Letter(s) from Irina Kravchenko to Steve (England)

Letter 1

Hello Steve,
Thanks that you write me.
Let me introduce myself. My name is Diana Solovjova. I was born 3rd of May in 1983 in Shatsk in Volin' region. Shatsk is a small town. There are so picturesque nature and many historical monuments in Shatsk.
I'm a student of Foreign Language Department, so I know English very good and we'll not have any problems with our communication.
I have quite a big family: parents, brother and two sisters, also many uncles and aunties, and cousins. All of them have their own small families, except me. You know my mom even try to introduce me to some men as a possible bride. But they were not my type of a man.
And my friends advice me try to find my second half in the Internet. That's why I'm here. I wish to meet some special man, for whom I'll do everything possible that to make him the happiest man in the whole world. I look man for long-time relationship and in future for marriage.
If you ask me will I agree to come to another country? If it'll be the man of my dreams, I answer: "YES!!!" You know I love my family and friends, I love my native town and Ukraine, but I think that the love and my privet life is more important for me!!!!
Write me more about your self. I want to know everything.
Wait for your soon reply.
with best wishes,

Letter 2

Hello dear Steve,
Thanks for your letter. It was so interesting to know more about you. I think that you are a very nice and kind person. I think that our meeting is no coincidence... How do you think? I know about the Internet not long ago. I was amazed that it's possible to write letter with the help of the computer. But now I'm happy that thanks to it we met each other. And now we are friends and maybe more in future....
When I start to learn English I think that I'll be just a teacher for children at school. But now... it's so cool that we can talk with the man from other country. Maybe I overstate, but I have feeling that in Ukraine real men become extinct. The main reason why I think that cause they think just about themselves. As for our women, we want to find our second half that to have loving and friendly family. But our men, they think just about their job, about their career and about money. They love just themselves. And even if they get married, after some months it looks like they forget their wife and their children. I hope that it's just Ukrainian men. And I'm sure that you aren't as our men.
And I still hope to find my real love, my second half, my heart and soul.
And what about you? Why are you are here in the Net? What are you looking for? What about women from your country? They aren't enough beautiful, good and kind?
Wait for your next letter.
Write me as soon as possible,
your Diana.

Letter 3

Hi my dear Steve,
I'm so happy that I met so wonderful person like you. Your letters for me like a light ray in a cloudy day, like a life buoy in the heavy gale, like a gasp of a fresh air in the cave..... So, remember that my life depends on you, my sweet.
You know yesterday I had a family supper. All my family knows and likes my cooking. My favourite dishes are traditional Ukrainian food. Maybe you know some of them borsch, varenyky, pyrogy, golubcy, holodec, dranyky, etc. Yesterday I prepared dranyky. It's something like a pancake, but from potatoes. So, you should take clear potatoes and grate them. Then add an atomizated onion and a garlic, an egg, a flour, a salt and a pepper to taste. Then everything are stirred. Fry it in the shape of pancakes. Dranyky are eaten with sour cream. I think you'll like it. It's so tasty. Hope that one day you'll taste dranyky, which I'll prepare for you by myself. It'll be cool if I'll show you all my culinary ability. I'm sure you'll be amazed. What do you think? Do you want to taste my borsch or varenyky or dranyky? I be you would!
And please, make sure i have more than just this one cooking talent
write me as soon as possible,
your Diana.

Letter 4

Hi dear Steve,
Thanks for your letter very much cause every your letter makes me so happy. You know I don't know why but I have feeling that know you all my life. I told it my best friend, we are like sisters. We know each other from our childhood and of course we know everything about each other. So, I told her about my feeling. And she told me that sometimes two souls, which loved each other in remount pass. From that times when Earth just started to arise, when everything just began.... they move from age to age. They saw everything.... How Cleopatra loved Anthony.... How a brave knight saved a lady of his heart... How Romeo climbed balcony to his Juliet... Poor souls... They should recognize each other in new human bodies, meet, love each other with more power then before and then reunite with each other forever. But when their human bodies die, they loose each other again. But when they are together, it's the best time, cause they are happy as anyone in the whole world. Everyone has his second half. But very often it's not very easy to find it. I think that's why people can't be really happy if they don't meet their second soul. And as my friend told me, if I have such feelings that I know you all my life. It can be a sign that maybe you are my second half. Maybe all these people, about whom I told you, Cleopatra and Anthony, the knight and the lady of his heart, Romeo and Juliet.... Maybe it was our soul, which can't meet before and it happens. Maybe you also have such felling, my sweet Steve?
wait for your soon reply,
forever your Diana.

Letter 5

Hi My sweet Steve,
You know every day I just live for the sake of reading your new letter. Sometimes I re-read them, as I want to learn everything about you and every word in your letters make me so happy. When I see that you write me new letter, I feel some special tremble and emotion. I don't know, what is it going on with me? I wake up with your name in my lips, I go to bed with your name in my lips, and even at night in my dreams your appearance doesn't leave me. The same thing happens today morning. I wake up as usual alone. But I have the feeling that I'm not alone, that I'm with you, my dear!!! I had a dream tonight that I'm not alone any more and that now I'm with you and we live together. I have feelings that my bed is warm from your body, that you tenderly kiss me that I wake up like I Snow White from the fairy tale. But then I understand that it's just a dream and I'm alone in my bed, and you are so far from me. Yes, we are far from each other, but at the same time we are close in our letters, in our dreams.......... You know I have never lived with the man. But I always dreamed about it. And now I feel that I'm ready for the serious relationship never better. I want to tell you my dream about life together. As I told you I feel that my bed is warm from your body, that you tenderly kiss me that I wake up like I Snow White from the fairy tale. I stretch myself with pleasure, I open my eyes and see your happy face, you look at me with love and passion. We luxuriate in soft bed and enjoy the sunshine. Then I go to prepare breakfast for you. I do it with pleasure, as I do it for my Sweetheart. You are still in the bed. I bring the breakfast in the tray. And I feed you like a small baby. Cause I want to do everything the best for my special man. You know I try I do everything possible and impossible that to make you happy!!! Also I want to be honest with you, my sweet Steve. At first I got letters from many men, and i tried responding cause I wanted to have more chances to find my second half, and it's not very easy to understand who is who from first letter. Do you agree with me? But now I don't communicate with anyone, except you! Cause I'm sure that you are my soul mate. Maybe you ask me how I can have all these feelings during such a short time. And I don't have the answer, cause I don't know WHY??? Maybe you can find the key from my heart and my soul, can't you? I think YES! Hope that you feel the same to me, don't you?
Please, write as soon as possible, as your letter is a breath of fresh air for me.
send you my tender kisses,
forever your Diana.

Letter 6

Hi My sweetheart! I am so happy to get your letter! You always make my days so bright! And today is not an exception - you've made this gloomy day so much warmer and sunnier for me! You are my sunshine! And guess what? I must have told you I stopped writing to others. But I got one letter in the email today, which i could not have ignored! I don't remember wether I told you a story, which happened with my former classmate. She studied in L'vov. And she talked to some guys on the internet, but she did it for fun, not that she was not a serious person, she was and she sincerely enjoyed communicating with people of different culture, but she didn't believe that she could find some special one for herself. But as they say: "Never say "Never!" She fell in love with a man from the UK , and it was the mutual feeling. So, she came to visit him and in a short while they got married. Today she sent me her photos from wedding and told me that she is pregnant. They are so happy together!!! :)
When I read her letter and saw their photos, I was crying from happiness for her and her husband, and their future baby!!! You know I also want to be as happy as they are now! I know such feeling as being falling in love, I like it very much. But nothing can substitute the tet-a-tet meeting. Do you agree with me? And if one day you ask me to come to you, I will leave everything just that to be with you, my dear Steve, that to make you the happiest man in the whole world!!! Do you want it as strongly as I want it? Hope, YES!!! Think about it, please!
And I have one application to you, please don't make me cry, don't hurt me, cause you should know that my heart, my soul is vulnerable, and I can't endure the separation with you!!! :(
Wait for your next letter.
forever you Diana.

Letter 7

Hi my dear Steve,
You know after the University when I go to the Internet cafe I feel that I have wings, as I feel that I don't go, but I fly from my love to you. It's so unusual feeling, but I like it so much. Now the whole world for me is in pink colour. As I have never fallen in love like now.
And I'm so happy to hear from you that you want that I come to you. You know now I just live of thoughts about you, and about our meeting!!! It's my dream from your first letter. I didn't tell you about it, but from the very begging I had some feeling that you would be not just a pen friend, but someone more! Woman's intuition didn't deceive! You are my special one! And we do everything possible and impossible that I come to you as soon as possible, don't we? So, as you know I have never been abroad, that's why I don't have an international passport and visa to your country. But I know that I can get these documents. But I'll learn it for sure and in my next letter I write you about it. And before our meeting I wish that we'll be more close to each other with every letter, that our love becomes stronger and stronger, and when we'll meet we would be like all-in-one-piece. As I believe in destiny, and that you are my soul mate, I can't even imagine that some one else except you with me, just you, Steve, my Man and my King!!!
Kiss you 1000000000 times.
Your Diana.

Letter 8

Hello, sweetheart! it's always a pleasure to come to the internet cafe and have a chance to talk to you, it brings me such a wonderful and exciting mood always! And today I am more than happy, as you know, sweetie, I have the exciting news for you! Today I went to a Ukrainian Touristic Company in my city and here the travel agent told me that I can get visa to your country, but it would be a tourist visa, cause we have never met with you and it can't be a visitor's visa. More over she told me it would be difficult for me to obtain any other kind of visa because I have never been abroad before. So, I can get only a tourist visa and it will be valid for 30 days. But before I need to to get an international passport, which will cost 197$. And to get the visa to your country will cost me 295$. To make the passport will take me a week or ten days the longest, but to get a visa it will take up to month. But they told we could apply for them both at once and they could start making them simultaneously. The visa costs so much cause the Touristic Company, which does it, guarantees that I will get it for sure. I think you should know that it's hard for people from Ukraine to get the visa in such countries as yours. But I hope that I can get it easily, as I want to come to be with you so much.
Also in the Touristic Company they told me that after I'll visit your country for the first time, it'll be much more easy to come then again and this time by multy-entrance visa But who knows, maybe we'll like each other so much, that you will not want to let me go and then I will stay with you!!! MMMMMmmm.... to meet to you and to stay with you forever! It sounds like a fairy tale. It's my dream, dream of all my life. But I believe that our dream, our fairy tale comes true and we'll meet. Hope that you also want that it comes frue, don't you? Please, think about all these thing! I hope that you are serious in your intentions to me and my coming to you, my sweet Steve! Remember, I trust you as myself! Write me as soon as possible. Send you my tender kisses. Your Diana.

Letter 9

Hi my love!!!
You know sometime I think that it's just dream and I sleep and can't wake up!!! And I'm so afraid about it. But than I understand that it's real life, that you are real man, my man!!! I can't believe that it's true! I found my prince, it's you. I want that this fairy tale never finishes. I know, I'm sure that it can't finish as our love would be continuing forever, cause we love each other so much. I imagine our first meeting. I fly to you in the airplane. I have some unusual feelings inside me. I excite as I have never fly in the airplane, but the main reason cause after some hours we meet face to face. We will be together. We can discuss our plans for future, our joint living together. What we will be doing together, I'm sure that it would not be a question, as the main now that we meet. So, the airplane starts to plant. And it seems that my heart stops!!! I can't breathe and can't think, I remember just one thing that I should alight from the airplane. I get out and I try to see you from hundreds of people in the airport. And then my heart beats faster cause I saw you!!!! You are with the bunch of flowers. You come to me. We just watch to each other eyes and are silent. There are a lot of people around us, but we don't notice them. We see just each other. We try to enjoin this perfect moment of our first meeting. You take my hand and tender kiss it. Just after that I can think, and can understand that I'm here, I'm with you! And I cry from happiness that I'm with my love, with you, my Sweet Steve! And then we come to meeting with our happy life together. I hope that it'll be in the nears future. As you know, my dear Steve, I'm just a simple student and I don't have work yet. And that's why I don't have necessary means for all the papers and tickets. But I hope that you are serious about me and about my coming to you. I hope that you are the real man and the real gentlemen and I hope that you can help me with it, can't you??? Hope that you won't hurt me, as I'm very serious about you. Don't hurt me, please!!!!! OK?
Write me how are you feeling about our meeting and when do you think it can happen, ok?
Kiss you,
your sweet Diana.

Letter 10

Dear Steve,
I have just one question for you!!! Do you want us to meet as I want it???? I wrote you that I want to meet with you and want to arrange it as soon as possible, but I think that you even don't think about it!!!
So, I'm waiting for your reply to my question.