Scam letter(s) from Daria Dyachkova to Billy (USA)

Letter 1
hello,my dear Billy!!

i am so glad to hear from you my dear!!i always happy to get you e-mails!!
Don't you like this kitten???i want to tell you everything about me!!
I feel that you have very good influence to me because i became more smiling and my eyes are shining!!But today i am sad i can't smile, everything is so grey,even the sun doesn't shine for me!!I even do not know how to say it but as you know i use the Internet cafe to write you and today when i have come here the manager have told me that my account is almost over!it is very difficult to say it but can you help me with this?I do not push you because i do not want to lose you,you know how i prize you!!i do not want to stop writing you because you are the part of my life,you are very close person for me!!And i want that it will continue!You are a man and you have choose what to do in this case!I hope that it will not be an obstacle to our happiness!let me know!I will be waiting for you replay
kiss you!!Anna.
Letter 2
hello,my dear Billy!!
How are you there??I am bad!!Because i do not have a possibility to write you more i have to pay to the Internet cafe as you know i use it and every months i
have to pay for it 112 USD!
i have to pay for using the Internet and if you can give me some of money,you know it is very difficult to say this,and i will go to the Internet cafe and pay!!
If you really want to help me,us to continue you can use Western Union to transfer funds!!
If you want to help me i will ask a manager to inform me if you write and ask to replay!!Miss you my dear and think of you all the time!
Kiss you
Letter 3
Hello,my dear Billy!!I am so glad to hear from you!I came to the Internet cafe and manager told me that i can write you a letter if then i pay and you wrote that you can help with this!oh,thank you my dear i so appreciate you that you take care of me and give us a chance to build our relations!!You asked my full name and address:91000,Ukraine,Stahanov,Koroleva street 5/13,Semenova Anna.I will be wait for your letter!Kiss you.Anna.
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