Scam letter(s) from Shina Ashant to Enroc (Netherlands)

Letter 1
hello , i am shina ..i like to meet good, caring, kind, honest and lovely man for love..
who will take good care of me and i will also take care of.. and who will trust me and i will also trust............
i promise to be good,honest and give the whole of my life if i can meet some one to give me all my criterias
Letter 2
i also promise to be good,care,love,kind,and very very honest to you.
cause i see you to be a good man that meets my criterias and i beleives that we are so good for each other and we will live together for the rest of our life..
i promise that for you.. the main thing now is for us to meet as real and be together for life..
but now i am very busy some how i will tell you the much about my dad property cheque now..
i am planning some things about my dad property cheque... i will tell you much later..
but the main issue now is for us to meet.. tell me what you think is the next thing for us to do now..bye
have a mercifu day
shina seynaeve
Letter 3
the fact there now is how i am going to plan for flight.
i will want you to check online what it will takes and cost to fligh from belgium to you..
Letter 4

you know where i live..i mean how i will be with you? and i know you are in belgium.
and properbly you know i was from wichita kansas.
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