Scam letter(s) from Inga Rolan to Grant (Canada)

Letter 1
Hi my new friend Matts. It is very pleasant to me to receive the letter from you. To me it is very pleasant that you have become interested in me as well now we shall communicate and find out about each other. I wish to tell a little about myself all over again. My name is Gulnara. To me of 25 years. I live in city Zelenodolsk. I live one in an own apartment. I work as the manager in small firm. I never was married and I have no children. But nevertheless I very much would like to have children in the future. Here on the Internet I search only for serious relations. I do not wish to play game. I search for the man to create with him family, to have children. I hope that you want too most. That so has much told thanks me about itself. It was pleasant to me find out about you so a lot of information. Thanks you for such remarkable photo. It very much was pleasant to me. I wish to tell that you very charming and attractive the man. I hope that you can send me still some photos. To me it will be very pleasant. I very lonely girl. I live absolutely alone. My parents live in other city. Sometimes I visit them. To tell the truth I sometimes do not have them. At me I am a lot of friends with which to spend a lot of free time. But nevertheless I do not have not enough man. I very much wish to create family, to be the good wife and mother for the future husband. You probably will be surprised why I till now not married and in general why I do not have man. No, I had men. With the last the man I was within 3 years. We lived together in his apartment. It seemed to me that I am enamoured in him, but I very strongly was mistaken. First between all of us it was good, but then he has started to come back home late. I have understood that he changes with other women. I have told nothing to him, I am simply cunning from him. I did not want with him greater scandals. In general I do not like to quarrel with people. Since then I absolutely alone and to tell the truth to me am very lonely also to me already it would be desirable to be with the man more likely. To tell the truth I do not wish to search for men here in Zelenodolsk. I am afraid that my new the man again will deceive me and I all the same with him shall not be happy. Therefore according to my girlfriend I have decided to search for the man on the Internet. And I very much hope that nevertheless I shall meet the man of the destiny. There can be I have met him? I think that I shall finish the letter on it. I send you the photo. I hope it it is pleasant to you. I wish to ask you that you also have told to me about yourself and I have necessarily sent me some photos.
Bye-Bye. Gulnara.
Letter 2
Hi. As to a regret with mine e-mail any malfunctions, I think that it does not work. I cannot accept and send the letter. I do not know that happens. It seems to me that it has broken. Therefore I to create new e-mail: . I want that you have written to me here. It will be my new e-mail address. I hope you will understand it and will write to me soon.
Gulya from Zelenodolsk.
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