Letter(s) from Tatyana to Grant (Canada)

Letter 1

Hi my new friend Matts.
I hope you have a good day and mood and you really glad to my letteras I am glad to your letter. It means you are interested in me and itis great!!! Thanks for your answer and I hope we will be good friends. Thanks for your picture. I like it so much and please keep sendingyour picture to me. I will send you more of my pictures too. So, my mood makes very well, because I can write to you. I hope, thatyou can answer my questions. But before I have to tell to you moreabout me. I am 27 years old and my sign is Libra. I wrote you alreadyI am originally from Russia and I live here. It's very small town andpopulation is about 10,000. The nearest big city to us is Kazan.Perhaps you have heard about this. This is about 600 kms from Moscow.Well, I hope you don't have any problems with my letter. I am tryingto make it more understandable. I learned English when I studied atthe trade college and now I am learning it too. I use some books forthis. But sometimes I have to use the special computer programm. Butit is rarely. I live with my grandma. I am only one child in ourfamily and I don't have any brothers or sisters. I know you would liketo talk to me using the phone. Unfortunately we don't have a phoneline yet. And I don't have a cell phone because we don't have anymobile operators in our small city. But it will come very soon. Iwrite you using internet-cafe. It has only three computers but it hasinternet. I know it sounds very strange that I don't have a phonebut.. It is true! Anyway I hope emailing is not a trouble for you. AndI want you to know that I don't visit any web sites since I have gotyour letter. I am interested in you and I want to know you. I hope,that you make the same way. I have never travelled before but I hope Iwill soon. I don't know where I will go yet. If you have problems withunderstanding of my letters, please write to me about it and I shallaccept any measures. So, tell to me little bit more about itself. Youcan tell any thing and it will be very interesting to me. I am 5'7tall and my weight is 48 kg. So, I shall finish this letter to you.But I hope, that you write to me as soon as possible. I will try tosend you my pictures in my each letter. I shall be with impatience towait your letter. Please, do not make me waiting. I am very muchinterested in you.
Your new friend Tatyana.

Letter 2

Hi Matts.
I am very glad that you had answered me. I am glad that you want tolearn me more. How are you? What a weather you have there? Sorry, but this letter will be a short because I tired in my jobtoday. I has forgotten to wrote you where I work. I work in fund ofthe help as the homeless and beggar. I work here already about twoyears and I very much like this job. I like to help people who needsin that. We are sole similar organisation in our city. I think thatsimilar organisation should be in your city too. What about you? Doyou like your job? And I hope you will not be mad if I ask you someother questions. What kind of music do you like? What kind of movies?I like to listen silent and quiet music and prefer the classical music(Tchaikovskiy is my favorite). Also I like reggae, some russiancomposers and some music of disco 80. What about movies I likeromantics and comedy. My favorite movie is "What women want" with MelGibson. Did you saw this movie? It is so funny! Mel Gibson is myfavorite actor. And my favorite actress is Charlize Theron. She isvery beautiful woman. Who is your favorite actor or actress? Matts, doyou have the driver's license? Do you have a car? What car do youprefer? I don't know a lot here but I am asking because I want to havemy own car. I like BMW and Audi but I think it is very very expensiveand my dream will not come true very soon. But now I want to visitdriver's lessons and then get the lisence but I don't have a time forit. Well, I hope that you will like my letter and answer on myquestions. I hope that you will not tired from my letter and myquestions. I shall be with impatience to look forward to hearing fromyou. And I hope that you will send me your pictures. Bye bye and havea good day.
Your friend Tatyana.
P.S. Weather at us excellent, remained 2 days before termination winterand there will come long-awaited spring. I very much like this season. With what your liked season

Letter 3

Hello dear Matts.
I am glad that you find a time to answer on my letter. I know that itis very short time we know each other but I understand that I waityour letters. You makes me smiling with every your letter. You are very interesting to me and sometimes I think that I know youalready for a long time. Many people do not like to speak about theirlast relations. But I feel that you can understand me and I can trustto you. My last relations with the man were finished about one yearago. We had the serious relations and even 3 months lived together.But he didn't respect me and he lied to me. He also had othergirlfriend and I found out this from my grandmother. It was so shameto me!!! She saw him with other girl... It very hard for me toremember this. I cryed very much... May be here is other men whorespect and caring women but I don't want to create any seriousrelationships with Russian men. The main problem for them is theydrink a lot of. But I hope you can control yourself with it. All Iwant is caring and love to me. General qualities what I am looking forin a man are caring, respecting.. And of course desire to create afamily. I am family orientated person. Creation a family is my mailgoal in my life. Dear Matts do you have a girlfriend now? I know it isvery strange questions but please answer me. Whether you can tellabout the last relations? Of course if you want. And please write mewhat you are looking for in woman at first of all. May be you willfind these qualities in me? Who knows. If you have any questions to me please feel free to ask! Now I have togo. I am going to volleyball training. I forgot to write you that Iplay volleyball and I like this kind of sport! Also I like swimming.We have a small pool in our city and I visit this sometimes. Well, Iam going to be late. Bye bye and take care.
Yours Tatyana.

Letter 4

Hi my dear friend Matts.
I am so glad see your letter and you can't imagine how I am glad.. Ihad so terrible day and you are sole person with whom I can share thisand I know you will support me. I am sorry if I write you about my badmood but please don't be mad at me because I am so upset! One man from shelter died. He was under my personal protection and hehad incurable illness. And I did everything to make his life morelighting. I hope that our help brought to him pleasure. He was gladthat we cared for him in difficult time for him. I always dream thatthe scientists will create a medicines for incurable illnesses. As thedeath of the people is a large sincere pain. I hope, that the peoplewill live all over the world better. My dear Matts I understand thatyou are sole man who can understand me. I can trust you at all. Pleasebelieve me. This is true words from my heart. You are so kind andcaring person and if you don't like that I write you about my problemsplease forgive me. But I so need in support right now and I think if Icould be with you right now I will put my head to your shoulder andcry.. I am sorry for this letter and my terrible mood. Please don't be mad.I am very glad that I can write you and it makes my mood better.Please write me as soon as you can. I will wait your letterimpatiently.
Only yours Tatyana.

Letter 5

Dear Matts.
I am so glad to see your letter and today I feel better. Thanks foryour letters. As always your letters makes me fine. You know today I think of you all the day. I am so glad that I havemet you and I think I am lucky because you are very cool! I don't worktoday and I had a long sleep. I visited my friend because we didn'tmeet for a long time. She is my friend from the college and since thattime we meet sometimes. She has a beautful daughter Natasha. She is 7years old. Natasha likes to play with me when I meet her. She study atschool first year and I attached the picture with me and her in thefirst school's day. I so much love kids and I like to play with them.My friends and grandma tell me I will be good mother. I want to havekids and I want to have boy and girl. It is my dream. But I will havekids only from the man who will be my husband and whom I will lovewith all my heart! In my dreams sometimes I see me with my kids and myhusband.. We are together on holiday.. It is so beautiful and I prayto God my future will be such I want this. But of course everythingdepends from me and I have to make my future by my hands. May be youhave the same dream? I think happy family is dream for every man. Iwill do everything to make my future husband the happiest man at thisworld! And I will make our home the best place at this world and hewill always wish to go home.. Well, dreams. I hope you like my picture. And you can send me your pictures if youwant. Well, I have to go. Please write me as soon as you can. I willwait your letter impatiently.
Yours truely, Tatyana. kissssss

Letter 6

Hello my dear friend Matts.
I am so much glad to get your letter. I feel so good when I get yourletter every day. It's make my day.Do you remember I wrote you about film? I was at the cinema with myfriends. It was "Beowolf" (I hope I wrote this right) with AngelinaJolie. Did you saw this movie? It is very good one and I like it.Angelina Jolie is very good actress and I would like to see some othermovies with her. I like to go to cinema with my friends but yesterdayI thought about if I come to the cinema with you.. Some romantic film.What is the last time when you were at the cinema? And do you like togo to the cinema in your free time? Well, today I have finished my work earlier than usual and I took somewalking in the park. And I thought it will be great if you were herewith me and we can take walking together.. Talk about some things..What do you think about this? Sometimes I think it would be fine if Iwill meet you. I understand you can think it is short time we knoweach other but I think you would like to meet me and walk with me. Idon't really know where we will meet and how but the distance betweenus is not a problem. We can work it out if we will want this. Younever know. But anyway, my dear Matts I am so glad I have met you. Doyou believe in the destiny? I believe in that and I think it is veryimportant in our life. I mean our belief in the destiny. Or do youbelieve in the love from first sight? I know may be it is funnyquestions but I believe in that. I am romantic person. And sometimesit helps in the difficult situation. You can tired from your job orfrom some problems on your life. But you shouldn't lost a belief inthe good because things come to who really wait this. Oh I hope youcan understand my letters. I am sorry if my letter is very long but Iwrote you about my thoughts. I write you this because you are myfriend. And I am very happy to have such friend as you. Because youare very kind and caring person. Well, I have to go and I hope youenjoy by my letter. Please write me back as soon as you can. I will look forward for your letter tomorrow. God Bless You. Bye and get mykiss to you.
Thinking of you, Tatyana.

Letter 7

Hi my lovely Matts.
I am very glad to see your answer and it is so cool you don't forgetabout me. As always I get enjoying by reading your letters. And I hope we will continue our friendship.
Well I want you to know everyday I think of you more and more. Youhave a special place in my life and you have changed my usual life.You gave me the light and hope. My friends and my grandmother tell methat I have changed and actually I am very glad. By the way have Itold you I am a good dancer? When I was a little girl I visitedspecial lessons where I studied to dance. So I can say I am a gooddancer. And my favorite here is the waltz. Do you know what is waltz?It is very beautiful. And now I imagine me and you as a waltz pair.You are in the black classical smoking and I am in the white balldress and we dance the waltz? Do you know how to dance it? If youdon't I will teach you. Sure we will make a beautiful pair together...I haven't danced the waltz for a long time already but I think I amstill able to dance it and teach you if you can't dance it. It is OK.And more of that I want you to know that I am a good cook! I can cookmany many things and my friends tell me that I am really good cook!What food do you prefer Matts. I prefer european food (italian, frenchand of course russian food). Have you ever tried the russian food? Itis very good and I can cook many things. Very tasty things. So youwill never be hungry with me! (just joking but this is the true).So I hope you can see we grow up in our relationship. And now I cansay I would like if our relationship will come to more serious. Youare very kind and cool person. I can see that from your letter. Youare very loyal and caring and you respect my opinion. And you have agood sense of humor and it is cool! You cared for me in the difficultsituation which I had.. You are very great! It is my true feelingsabout you and please don't be shy. Unfortunately I have to go. I wishyou the best day and I will wait your letter impatiently. Bye. Kisses for you.

Letter 8

Dear Matts.
I think I have not to talk you how much I am glad to see your letter.
And I hope everything is fine for you. What about me I am very well and things are going good to me. And I wish the same to you my sweetfriend.Today I met my best friend Olga. Perhaps I wrote you about her. She ismy best friend and we know each other for a long time already.Actually we will meet in the first time when we were little girls. She is very good friend and I know she think about me like about sister asI do. I told her before about you but she had not a lot of time tolisten me. And today I spoke with her about you. I told her how muchyou are cool and fine man. I told her you are very kind and caringperson. And she is glad for me! She said that finally I find my man atthis life.. She wish me only the best as I wish to her. She has aboyfriend and soon they will get married I think. So my closest peopleknow about you already and they are happy for me! What about youMatts? Have you told to your friends or your family about me? If youhaven't you can tell them about me. And it would be very interestingwhat they think about me. Our friends wish the best for us and theyare happy if we are happy! And I am glad I have such friends. I can'tsay it about you... Because you are more than just a friend! I don'tknow because I am not sure. And I hope you understand me. But I thinkabout our meeting as about necessary thing in the future.. OK we willsee that. And today I have been in our church and I have put thecandle for you and your health. And for health of your closest people.I do believe in God and sometimes it helps me in the difficultsituations.I think of you more and more time of my day. I can't stop to do that!May be I felt in love with you? But one thing I can say exactly - I donot want to lost you my dear Matts. You are very special for me. And Ihope you feel the same about me. Do you remember I told you about thedestiny? OK I finish my letter on this romantic note because I want tokeep your romantic mood. Please take care and be safe. God Bless you.
I think of you.Kisses, Tatyana.

Letter 9

Hello my dear Matts.
I hope you are doing well. I am always glad to receive your letters.
This is the best part of my day to receive and read the mail from you. I think you see with each letter we are coming to more closer andserious relationships. All that I can say about this - I am very veryglad and happy! I hope we will continue growing in our relationships.And I hope you think also. Yesterday I spoke with my grandmother aboutme and you. She are not against of our relationships. But she said tome that she are afraid for me. She think that internet is the placewhere is a lot of deceit and she afraid for me because I am a girlwith big heart and I trust to people. But I said to her that you arevery good and caring man with a big heart too.. And you are veryspecial for me. I trust you and I belive you. In my heart you are veryspecial man for me.. I can't explain this feeling by words.. But Ihope you understand me.. I wish more than just a friendship. I thinkthis is our destiny. Don't you think so? My dear and lovely Mattsplease don't be sad on my grandmother and her words. She wish only thebest for me and my life. And I don't want to be deceived again by manto who I trust. I am always honest with you in my letters and I trustyou. Don't be sad. I hope you understand me. I want more than just afriendship. And this reason is more important for me now. Well, here I finish my letter and I am looking for your reply with thegreat impatience. I want to know how you feel to me. I thinking of youmore and more in my day. Can't wait to see your next letter. Thinkingof you.Your only Tatyana.P.S. Matts at you a very beautiful boat and I think, what she quicklymoves, it so? Thanks for perfect photos, I very much liked a photo with the river, how she is called?

Letter 10

How are you today my lovely Matts?
I hope you are very well. And I hope my letters makes you smiling. I am a lucky girl that I have met you. You already know about this. You know I am a little sad when I see other pairs who are happytogether. I know I will be happy too but I can't wait to make mydreams come true? I want to be with my man. Hold his arm when we walktogether.. I want to be sure that I will always get a protection. My grandma told me that one day I will find my mate and I will be happywith him.. Well I am so worried because I am going to tell yousomething serious here. You are very good person and I just can't findwords to describe how much I like you!!! You are very kind. You have abig heart and I know I can always get your care and protection. I canalways tell you about my problems and I am sure that you willunderstand me at everything. I know this is short time we know eachother but please believe me I can't keep my feelings to myself.Because my feelings are so strong to you. I have never met a man likeyou. Never. And now I don't want to pass my chance because... I don'tknow how to explain you this because this feel is inside of me and myheart is beating so fast when I write you this words. I know I cancompletely trust you and this is very important for me! But pleaseread my words carefully and you understand me. I love you Matts!!!This is my feel to you. I love you and I have understood that! You aremy ideal man with who I am ready to spend my life and creat a family..Do you remember I wrote you I am a family orientated person? This istrue and I understand that I am ready to creat my family with you.. Ithought a lot before to write you about this. And I have a fear thatyou will not be sure that I am serious with you right now. Pleasebelieve me Matts. I have always been honest with you and I swear Iwill always be honest with you. And I trust you. And of course I hopeyou trust me too because I haven't made anything to hurt you. Andplease please believe me. I am so worried when I write you this words.But I can't keep it to myself because it is very strong. And now I amready to meet you. I know we told about this already but we didn'tknow when and where we will meet.. But now I am ready. And please justknow that it is very serious step for me and I thought a lot before towrite you this.. I do love you and my heart can't lie... What do youthink if I come to you? I can get a vacation from my job. I have nevertaken a vacation and I am sure I can get it anytime. Please tell mewhat do you think. Tonight I will speak with my grandma and did Iwrite you she was going to write you a letter? May be tomorrow we willcome into internet-cafe together and I will show her how she can writeyou.. And now I have to go. I am so sad I can't look into your eyesand tell you about my feelings.. I love you. Please be safe. You arevery special for me.. Take care.
Only your Tatyana.