Scam Letter(s) from Mia Szabo to V. V. (USA)

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Letter 1

6101 pahoehoe- keith signed the hud and it's been over a year, so that will not hold up in court because RESPA covers that and so does escrow and the lender. you should know that as a loan officer, don. the right of recision doesn't apply after three days, moreover a year later especially since you weren't even the borrower, it was keith savage who, by the way, not only signed the paperwork and the loan funded and recorded, but even gave me madonna tickets as a thank you to boot. a dissatisfied borrower wouldn't give $200 tickets (2 of them on top of it) to his loan officer if he felt overcharged. >> Mia Szabo kept putting off our request for payment numerous times, the Madonna tickets were not given for free, Mia Szabo just did not pay for them and lucky for her, Keith Savage did not pursue the issue.

tuscolana- okay, that makes sense for the overcharge in fees. of 1500. >> Mia Szabo's confirmation of one of the monies owed.

11180 tuscolana rent- are you kidding me? i have all the foreclosure notices and final papers and that would mean that when you were served them you were already 4-6 months behind when i was giving you rent at those times. i realize i was late at the end, but not 6 months late and certainly not enough to be in where did the rent i gave you all the other times go? obviously you weren't paying the mortgage. >> The home was only 1 month or so behind, it became late 4-6 months because we only received rent payment for 1 1/2 months from Maria "Mia" Szabo during her 7 1/2 to 8 months of stay (she left without a notice).

jewelry- yes. i believe that is correct because of the sets i still have that manang's sister never bought.>> Mia Szabo's confirmation of property that she never returned.

take me to court for the back rent on tuscolana and pahoehoe if you must--i will bring my lawyer and paperwork too. i will pay gladly for the other stuff, but not for something that i don't rightly owe. >> Has told us that she would pay plenty of times, delay tactics used were, check is in the mail, I'm out of town and there is no bank where we are staying, waiting for tax refund, applied for loan from Washington Mutual and waiting for results etc.




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