Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia Vylekzhanina to Paul (UK)
Letter 1
Hello my dear Paul!!! My dear, I is glad to receive from you the letter today. I want that you also in this letter have correctly understood me, it is very difficult for me to write to you this letter. My dear, I wish to tell to you, that I have the most serious intentions to arrive to you. My intentions to you more, than are serious. I thank the God for that day when we have got acquainted.
I wish to arrive to you:) My dear as I have already told to you, that my intentions are serious also I wish to arrive to you and to be with you. I do not know, how to you even to tell it. My dear, I think, you can understand me correctly. The matter is that I live not richly. Really it is very inconvenient to me to speak you about it. My dear, I do not know, how I can pay the arrival to you. I do not know, will cost how many my arrival to you, but I think, that it will be not cheap for me.
Believe, really very much it is very inconvenient to me to speak you about it. But I really do not know, that to me to do. I really have no money, for arrival to you. My dear, I really do not know, that to me to do. If I had though any money I necessarily would arrive to you.
But I have no it. It is very inconvenient me before you once again.
Write, that you think of it. Ok, my dear Paul? I make to you once again the apologies if I have written something not so in this letter today. With love yours forever Natalya.
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