much it's important for him to do his work, it's his life now, he met my aunt because of his work when he went to Saint Petersburg for conference where my aunt took part as well. We say here about 2 people who have the same interests: they are on the same wave. And they were on their own wave: crazy about saving nature :)

My uncle is very glad that I found you, Gavin , he likes you because I wrote him about you and I wrote only good things because you are a very nice person! I like you a lot! :)

I think much about our soon meeting, I even thought about what to wear when we go to cafe. It appeared I don't know what women wear in your country. I know Russian women like to wear very beautiful clothes wherever they go :) Once I bought a very beautiful dress for my colleague's wedding, I attach the picture of me wearing that dress, I love this dress :) But it's not good for your sunny country :) I need something of light colors. But I need your piece of advice: is it ok if I wear such dress but of light color to go to cafe? Won't it be unusual for your country? :)

Oops, I talk too much :) I finish my long mail and I am waiting for your reply! I wish you to have a wonderful day and restful evening! :)

Your Vera XOXO

Letter 7

Hello Gavin ! No news from you?! I hope you are ok!!! Please, write me :) I am waiting for your reply very impatiently! I have just came home from work and i will check my mail later with hope to find your reply!

Letter 8

Hi Dear Gavin !
Thank you very much for your letter! It brightens up my day as usual!
Every your word brings me much joy! In spite of the fact that it is very cold, I feel very warm in my heart and in my soul because of your letter and your warm words! You know that you are very dear to me and now you are the only source of my good mood!

Gavin, I am very glad that you are in my life and I am always happy to get your letters and learn more about you. You know, no matter how long we are corresponding, each day I learn something new about you from your letters, even though sometimes I have a feeling that I know you for ages. You know what I mean, Gavin?

It would be nice if you meet me in the airport and it would be very romantic for me... I would spend several days with you before going to my uncle's place. I hope you are a gentleman and I can trust you my safety :)

It's scares a bit , in Russia it is much said in Mass media about killings, slavery, hostages and terrorism... I need a strong man who could defend a lonely weak beautiful girl from bad things and other men :):):) Very soon my visa will be done and I need to book tickets but I am not sure about the destination. I definitely don't want to go to Perth right away. I want to see other city... I like the way we are developing our friendship and I am thinking about spending my vacation in your city :)
My uncle helps me very much! He invited me to come to Australia and he pays all the expenses. It's a pity I won't see my uncle soon but in 2,5 months he will be back home!! I will spend the last month of my vacation with him but the other 2 months I will be free to travel around. If I like the country, my uncle will buy me a small apartment in any city I like, I just need to find the city I like :) That's the very thing my aunt always wanted. She owned a small flower business and after her death my uncle sold it and he wants to buy me an apartment according to my aunt's wish.

As you can see, I am trying to begin a new life and I am full of hopes and dreams!

I talked to my uncle about you, our mutual sympathy and developing relations. He said I write differently when I talk about you :) I said I trust you and asked him not to worry about me because I have such a tender knight as you are :):)

It would be nice to have a walk with you, to go shopping and you would help me to chose the dress. Your opinion is very important for me because I want you to like me, to be proud of me and I would like to be the most beautiful woman there for you...

Today I am in very high spirits and I want to share it with you, Gavin.
I want to give you my most tender hug and my smile :) I want you to feel good and to have a great day.

Ok, my dear Gavin, I need to go. I will be dreaming about our meeting!

Yours Vera with all my kisses to you!!!

Letter 9

Hello my Dear Gavin !!!

I hope you see the sun in the sky because I wished the sun to shine brightly to you this morning! Also I wished that all the people you meet today smile to you and be polite! You know that I wish you only the best :) I have got your letter and it makes me very happy as usual!

Today I had very nice morning, when I was having shower I heard my neighbour's singing, in spite of the fact that he sings very bad I wanted to sing with him :):):) I was very happy since I open my eyes in the morning because I saw you in my dream!!!

To be back to the question of my security, I can say I prefer to trust you!!! It's important in life to take risk, to make brave steps, to change life and then something good will happen for sure... in any case it's better than to sit and do nothing :)

I contacted the embassy today and I have excellent news.I will have interview tomorrow after which I will get my visa and nothing will hold me in Russia.
I booked the tickets and now I know the date and time of my arrival to your city! I arrive 28 morning
Probably we will see each other very soon. That's wonderful!!!!
I wrote about this to my uncle, he will be happy to know about this :)
Also I said that I need money to pay for tickets and for living in your city and he will send it to me within 2 days.
I wouldn't afford my trip myself, my uncle helped me with all the needed money... and with place to live... I am very grateful to him because without him I would never come to AU and i would never meet you!
Right now my uncle is in Tasmania but I hope I will have an opportunity to introduce you to each other in real life.
I talk to him about you and he is very happy about our acquaintance.
I would be very sad in unknown place without close people!

My uncle asked to to be careful and not to be lost.
The day of our meeting is coming and with each hour I become happier.
Gavin, I need to ask you for something. Could you tell me the name of the hotel which is not far from you. I'd like to stay close to you and to be able to invite you for a cup of coffee or tea. By the way, do you prefer coffee or tea? :) Gavin, do you like pastry or chocolate with coffee/tea? :)

I need also to say that you shouldn't worry about me living close to you, I won't bother you :) I don't want you to change the style of your life.

I am very excited about seeing you and your city!
Now i have to go, I want to buy a calling card to call you soon.
I wish you to have a nice day! I wish you and your close people be healthy and in high spirits!

From yours Vera with million of air kisses!

Letter 10

Hello dear Gav!

Thanks for your letter! I am glad to know about your things there!
Today is a very difficult day for me with unexpected and unpleasant news for me.
I contacted my uncle to get to know how I can get the money he was going to send me for my trip. And there was a little problem with receiving the money from my uncle. The problem is that the closest office western union which makes the international transfering of money is very far from the place where my uncle is now. I told you before that he works in South West National Park in Tasmania and even if he takes a day off, the closest city is Catamaran but there is no any office of western union there. We discussed that problem and found a solution of our problem. But to do this we need a person who we trust...

We need a little your help... My uncle can give money to you and you will send it to me.

My interview has passed successfully and I have ordered the tickets.
You are right in that that I will not have time 28 I will arrive in your country on February, 29. The data of my tickets. I take off from Moscow with change in Dubai.

Fri 29-Feb-08 Singapore (SIN)
Depart 3:15 pm
Terminal 1 to Melbourne (MEL)
Arrive 1:30 am
Terminal 2
3,753 mi
(6,040 km)
Duration: 7hr 15mn
Flight: 404
3Economy/Coach Class, BOEING 777-300 PASSENGER

My tickets are already booked and I need to pay for them as soon as possible but because my uncle didn't know that there is no any offices of western union in Catamaran he can't send me money. He wanted to send it to my bank account but I have no account for international transfers and to do such account it takes about 2 weeks. I have no this time to wait so long. My uncle can transfer money to your bank account and you can send it to me by western union from your city.

I understand that it's a question of mutual trust, I want to trust you the money of my uncle. Let it be the first step of developing our relationship.

I don't need your secret information, I need only the information for transfering you money by my uncle:
Full name:
bsb number:
account number:
bank name:

I hope you understand everything. Gav, I don't need your money, I need only your help and time to help me.
My uncle is old and he wants me to be happy, I am his the only relative. He wants me to come and to be not far from him. This is my the most desired dream. We planned it for long time and now it must happen for sure. My visa is done, I have tickets and all the necessary documents, insurance... I have been preparing for this very long and now it shouldn't be broken because of a ridiculous thing... we need very much your help. My uncle is very nervous because we are short of time...
I need to pay now withing these days.
I hope you understand all the importance of the future events!

Gav, I hope you understand how important it is for my soon arrival to Australia. I am waiting for your reply and I hope you will help me.

Your Vera XOXO.

Letter 11

Dear Gav, I understand hat you are talking about.
If my uncle could do everything as you say, he would do that but he offered me the variant I had told you about!!!
he viewed all the variants before offering me to send his money to the person I have never seen!!! And I agreed because I thought it is an important step towards full trust... I thought thanks to this situation could be a good test for us... but if you don't want to help and it's difficult for you to spend your time on me only going to pick up the money and send it to me... we will solve this problem ourselves...
It is important that I don't have time to wait... my interview is already set and I wanted to get the necessary money as soon as possible not to lose time.

The problem is that my uncle have already sent me money this month via western union by system online and now he has limits. He can't can't send money to me this month but i need this money very much and the only variant which we found was to trust money to a person to send it to me. I chose you, person with whom I will spend much time there and who i trust... this is you, my dear Gav!
I understand you wanted to help but now we are losing time discussing unuseful details.
Please, if you can help me, do it now, otherwise I will have to get back my tickets.
My heart will be broken because of that...
I have been preparing for this trip for so long, it wasn't quick!
I spent half a year for preparing documents... and because of that stupid thing as limitation of transfering of western union online and your not ability to help me, everything can be ruined...
Visa will be valid after attaching tickets to and fro and with showing them i will get permition to enter your country but I can't pay until my uncle sends me money... And he can transfer moeny to somebody else's account, this is the only variant for us.
Please, understand!!!
I don't insist... I just asked for help and it was your right to refuse... Also I was afraid a bit because I don't know you but I prefered to trust you in hope it could be an important step in our relations....

Loves, hugs and kisses,

Letter 12

Hi dear Gavin !
Thanks for your mail and good news for us! I am very grateful for your willing to help us! You are a very nice person!
This is so touching that you want to trust me your own money and if you think it's faster to send it to me by yourself than my uncle will do the transfer, \i will be very grateful to you for your magnanimity. you need to write your bank information by email to me or to my uncle ( ) because he need to have it correctly written.
He wants to send me not more than 5000$
Gavin, I understand the reasons you are nervous. Bank account is a very important thing but the information my uncle ask can be used only to transfering money to your bank account. You can ask about this at any bank. So, nobody will be able to use your account. We don't need your secret information :)
Full name, bsb number, account number, bank name are enough to make the transfer.
Also he supposed that you will have some expenses connected with sending money and he said he will cover all the expenses. When you have money on your account, you will go to office of western union the same day and send money to me. I don't need your money, I need only your little help.
You asked about the destination to send money. I live in Saint Petersburg and you will need to send here: Russia, Saint Petersburg.
my full name: Vera Golubeva
My uncle wants to send you money on thursday .
I trust you!!! I would like to express my gratitude in person, I hope you will mee me with the bouquet of flowers :):):)
I send you my photo as you asked but this is the farthest a true lady can show to a man she has never met in real :)

Looking for your reply,
sincerely Vera.

Letter 13

Hi Dear Gavin !
Gavin, it seems to me you are playing games to me... that's not good...
I really don't have naked photos in my computer and I don't have time to take such photos now!!!
Don't you understand in what situation I am now???
I am not waiting for your presents!!!
I don't need anything now except the things I asked you 2 days ago!!!
Are you serious???
I am losing time and it's very sad for me and I worry much but it looks like you are intersted in my naked photos only...
I don't know what to think...
Please, write me your bank account details for my uncle to transfer money to you. I will be very grateful.
Don't need your money, spend some time on me and do what I ask you.
I hope you are a serious man who I can trust not only money but myself as well!
I will be wait for your prompt reply.

Letter 14

What have you written to me??? I don't recognise you at all... Are you ok???
Don't lie to me!!!



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