Letter(s) from Ella Kozachenko to Dave (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Hello, my dear Dave!
How are you,Honey?
if you only know how I i am happy when I have received your letters!
It is always full of deep sense and love...I believe you know where the love lives...
I wish I could take you by the hand and we are walking at a wonderful beach, blue sky, sun is shining all the time, our skin enjoy the warmth of its rays of light. The sea and his brilliant water at our side, small waves kiss the fine sand of the beach.Our hearts are beating, I look in your wonderful eyes and know that we will be together forever.You know, that you can tell me everything, and your heart is wide open. My soul touches yours. Without words we understand each other perfectly. The glittering eyes say everything.No fear, no hurry, no thinking of problems.
In the evening the moon has his full power. Our bodies enjoy the atmosphere totally.
The feeling of warm water of the sea at the one side, the soft and warm sand of the beach on the other side. We touch both spheres. I kiss you tender and we feel perfect harmony, we are a unit now. I feel your care for me, your support and understanding. You give me the love I need.
Everyday in special moments, when we will be in reality back later, these wonderful imagination of perfect harmony accompanies us. Our hearts feel the deep love, and this energy flow down on our backs, nothing can disturb us. We are safe. Thinking of you....
And I think all time about meeting with you and I little nerves and I would like meet with you in your country or in your liked country and I want this has to be comfortable for you!!!
But I want ask you about help and If you really want see me and will help me with making papers I think this will be possible!!!! KISS KISS Ella

Letter 2

Hello my love Dave!
Thank you for your answer and nice photos...
You know I all time wait for answer all time and I am happy when I see your letter!
I see we are right for each other and I would like see you and touch you, feel you and if we understand we need each other be with you all life!!!!
I am asked about the visa to Turkey and I need to pay only in Airport about 20 USD...
The Lady in the Agency told me this...You asked me about place where I would like go with you???
I think all places if we are together are nice and wonderful...
I have free time and I think should think about yourself not only about work...
You understand what I mean? hope yes!!!
Dave! I want ask you about help, if we want meeting so I should make Passport and I asked about this and I have to pay 220 USD, I want ask you help me to pay and I would like write my address Ukraine, city Lugansk, street Sovetskaya,15/67 Eleonora Kozachenko.
KISS You my love! Ella

Letter 3

Hello my love Dave!
Thank you for your answer and This is nice that we understand each other, I think this is really important when people understand each other not I think that we have to think the same about all but we should respect each other and must be possible listen each other..I think so...
My love Dave! Last my answer to you I wrote my Home address and you ,ve already know it.
So Dave! I asked about this serves the bank in my city and The lady manager told that this serves for fast sending to somebody and there are Western Union or Money Gram.
She told I have to show to her Passport and know control number, this way she explained all this.
My love! I think when you help me It will be possible start make all and I will inform you about all.
KISS and will wait for your answer to me!!! KISS Ella

Letter 4

Hello my love Dave!
thanks for your answer and I was happy to read your answer and see that will be possible to be happy ...with you.I asked about traveling to Turkey and , as you remember, my love, I have to make passport and buy the tickets...
But I do not know should i ask about trip I mean with live in hotel or...
But to be honest I would like buy the trip as there will be magical insurgence and tickets, both way.
The prise for Passport 220 USD and it takes about 1 week to make it and tickets with medical insurgence and hotel will cost 674 USD.
You know life here ( and without you near me) is not a picnic, but I keep being optimistic and active. However I feel so lonely to come back to the empty flat. I want you to embrace me, to look into my loving eyes, to kiss me… I go to bed and wake up, look in the mirror and drink my morning coffee with the thought of you, my dear. Thinking of your nice passionate letters, remembering your face make me feel so cozy and warm before falling asleep that it provides pleasant dreams all night long and a good mood in the morning. I need you to be near me, to take my hands in yours, to touch my hair… Sometimes I imagine us having a romantic dinner with candles lit, beautiful soft music comes straight into your soul, and your warm sincere smile fills my heart with tenderness. I love warm summer nights near the sea side, when the pale moon watches from the height and seems to understand all the romantic lovers. We are sitting in the cafe on the beach, roar of the surf, shiny stars twinkling in the darkness make the ambience of incredible relaxation, just you and me…and nothing else matter. I love to share my dreams with you, darling, I am sure some day they will come true.
Write me, please, as soon as you can. I'll be waiting for your reply impatiently.
My love! i wait and count this minute when will be possible see you!!!

Letter 5

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your letter. We are glad you are going to continue
correspondence with Ella Kozachenko . She is also interested in you very much. Here is information:

-translation and printing of one letter - $3 USD
-printing or scanning of one photo - free of charge
-phone call translation - free of charge.
-unlimited letters - $145 USD per month (it includes all the service,
exclusive of the photos, made especially for you,telephone calls of your Lady to you ).

This service works like this: you e-mail a letter to your lady, then we translate and print it for her.
She replies to you, we translate and print this letter. We type and send it you to your address. We will notify you if a letter is returned to us for any reason. While your account is over we will send you a balance with detailed report of your expenses.
-You can send the money through WESTERN UNION (the Joint-stock Company "Ukrainian Financial Group" - official representative of the Western Union in Ukraine, Sovetskaya street, 63, Lugansk, Ukraine, 91000) to the name of Ella Kozachenko (your correspondent).
If you don't have an opportunity to visit Western Union office, you can wire your money on line, using the credit card.
You can visit web site www.westernunion.com and during 15 minutes you'll be able to send money from your credit card.

-You can also make payment via MoneyGram to this address: Goduvantseva street, 7a, Exim Bank, Lugansk, Ukraine, 91000 to the name of Ella Kozachenko (your correspondent).
As soon as you make a payment, please, inform us with your full name, country you are from, the number of the transfer operation and the sum you sent.
If you have any questions you can send me your telephone number , I will call you and answer all of your questions.

Sincerely Yours,
Director of UAIS
Natalia Belogorodtzeva