Scam letter(s) from Julia Drozdova to Fred (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello, dear Fred!!!!! I am very glad to see your response on my screen! Thank you ever so much for knocking at my door, so I am happy to open this invisible door and invite you into my world! You look very attractive man on the photos. In general you made really a very good impression on my writing such an interesting and informative letter. I think we are here with the same goal, so I think it is worth getting to know each other better. Well, now I would like to tell you more about myself. Usually it is not so easy to do, but i will try to make a good impression on you :) My name is Yulya. I am from Ukraine and my native town is Antratsit. But now I live currently in Lugansk, here I found more opportunities for myself. I am 29 and by this age I defined what I am looking for in this crazy world. I am joyful, easy-going and sociable person. I inherited kindness and honesty from my parents and can say this traits help me to have a lot of friends. My close people consider me to be attractive woman. Well, I try to hold a healthy life style. So that to be in good shape I don't need to spend my free time at the gyms. Actually I am a dance-master. What can be more exciting and creative than to teach children to dance??? By the way, do you like to dance, Fred??? If you want I can teach you:))) Dance is my like, my hobby and my way of life. I refer my job to the sphere of Art. Dear Fred, do you know that people of Art have the most delicate and rich inner world?? I am a romantic woman and I am a big dreamer. And what about you??? Fred, I should tell you that I always open to people and never hide anything that I want to say. I have to tell you something important and perhaps you will get disappointed in me after knowing that. I must confess that I do not speak English. Sometimes I am ashamed of this, cause this is a language that is spoken all over the world. I used to learn some when I was a student, but now I could hardly understand anything. Hope this does not frighten you off me. If we are lucky to continue, I will start some English courses. It would be a considerable step on the way of creating our relationships. You know, I do not have too much experience in the Internet dating, but I sincerely believe that it will help me to bring this loneliness to its end! In my dreams I see a happy couple, living in love and peace, smiling every day and bringing up beautiful children. I am devoted to my job so much that I almost forgot that I am a woman. I missed sweet dates, I missed kisses, touches and warm hugs. I need that so much! My last relationships brought me much grief and suffering and I lost my hope in mutual true love and sincerity of feelings between two people. Dear Fred, maybe it is you who are here to bring my heart to life???? I was sorry to know that your past relations with Ukrainian women failed, How many times you have been to Ukraine? Did you like this country? And one more important thing I want to say...Fred,I don't take the Internet as a play-ground.My intentions are very serious about searching my second half here! I'm not looking for an amusement. I want to built serious long-term relationships with a serious person. To play with feelings is not my goal! Well, I guess that is more then enough for the first letter. Dear Fred, I hope my letter did not seem too boring for you?? :))) Again, thanks a lot for your attention. Please, tell me more about your life. How do you spend your free time? What traits would you like your girl to have? Please, write me soon. I like you and wish to to get to know you better. I will be looking forward to hearing from you. with deep respect Yulya
Letter 2
Hello, my darling Fred!!! Fred, my darling, I have to tell you something important. There are some circumstances that make me feel uneasy these days... I'm so elated since we met, and I want this feeling grow ever more firm and joyful! But.. I have something to tell you, it may seem stupid and vulgar, but I think I shouldn't conceal anything from you... I can not write the letters to you anymore. Unfortunately I can not pay for the translation service anymore, as my salary is too small and I can not afford the translation fees. But it is extremely difficult for me to bear the expenses now, as I've had a large deal of expenses this month, and I haven't got enough money. I'm really frustrated about it and I don't know what to do - I can't imagine that I may loose you, my sweet Fred . I chose you from hundreds of men cause you are special to me and you are the one with whom I see my future life. I'm in despair, I really don't know what to do... Of course, I can't demand anything from you, and I'm not going to... I just don't want you to give up on me!!! I would have been so happy, honey, if you could help me to survive these hard times, I wish you could support me in my need, my dear Fred! My feelings for your are so special and I want to feel like this for the rest of my life. I just want to save our relationships and give it a chance to develop. I'm so sorry to tell you all this, but I want you to know everything about me, and accept me for what I am... Maybe you will think something rude about me now, maybe you think that I am here for only money, but I will tell you that I was never chasing for riches. Money should not involved into true love relationship, but I really need it now and I thought that I could rely on you. If it is some little money it will be so much helpful for me. I send you my most tender kisses and hugs, my darling Fred, and I desperately hope you won't leave me in my need... Sincerely Your Yulya
Letter 3
Hello, my dear Fred! Thank you very much for your letter and for your cute picture. You look very sweet. I can see that you are full of understanding and sympathy to me. I have never doubted that you were a true gentleman who would have never leave his woman in the trouble. Thank you, Fred, that you understand my situation. I am sorry to know that you still think that I write to another men, worrying that I have my profile in the dating site. I am interested only in you and I do not pay any attention to who writes me. I told you that I choose you and you will be the one for me. You know, it was hard to fix my profile there, I do not know English and I was helped at the translation office I use now. I will ask them to remove my profile. It is really sad, cause it seems that you do not trust me, Fred. I put all my heart in my letters to you and my heart calls only for you. Do you think I would spend the money to translate the letters from another men? If you think so, you are absolutely wrong. I will ask the manager of the translation firm to send you the information about their service. Fred, I do not know XXXX and I would prefer if you could send some money to my name or the name of the manager from the translation firm. The translation account will be set right that moment. Of course, honey, I can talk to you on the phone. Here is the phone of the translation office. We can talk with the help of my translator. Call me when you ca, but let me know beforehand when you do this, so I could be there in time, ok? +3 8096 891 88 17. You know, honey, I would love to read you every day. I think it is possible for me. and for you ??? Write me soon, my darling. I will be waiting for your soon reply. gentle kisses Your Yulya
Letter 4

Dear Mr. Fred, In this letter we present you the information about our services, as your Lady Yulia Drozdova asked us. Our translation company is working in the field of translation for almost 8 years. During this time we dealt with different people from different parts of the world. Working at the market of translation services for many years we obtained a strong reputation. Coming to our office before to use our service people first should full the client's questionnaire and then to register at the company. We provide all kinds of the translation services: -We are doing a different translations of different kinds of papers and documents.
-Also we provide oral translations for our clients .
-We provide such service as organizing trips, registration of the documents, help with arrangement of the hotel and giving a translator for the all period of staying.
-We offer telephone conversations during which you will be provided with our interpreter. We work legally and we were registered on 14.07.2000.
Our registration number is #887598\AO As for the terms of payment and prices: Per-letter payment: translation of one letter - 5$ with photos FREE! You may also use unlimited service.
one month unlimited translations -$200 - two months unlimited translations - $350 (including telephone conversations) All the transfers should be done by means of Western Union System or MoneyGram System. You can make the transfer to the name of your Lady.
Full name: Yulia Drozdova
Address: Ukraine, Antratsit, Sovetskaya Str., 63 You may also make it to the name of our manager: in this case the money will be put to her translation account at the same day. In this case you will need the following information: The name of our manager: Nadezhda Mishchenko.
Country: Ukraine
City: Lugansk
Private Bank, Western Union System. If you have some more questions, please, contact us by our office
e-mail address Best regards,
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