Letter(s) from Ludmila Kalinina to Rainer (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my lovely Rainer!!!
How your mood???
Today my aunt took free day from her work.
We have decided to go, she has shown me sights Moscow.
The first place which we have visited it is the Red Square. The red square - the central square of Moscow.
Occurrence the Red Square concerns the end of 15 centuries.
The Red Square - one of the first places of visiting of tourists.
The Kremlin was a following place which we have visited it.
It is located in the centre of Moscow. The Moscow Kremlin - is a wonderfull monument of history and architecture.
After visiting of the Kremlin we have gone with my aunt go on Arbat.
It is very long and beautiful street on which are shops of a set and the interesting centres are located.
OK, today I am tired walks through Moscow.
We will come back home, I will write to you tomorrow.
1001 Kiss For You My Dearest! I wait your answer ASAP.
Yours Ludmila.

Letter 2

Hello lovely Rainer!!!
Today I have gone to hospital and have received medical insuriance.
That I can arrive to your country.
I have ordered the fast visa, it goes the visa in travel agency,
but it costs more more expensively, but it will be registered much faster than usually.
My visa will be approved by embassy while there is a document registration.
It will be valid in USA within 90 days when I bring air tickets to agency.
Inform me how long I can remain in your place?
Tomorrow I will go to the airport and I will order air tickets.
I will tell to you as soon as I buy air
Tickets. Today we went to cinema, and look "Die Hard - 4".
The most actress of this film is Bruce Willis. Actions occurs in the USA.
Johan MaKlejnu in Bruce Willisa's execution, will be resisted by the network terrorists,
conceived to ship America in information chaos.
I excite a few arrivals in you. I never was abroad!!!
I am really happy, that very soon I will see you!!! I think of you, my dear.
So my dear I should go now, I kiss you, and I with impatience wait for ours meeting!!!

I send you an air kiss, my lovely!!!!!!!!!
Your Ludmila.

Letter 3

Hello my dearest Rainer!!!
How you today? I hope that at you all OK.
I could not write to you earlier because all the day have spent in embassy.
And now I have good news!!!!
My visa for USA is ready and now I can arrive to you.
After I have left embassy I have gone in Travel Agency to reserve air tickets.
My air tickets are reserved for 20 February.
It's are details of my flight to you:

Airline: Aeroflot Flight: SU241
Departure: February, 20th 2008, 11:10, Sheremetyevo Arpt
Arrival: February, 20th 2008, 12:15, Heathrow
Places: Economy class
<<<<-a city of change London (LON)->>>>
Airline: British Airways Flight: BA215
Departure: February, 20th 2008, 16:05, Heathrow
Arrival: February, 20th 2008, 18:40, Logan Intl Arpt
Places: Economy class

Time in a way: 15 hours of 30 minutes

Now for me it is very necessary to prepare the things for a trip for you.
Please inform me what weather at you that I could select necessary things.
I am very glad that I can to arrive to you!!!
OK, I will come back home as today there was very difficult day for me.
I will go to a bath and then to go to bed!!!!
Yours and only yours Ludmila.

Letter 4

Hello my dearest Rainer!!!

I miss you every moment when I can't read your letter... There are 12 months in a year...30 days in a month...7 days in a week...24 hours in a day...60 minutes in an hour...And all the time I am thinking about you...I imagine that you are near me...That we are together...That we are happy...That I do not need to read your letters, but I can tell everything to you in real... There are two reasons why I wake up in the morning: first is my alarm clock and second is you. Great minds contain ideas, solutions and reasons, scientific minds contain formulas, theories and figures, my mind contains only you! Love can be expressed in many ways. I know one way... It is to send this letter to a man who is thousands of miles away...If I could change the alphabet, I would put U and I together! Those who don't like it call it responsibility. Those who play with it call it a game. Those who don't have it call it a dream. Those who understand it call it destiny. And me, I call it you. Sorry Rainer my letter is small...But I wanted to tell you this as soon as I can... And I am very glad, that we very soon will together.

I am thinking about you...
I miss you...
I am dreaming about our meeting...
I am dreaming about our life together...

Yours Ludmila...

Letter 5

Dear, I gather. All it is correct, all these data. I wish to tell only, that
I love you. Also that we soon will together. And I all rest wish to tell to
you at our meeting. Can meet me. It is time to me to go. To collect the things.
Always Yours ludmila...

Letter 6

Hello my love Rainer!!! I so am upset....,
I have unpleasant news to us.
One problem, which prevents us, will meet.
Today in morning, when I to rise aboard plane at the airport,
The employee of the airport stops me and informed that for pass of customs house
I shall require money, it - 1240$.
This money is required, that I should have shown in customs house that me to have funds on life
(Payment of habitation, food and other accusations) and I shall not ask you in the country an alms.
These funds only are required to show them at pass of customs house.
If I shall not have this sum, which I can not fly up from Russia.
I have some sum, I was helped by my aunt. She has given me all money which at it were it 600$.
But it all the same does not suffice. Money is necessary still it is 640$.
I shall not spend cent from this sum.
I do not know concerning it. But I have found out it only today.
I change the air tickets on February 23. If I shall not have this sum, that I can not fly to you.
I ask, that you have sent me this sum. I shall return to you these funds on our meeting at the airport.
Once again I shall repeat it, I shall not spend this money,
These funds are required only for pass of customs house.
I shall wait your fast answer.
Yours and only yours Ludmila....

P.S Mine perfect I believe in you. Any difficulties should not prevent a
Meeting two in love in!!!

Letter 7

Hello my love Rainer!!!
How you???
Dear that with you why you have not written to me.
I tried to cause you yesterday, but have not found you. I have left to you the message.
I am very upset that all so it has turned out. I did not know a rule of a start from Russia.
I very much want our meeting. Dear your help is necessary to me.
As I already wrote to you, me does not suffice 640$.
This money is necessary for the proof to my authorities. That I will not beg in your country.
It is necessary to show them at passage of the customs control.
I will return this money to you at once as I will arrive to you. I will spend cent from this money.
I do not know more to whom to address except you, my aunt has helped me.
But it all the same does not suffice, it had only 600$.
Dear I love you and I want that we have met. I have made all for our meeting.
To our meeting there was one step so please make this step.
I am upset concerning you why you have not written.
I will finish the letter and to look forward to hearing from you my love.

Your love Ludmila....

P.S. I know what not that cannot prevent two enamoured people!!!