Romance scam letter(s) from Julia Kosova to Keith (USA)
Letter 1
Hello, Keith:)! I am so happy to write you this letter! You know I am eager to find my soul mate, I feel that I am ready to create a family but I can't find a husband here in Ukraine:(( I truly hope that my searching in Internet will be successful and it will lead to happy marriage. May be you are my destiny, who knows... So my name is Kosova Yulia, I am from Ukraine, I hope you know this country?:) I am very easy going and like to socialize a lot. I have a lot of friends but I miss my soul mate being close to me... I need a man I will be able to count on, I need a man to love with all my heart and soul!!! I have a lot of tenderness and love in my heart I just need a man to give it to... If you are looking for serious relationships, if you want to find a wife who will love you forever and ever, who will stand by your side for the rest of your life please write me back and we will try to establish strong relationships!!! I will be waiting for your letter, darling... Truly hope that you will write me soon on this e-mail address: Kisses. Yulia.
Letter 2
Hello, Keith!! I wish you Happy Valentine's Day!! Let all your dreams come true... How are you there?:)) Thank you so much for your reply, darling!!! I appreciate your attention a lot. Thank you for your wonderful photos!!! You seems to be a very intelligent and nice person, I can see this at your photos... I think I can see people who is who and I feel something in your eyes that makes me want to continue our correspondence... Hope you will write me more and more about you!! Darling, I believe that sex is very important part of relationships and people have to be compatible in it. I like making love too but I have not a close man unfortunately now:( Why are you so far away?:) It is so nice to hear that you want to create a family! How many kids do you want? What about two or even three kid?? I think it could be wonderful!! I like kids so much!! So I guess I have to tell you more about me now:)) It will be difficult as they say that never judge yourself let people judge you and I am agree with it completely. But nevertheless I will try:) So my full name is Yulia Kosova, I am 27 years old, I was born on the 2nd of April 1980. I hope my age is ok for you?:))) I live in Mostki town it is in the east of Ukraine, it is a very small town and I am more than sure that you have never heard about it:)) I work as a librarian at the local library. I like this job very much, it is very calm and peaceful. I am more a calm person than a hot tempered, also I like to read books a lot. So all my working days I spend among different books:)) Do you like books, darling?? I hope you do:) So after work I go home where my mom Elena Nikolaevna and younger sister Natasha are waiting for me:)) I love them very very much they are my family and I give them all my love I have in my heart...
Usually we have a nice supper together and then I go to bed. Darling, I will tell you something from the beginning as I don't want to hide from you anything. You know I don't speak English unfortunately and to communicate with you I have to use the translation firm here in Mostki. Now a lot of Ukrainian girls use such a firms to find a husband abroad and almost all of them are satisfied with its' service. I truly hope that my agency will help me to create a family!! May be you wonder why didn't I find a man here in Ukraine. But you know I am very disappointed with local men:( They seem to be very abusive, they can't treat their women as a real women, the only thing they think about is alcohol and sex. Of corse not 100% of our men are living this way but a lot of them. Saying the truth I lost hope to create a nice family here. I was told that men abroad are very serious and can treat women like queens. I guess it is the main qualities I am looking for in a man:)) Also I want my partner to have a nice sense of humor, it is very important for me too. I like to have a lot of fun and I like to joke with other people:)) And what about you?:)) Darling, I guess I will finish my letter for today. Hope you will write me soon!!! I will answer you immediately!!! Kisses:) Yulia.
Letter 3
Hello, my dear Keith! I am really happy to hear from you again!!! Do you know that I was waiting for your reply very impatiently?:)) I wish you Happy Valentine's Day too!! Let all your dreams come true... You are so busy now, my poor buy:( But hope you will manage all your businesses soon successfully and you will have more time for your little girl:) Darling,I can't believe that it is Saturday tomorrow and I will have two days off! I like weekends so much! I will go to the birthday party of one of my girl friends,her name is Galia,I have already bought her a present: a nice Teddy toy,I hope she will like it:) I just finished my working day and a little tired as there was a lot of work today, but after coming here to the agency and reading your letter I feel much better:)) Thank you, darling!!! How was your day today? Hope not so difficult as mine?:) I hope you will enjoy this letter no less than my previous one:) I guess I didn't tell you about my hobbies. So I like to read books a lot, I like to spend time with my friends, also I like to spend time with horses, there is a horse farm not far from my town and sometimes I have an opportunity to go there:) Also I collect stamps:)) May be it is a little childish but I like it very much! Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about my main hobby, I like to cook a lot!!! I hope you like to eat, darling?:)) Because if we will be together it will be very useful as cook very often and you will have to eat everything I will cook:)) Darling, I hope you like the photos I send you in these letter?:) Do you like that one on the car? It is my favorite. It was made last summer when we celebrated our town day in the country, almost all inhabitants of Mostki celebrated it we had a lot of fun that day:)) And when we started to make photos I saw an auto of my neighbor and decided to make the photo in it, I guess it is a very nice photo, I like it:)) I have to finish my letter and you know what?:) I am going home now and I guess I will tell my mom and sister about you today:) What do you think about it? I hope you will not mind it:)) You know, my mom and sister want me to find a good man so much and they will be happy to know that I met somebody special in Internet already. Have a nice evening, darling!!! I hope to hear from you very soon!!! Yours Yulia.
Letter 4

My darling Keith, hello!!! Thank you so much for your precious answer!!! I would feel very bad if I did not received any letter from you today:(( Yes I will marry you!!! Honey, I feel that I am ready to relocate... I wanted to find a good man and I feel that I have found such a man already... It is you are, darling, and I will live with you if we will be serious with each other! You have not to worry about it!!! I am very honest and serious woman and I will do my best to be a good wife for you... You work so hard,my poor boy,do you get enough rest and sleep? It is very important for your health! As for my address I don't hide it from you. 97011, Ukraine, Lugansk region, Mostki town, Lenina street, 2. I will be glad to get a letter from you! How was your day, sweetheart? May I call you this way?:)) I hope you don't mind!! My day was ok I just feel that I missed you a lot:(( I don't know what is going on with me but it seems that idea to find my soul mate in Internet is not so crazy as it seemed several days ago:)) I think I start to feel something special in you and I am so happy because of it!! My mom always told me that I have to listen to my heart first of all and and everything in my life will be ok!! So my heart says me that there is something in you I was looking for... May be I am a little naive but hope you will not laugh on me:) Darling, for the last months I seriously think about creating a family and may be you are that man who will be a father of my kids? What do you think of it, darling? I feel in some way that you will be a good husband and I respect it a lot. By the way my mom and sister asked me to say "Hi!" from them to you:)) At first they didn't like my idea of finding a husband abroad but now they resigned themselves to it and if I will be happy somewhere abroad they will be happy for me too. There is a lot of ways to communicate and we will hear and see each other very often. Of corse if I will leave Ukraine I'll miss them a lot but I am ready to go anywhere for my love!!! I can not even think about the millions of people around the globe that post images to each other everyday. And in this sea of cyber space we found each other... That means a great deal to me and makes me believe that it was much more then just a casual meeting:) Honey, I hope you will have a wonderful restful evening, I am going to go home now and I know that the only thing I will think about will be you... I will fall asleep with thoughts of you... Hope you will write me soon, darling!!! I am waiting for your reply very impatiently..
Yours Yulia.
Letter 5
My darling Keith...

I am so sad now because I can't write you any nice letter today:(( I hope you will not be angry on me for this:( You know the only way for me to communicate with you is to use the translation agency as I can't speak any English and don't have a computer, but it costs me some money, may be not so much as it will seem to you but 5$ per letter is a lot of money for me:(( I earn as a librarian only 120$. I did my best to keep our contact, I spent all my savings for it and now I can't pay for letters. I just thought may be you will be able to help me to pay just for some letters?? I am so really sorry for this situation but I can do nothing at this moment with it:(( I will feel very bad without your letters, darling. Life is so unfair:( As soon as I found the man I was looking for all my life such a bad obstacle appeared on my way to him:(( I am so sad about it, darling, I am sorry for everything. I love you. Yours forever Yulia.
Letter 6
Dear Sir, we are to inform you that your lady Yulia is our client, we assist her in correspondence with you translating your letters. Unfortunately her account is over now and she is not able to answer your letter today. She is very frustrated because of this situation as her intentions towards you are very serious. In case you are seriously interested in Yulia you may help her to fill up her account to continue your correspondence. Yulia truly hopes for your help. If you will decide to help her please send an e-mail on the address of your lady with a request for further information, it will be sent to you immediately. Or you may contact us at this number +3 8099 61 10 897. Faithfully yours
executive manager
Svetlana Kobaeva,
Letter 7
Dear Sir, thank you for the letter. Your lady Yulia will be happy to know that you want to help her, as soon as she will come to our office we will inform her about your intentions. Here is the information about the prices and options: -translation and printing of one letter - 5 USD
services of translator - 2 USD;
Internet services - 2 USD
printing of a letter - 1 USD
taxes and other payments - 1 USD
-scanning of one photo- 2 USD
-printing of one photo - 3 USD
-phone call translation- 6 USD 10 minutes If you interested in our unlimited service the prices is:

"Unlimited translation" - we provide only translation services without printing or scanning photos:

- one month "unlimited translation" - 150 USD
- two month "unlimited translation" - 300 USD;

"Unlimited correspondence" - we provide not only translation of the letters but also printing letters and scanning and printing pictures:

- one month "unlimited correspondence" costs - 200 USD
- two month "unlimited correspondence" costs - 350 USD

Cost of phone calls is not included in any service How it works:

This service works like this: you e-mail a letter to your lady,then we translate and print it for her. She replies to you, we translate and print this letter. We type and send it you to your address. We will notify you if a letter is returned to us for any reason. While your account is over we will send you a balance with detailed report of your expenses.

You can send the money through WESTERN UNION.
You should write in your document: name of the receiver: Yulia Kosova,
address: 97011,
city: Mostki, Lugansk region,
country: Ukraine.

You can use also your credit card to send payment through the Western Union service. You can do it on line on web site You may contact us at this number +3 8099 6110 897. We will be glad to assist you in your correspondence with Yulia Kosova. Faithfully yours
Svetlana Kobaeva
Executive manager
Letter 8
Dear Sir, thank you for the letter. We will inform Yulia about it. Sincerely yours
Letter 9
Dear Sir, thank you for your letter. Unfortunately Yulia will not be able to answer you as her account is over, your lady is eager not to lose your contact and she wonders if you could help her with the funds for your correspondence. Sincerely yours
Letter 10
Dear Sir, thank you for the letter. We will inform Yulia about your intentions.
She is waiting impatiently for the opportunity to continue your correspondence. Sincerely yours
Letter 11
My dearest Keith... Thank you so much for your money wonderful letter!!! I appreciate your help so much!!! Every your word means so much to me!!! I value every word, every sign... It is strange how with help of signs it is possible to express so many feelings! Before I met you I thought that signs are speechless, but I was so wrong!!! Signs on the paper are so talkative and they express all the emotions of the person who wrote them... Especially if it is emotion of love... Love between us... Of corse when we will be together and will be able to see each other's eyes, to touch each other, to hear the voice of corse then we will feel much more than now, but even letters make me feel you so real, so close to me... I can't sleep at night because of it, I can't concentrate my mind on my work because of you, my love Keith... It is so wonderful to know what does real love mean!!! And I don't care about sleeping at night, I don't care even about my work!! The only thing I care about is you... You are everything for me!! Yes, sometimes for one second it seems to me that I love only soulless machine with a wide screen and that you are only my dream, but it is only for one second...Even less than one second!! The next moment I immediately realize that I am not dreaming, that you are real! You love me, you care about me and you are waiting impatiently for each letter of mine as impatiently as I am waiting for yours... And it makes me so happy!!! It makes me crazy happy, darling! I know that you are not my dream and we will be together soon!!! I am already imagining how loudly will we laugh when we will remember this first stage of our relationships, how were we waiting for every letter, all our hopes and doubts... But in the long run when we will be together all these things will be not important for us and the only thing we will enjoy will be our being together... We will enjoy every moment, value every second we will spend in each other's arms... I love you so much, my dearest Keith!!! Yours forever Yulia.
Letter 12
Dear Sir, we are to inform you that your lady Yulia Kosova put on your account 200$. She will answer you today. Next letters please send on this e-mail address Faithfully yours,
executive manager
Svetlana Kobaeva,
Letter 13
My dearest sweet Keith!!!! Thank you so much for you letter! I can't wait to see you too!! I will try to find out about the hotel for us, I will inform you later, darling! I love you, darling, love you so much!!! Do you know that we have a great holiday today in Ukraine? We have a day of a Man. This day we congratulate our men wishing them all the best. It was the Day of the Soviet Army in the USSR, but now it is the day of all the men, like women's day on the 8th of March. Honey, I congratulate you with this day and wish you to stay the way you are now, so loving, so caring, so tender and so strong at the same time. You are a real man, darling, and you are MY man!!!! I adore you, darling! Thank you for being in my life... So if you have not such a holiday in your country you have an occasion to celebrate today:)))) As for me we will have a festive dinner today at home, I will imagine that you will be with me at the table...I want you to be with me so much, darling!! I remember that when I was a little girl there were festive parades in all the towns, every body celebrated this holiday. Now it is not the Army Day, it is just an occasion for every woman to say once again to her only man how much she loves him... Just to pay attention to him as a real man, as her soul mate, as her shoulder she can lean on in a hard moment... I love you, darling!! I love you so much!!! I love this wonderful holiday! I believe that it teaches to respect a man, not to forget what does to be a real man mean! I believe that some men forgot what does it mean, but not you, my love!!! You are the best man in this world!!! And this holiday is for you... This day everything is for you... I will make a little holiday for you on the 23rd of February every year in the future!!! You will like this holiday as much as I like it, I am sure of it:))) Honey, I wish I could be now with you to celebrate together... But we have as usually to be patient... And all the holidays will be ours soon!!!! All men's, women's, kid's and other Days will be ours!!! I want to be with you so much... I am waiting for Monday impatiently!!! Hope to hear from you soon... Yours forever Yulia.
Letter 14
My dearest sweet husband Keith!!! It is your little girl writing to you again:)) How are you there, sweetheart? Hope all right and in good health:)? How is the weather there, darling? I hope not so cold as here:)) Darling, the closest Air port is in Donetsk, I am eager to meet you!!! I have not a personal phone, darling:(( My town is very small and very little people have own phones, it is too expensive for me to buy it:( All the weekend I spend cleaning my house and preparing some meal with my mom, and in the evening I watched a funny comedy movie "Lesya+Roma", it is a story about a couple to which all the time something funny happens:)) I have a lot of laugh every time I watch them, I think there is a lot of things we can learn from them, for example they never argue seriously, they have a good sense of humor and all the problems solve with a smile on their faces:)) It is pity that this movie is in Ukrainian language and you will not be able to understand it, but may be some day they will translate it to English:) It could be great you would enjoy it a lot! But actually my favorite comedy movie is "Home alone", I want us to watch it together some day when we will be home alone... It will be very funny, I am sure of it! I guess I watched this movie for hundreds of times but I am ready to watch it again and again, especially with you, my love... So I had a very nice and pleasant weekend sleeping till 10 o'clock, it is so wonderful to get sleep on the weekend as I feel that I don't sleep enough during the week:( So I watched dreams of us yesterday longer than usually:)) On my working days these dreams stops at seven o'clock and yesterday I watched them till 10!! I felt myself much better after waking up:) I think good movie in the evening makes my sleep better:)) That is why I don't watch horror movies before going to bed as I don't sleep well after them:( But I am sure I will not be afraid of them watching and laying close to you... So if you want we will watch them together!!! I just want you then to embrace me all the night long... I am sure I will have wonderful dreams close to you... I am waiting for your sweet reply, my dearest Keith! Yours forever Yulia.
Letter 15
My dearest sweet man Keith.... It is such a wonderful day today... I receive your letter again and also I have a hope that I will receive it again tomorrow:)) I can't live without your letters, darling!! Please write me as more often as possible!! It is a great news about the ticket!!! I will be waiting for you in Donetsk April, the 19th)) I can't wait to see you!!! Of corse I will book a room for us, it will be great if you will take a DVD player to watch movies:) Darling, of corse it will be a great pleasure to take a bath together... I like to kiss a lot too:)) I am so thankful for this translation service... Without their help I would not meet you:(( I can't imagine my life this way!!! Honey, promise me that when we will be together we will send greeting to my translator Sveta and my manager Sergey, greetings with the New year and their birthdays. I am really so thankful... They do such a great and noble job! You know there is a lot of girls besides me here. And everybody writes to her dear and only man.. It is such a good atmosphere at the agency and I feel much better after a hard working day when I come here:)) I have a lot of new girl friends here:)) One of them is Katia, she corresponds with a man Robert from Venezuela, she has already learnt Spanish and English special for him and ready to leave Ukraine:)) I am so happy for her!! They love each other so much and it is really wonderful!! But nevertheless I love you more than Katia loves Robert:)))) And we will be together soon too, I know it!!! Another girl Natasha is going to get married with an American man, I saw his photos, I think they will be a wonderful couple!! This agency helped so many people to meet each other, God bless their job! It seems that in the nearest future Ukrainian men will have to marry each other because all the girls will marry foreign men:)))) But it is their problem not ours:)) Really a lot of girls are going to leave Ukraine, and it is not only because of low life level here but because of Ukrainian men, they can't treat their women properly. I am so happy to meet you, darling! I am sure close to you I will feel like a queen! Honey, I love you very very much! I want you to remember this always and never doubt my feelings!! I send you a hot and passionate kiss... I want you to have a nice and restful evening today thinking of me... Yours forever Yulia.
Letter 16
My honey Keith! I am so happy to hear from you today!!! Again and again I receive your precious letters and they fill me with such a joy and pleasure that I can hardly keep myself from flying in heaven!! It seems that I have wings and can fly far far away straight to you, my love!!! Don't you have such a feeling when you receive my letters?:) I am sure you have!!! And that is why I love you!! I love you because my feeling to you is completely mutual. I know that you love me as much as I love you!!! It is so important for me! I will inform you about the costs for translations as soon as I will find out the information about it. How have you being doing today, my love? I hope your week is going great!!! Why, why are we so far away from each other???? This distance between us frustrates me so much... Sometimes I feel deep desperation because of it, it seems to me that we are too far... But it is only for a moment! The next moment I start to convince myself that distance means nothing for us and feel much better:)) I know that we will overcome this obstacle soon and will be together... I am waiting for this moment very impatiently!!! I am eager to see your eyes in reality not only in my imagination... I want to feel your body next to mine, to feel its soft warmness... I want you to love me as more passionate as possible!!! I want our love to be the most passionate we both have ever had!!! And it will be so, I know it... I will be the wife you dreamt about the whole your life!!! I will be the lover you have never had before! I promise you this, darling! I promise you will be happy with me as much as a man can be happy with a woman... I will be the woman of your dreams... But you have never described to me this woman:)) Can you do it for me? How do you imagine the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with? But I pray you please don't send me my photo and say that here she is:))) I want to know how do you imagine HER and do my best to be THAT woman for you! I want you to be happy!!! Will you do it for me? I have to know it... I love you more than anything in this world, my dear Keith... Kisses for you... Yours forever Yulia.
Letter 17
Dear Sir, as you know the world Women's holiday is coming. If you wish to make for your lady a sign of love and affection and don't know about the ways to do it we will gladly help you with it. In case you are interested we will send you the lists of gifts available and you will be able to choose a nice present for your lady. We will be waiting for your request for the price list. Sincerely yours
Letter 18
Dear Sir, We are glad to present you our presents catalogue. Here you will find numerous souvenirs and gifts which you can send to your lady as a sign of affection and care. We are sure each lady will be glad and very touched to have it in memory of love. --------------------------------------------------
******************************* 1. FLOWERS you can order any kind of flowers of different colors according to your wish, but we are also glad to introduce you the following flower compositions which are available at the very moment. A nice bouquet will certainly bring smile to your beloved's face. Average prices: - one rose - 10$;
- bouquet of five roses - 45$;
- bouquet of dozen roses - 99$;
- window flowers - from 20$ to 199$ (depends on kind and size); 2. CANDIES Please your lady with an elegant basket of exotic fruits or luxurious box of chocolates as sweet as your love. 3. TEDDY BEARS These soft fluffy toys will become nice friends for their owners and they can also be named in your honor. you can order any size and kind.
please see the pictures of the toys available at the moment. 4. PERFUMES Choose your favorite scent to accentuate beauty and charm of your lady. - Christian Dior- 215$
- Channel - 119$
- Paco Rabanne - 149$;
- Dolce&Gabana - 189$;
- Gucci - 114$
- Hugo Boss - 312$ 5. JEWELRY Present your lady with jewelry made of gold as pure as your heart and she will never say you 'no'... 6. LINGERIE sets from 75$ to 300$;please state the color and size. 7. DRINKS (wine, liquor, Champaign) - Champaign "Madam Cluco" - 70$;
- Champaign "Madam Pompadour" - 60$;
- Champaign "Artemovskoye" - 50$;
- Crimean vines - from 40$ to 80$;
- vodka - from 30$ to 70$; If you are interested in any of these sets we will be glad to introduce the photos of the sets you are interested in. Sincerely yours
Letter 19
My sweetheart Keith... I am waiting for your letters so impatiently!!! Thank you so much for it, honey... How have you been doing now? There is a time difference between us beside huge distance and it is difficult for me to live in parallel time with you... When I sleep you may get up and vice versa... But soon we will be together and there will be no obstacles for our love!!! Honey, I just thought how will we spend our honey moon?:) May be we will travel somewhere or just spend it together at our house enjoying each other... Both will be wonderful!! The only thing I want is to be with you... And no matter where will we live or where will we spend our honey moon... I love you so much, my dearest Keith!!! I think of you coming in though my bed room window when I am laying in bed naked... You move up under the bed covers, running your hands up my legs as you do so pulling my legs up as you enter the bed moving down to my... You begin to lick my clit softly making me groaning in pleasure waiting for me to beg for you to be inside of me... You move up to my face and start to kiss my soft full lips then you enter me making long but soft thrusts making me moan with every one you do this until my legs rap around you pulling you in so deep and close, We are looking into each others eyes as we cum together falling to the bed holding and kissing each other hungry for more... Today was such a hectic day at work, I had a lot to do as usually:( But it is ok, I love my job so much!! And I think it means that I am a happy person because it is necessary to have to things to be happy: to live with the person you love more than anything in this world and to do the job you love more than anything in this world... Are you agree with me, honey? So I guess I am the happiest woman in this world because I have my favorite job and I have you, my love!!! What can be more wonderful than this??? I am sure nothing:) So your wife will be the happiest woman and surely she will make you the happiest man!!! I will do my best for it, sweetheart, I promise you... I love you so much!! I dream all the time about how will it be wonderful to live together!!! To meet at last after so much time of waiting, after so many sleepless nights, so many tears in my pillow.. I want to be with you, honey, and I can't wait for the moment I will look into your gorgeous eyes!!! Your eyes are the most bright and the most tender for me... I adore you, sweetheart!!! And I am ready to repeat these words for the rest of my life... Hope you will have a wonderful day, my dear Keith! Yours forever Yulia.
Letter 20
Dear Sir, thank you for the letter. International Women's Day is on the 8th of March. Please see the photos attached. You can send money on the name of your lady through Western Union, or if you want to make a surprise for your lady you can send money on the name of our manager, he will pay for the gift himself. Sincerely yours
Letter 21
Dear Sir, thank you for the letter. Yes the total amount is 44,45$. Our manager name is Andrey Steletsky, his address is 91000, Ukraine, Lugansk region, Mostki town, Gorodskaya street, 23. Sincerely yours
Letter 22
My dearest man Keith... How are you doing, sweetheart? I hope your health and mind are in great shape:)!!! As for me I am doing good but if you could know how much I missed you!!!! I missed you so badly, so horribly, so so so much!!!! You are the only thing I am able to think about through all my days... I am so sad sometimes when I think about you and the distance which separates us... But other time I am so happy when I think about us and our future together!!! Surely I try to be more often happy than sad but it is not always possible unfortunately:( As distance between us is so big that it is not possible not to think about it... But distance means nothing for two loving hearts, I continue to repeat it for myself again and again!!! Sometimes it helps me but sometimes not... And in such a moments I feel the lack of your presence so sharply, so badly... Especially often it happens on the weekend when I have no letter from you for two days:( Darling, I want to get married there in USA, I want us to be a husband and wife so much... Yes I will go to church with you as I strongly believe in God too... And again it is Friday and I will hear from you again only on Monday:( I am so sad about it:((( Surely I will try to spend these days as more useful as possible, I will clean my house, wash my laundry, cook nice dishes for my family and while cooking I will imagine that I cook it not only for my parents but also for you:)!! And it means that it will be cooked with even more love and care than usually:) So I will be imagining that it is our house that I clean, our laundry that I wash and the dinner I prepare is for you... I hope you will feel my thoughts and will know that you are always in my mind. Always, darling!!! There is no hour, no minute, no second I don't think about you... I am thinking of you always!!! And I feel that the same way you do... I feel your love, I feel your care, I feel your constant thoughts about me and it gives me so much more strength to live, if you could know!!! I love you, darling, love you so much... And I can't wait for the moment we will be together!!!! I have to finish my letter for today, my love Keith. I am waiting impatiently for
your next letter!!! Let the Monday come soon... I love you! Yours forever Yulia.
Letter 23
Dear Sir, thank you for the letter. Our manager has already received 50$ you have sent, we will make a surprise for your lady on the 7th of March. Of corse we will help you to make a birthday present for your lady on the 2nd of April. Sincerely yours
Letter 24
My dearest sweet husband Keith!!! Thank you so much for your gift, darling!! I like it so much!!! I wish you were here with me this day... It is a very nice holiday in Ukraine now:) You know I have never seen so many men with flowers in my town:)) Every man was with flowers!!!! It was so pleasant to see it!!! It is so touching to see how all the men try to make something nice for their women:))) I want you to be here!!! Everything is so bright around!!! And I have a wonderful mood today:))) The only thing I miss now is you, my darling... I love you so much!!! So my morning started for me from getting presents from my mom:))) She presented me a book for cooking with a lot of interesting receipts in it:) As you know I like to cook very much so I was happy to get such a nice present!!! My sister gave me a bouquet of beautiful spring flowers!! My present for mom was a perfume and for sister a book too, but not of cooking:)) She likes Dan Brown, it was a book "A point of deception", have you heard of it, darling? It seems to be very interesting:) So we had such a wonderful morning today!!! I need you, darling!!! I need you with me now!!!! So in the evening my aunt will come with her family , it is my dad and two brothers Dima and Misha. They are much younger than me and we have a lot of fun together usually:)) So I am going to have a funny evening today with my relatives:))) I will say hi from you to all of them ok?:)) They will be happy I am sure of it!!! And you know all my relatives and friends are eager to meet you!!! They are so happy for us... I know that I will miss all of them a lot when I will be with you, but it is life and I know that I will be happy with you!!! I can't wait for our life together... Especially today when everything is so festive and everybody in the street are so happy!!! I miss you so much, darling... I need you more than anything in this world...
Yours forever Yulia.
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