Letter(s) from Elizabeth Andersson to Fred (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Hello Sweet Cherry,sweet apple,
I gave you my trust and all my heart wih all my love and you tell me you don't trust me because of just 480 dollar for phone that i don't have at the moment because of my hotel bills,and someother things..

I am sorry..Doing all things????Are sure you are the one doing all things what have you done??..Have you taken all my bills(what i eat,what i drink,what i wear etc) since the past weeks we met..What are you talking about fred!,why do you make me feel like am some kind of a woman who wants all things from man.ok.Let me ask? is it crime to pay for someone you say you love and cherish as a queen her travelling bills or do you want mum to that for me or school should do that for me,is it a crime..think about it,fred..Did i ask you under presure to pay for my travelling expenses to you in NL..Are u not the one who told me to do that and later refuse to do your promise as you said..
I am sorry,i don't think you need space to think anything out..what are you thinking out,did i put you under presure when you refuse to send it the day you told me..the only think i said is you have to be sure your yes,will be yes and no,be no..That is all i said and if you think that is presure then i don't know the kind of human being you are,right..me telling you to be faithful in what ever you say,so we can build a strong foundation for our future,am i wrong tell me ha,my love.I don't want us to have misunderstandings,that could even bring break up in the future..Am i wrong to DO that?
I do know but i think am the one who have to think things out..a man who does even want to be faithful anytime he is suppose to..Now,let me tell you all they that are telling you all this ARE devils we have to pray and keep them out of our relationship..I know this is not your mind is somebody some where out there deceiveing you to loose your queen and for me to also loose my king but i tell you when is over between me and you they will still go out with their lovers and wouldn't tell you to shear their love ones with you,ok..I know if you want us to go apart we will go apart very soon..because am sake and tired for all your misunderstanding all the time,My love i can't bear the pain no more for all this fires and hurts and all this insult..However,you listen to some kind people stupid ideals,about ghana and nigeria and chose them over me..I am tired,I think u have to go think about it,if you think we will go on like this then we have to break now,ok..Though i will feel the pain but i know am the fool here..You have nade my friends plans come true..I am sorry