Letter(s) from Julia Smirnova to Hugh (USA)

Letter 1


Thank you for your attention to me!

Thank you for so long interesting letter with photos!

You know, i have never had a possibility to communicate with somebody so far from me, but as it is said, everything should happen for the first time in this life!

So, as I understand I have to introduce myself to you now as you must be very interested in getting to know my person better:)

Well, my name is Julia Smirnova, and I am 23 years old.

Now I am a full-time student. I study at the pedagogical university. It is so excited for me to communicate with children.they are so funny!!!!! And one of my fave subjects is English also as i had been liking it from school years even, so now i know it quite well and i am happy that we can understand each other without any problems!:) And what is your profession? I want to know about you as much as possible.:)What do you like to do and what do not like? Did you like Maths in school or may be your favourite subject was physical education? I like literature most of all. As for me,only very talented persons can create really genius things. Do you like reading? I like it very much and i try to spend every free minute i have reading the books which are interesting for me, for example: adventurous, detective or something else.

Also, I like to listen to good music, especially something romantic.:)

Who am I looking for here?

I am looking for honest and serious man, who knows how to treat a woman and how to make her happy. I am looking for real feelings, love and passion. I think passion should be in every family and it's very important people love and respect one another! And what do you appreciate in family? What are you looking for?

Let's make this way: if you are really interested in my person and if you are looking for the same, serious and long-term relations, write me more about yourself and may be it will be beginning of something more than just a friendship!

I do hope to see a letter from you soon!



Letter 2

Hello, my dear!!!I am so happy,that you've answered my letter!!!It seemed to me that i had wings behind my back,when I flied to the Internet-cafe!:)To my opinion,you are a very interesting person.I appreciate every word in your letter! I am happy that I met you.It is valuable for me to know everything what have happened in your life.

So what can I tell you? there are no global changes in my life. I study in university, pass my exams and go in for...STOP!!!I didn't tell you about my special hobby, did i?:)i think it will be interesting for you. In first letter I told you some information, but I forgot to write about it... Anyway, it is better later than never!:)

So I am a ballroom dancer. I think i have been dancing since I was born! When I am dancing, i forget about everything! Every movement is very important for me. It is like a word in book-if you choose not right word, you will damage all sentence. By the way,what kind of dances do you prefer? Dancing is a part of my life,so I held a group of children for studying dancing 2 years ago. We study to dance correctly,in a beautiful manner. Every their mistake is my mistake,every their progress is my progress. In most cases I am very proud of them. My followers often remind me myself. Did you remember how important your problems are,when you were a child? we are like a big friendly family.I try to help them to make friends. We have a proverb which says:"don't have 100 dollars,but have 100 friends". do you have true friends? what can you say about them? Please write everything what you think it is needed to write. I have a lot of friends,but my best friend's name is Sasha.moreover I have warm relationship with my sister and Mom. I know they will help me, if I have any problems. We often gathering together and talking about different trifles,you understand me:)

You know,i continue to dream about real love. It is so valuable for me to spend long evening hours with my future so much-loved husband!!!!I often imagine how I would be waiting for him from work,how pleasant and unexpected romantic dinner would be for him .I wrote that I like cooking very much, didn't I? Tasty dinner with burning candles,light wine or champagne with fruits-everything should create romantic atmosphere. If he like to walk,i will organize unforgettable walking for him!!!!It is important for me to make my second half happy!! If he likes nature we will have romantic picnics every weekend! What do you think about it? Yes,i will be a crazy wife!!!!:)In my opinion,if you love,you will do your best for Him. I think,i am right. What do think about it?

Thanks for your letter again. I am looking forward to your answer impatiently.Please write me as far as possible!!!!!!!My best wishes to you.

Yours, Julia.

Letter 3

Hi,sweetie. I can't describe you how happy I was,when I found your letter!!!!!!!!!your letters are so important for me,you can't imagine. I couldn't imagine too some time ago that it's possible to be addicted to someone so much, but I feel this now!:) please never stop writing to me as it makes me feel needed and makes every of my day brighter!

So, how are you there? are there many news? speaking about me it is all the same, as i am just living waiting for your letters and being happy that i have met you and we can get to know each other better right now! believe me, it means much to me!

You know, it seems to me that in one of my previous letters i told you that i have a best friend and her name i Sasha. So, it was her birthday recently and i visited it. Early morning me and some more of her friends gathered together and blew up twenty air balloons then we came to her home and woke her up with our coming! Of course she didn't expect this to happen and that is why she was much surprised, but that was actually something we wanted to happen! You know, I do like to make surprises for people as I like make people a little bit happier:)

And we gave her all of the presented which we prepared and a lot of balloons. She was so happy!!!!!!!!!She said that we created festive mood for the whole day!!!!!I presented her a cake,which I made by myself. To my opinion, that present is dear,which you made by yourself. Price is unimportant. It is so pleasant to present a part of your heart!!!Sasha didn't hold a big party. She gathered few dear friends at home. We were having tea, eating my cake, chatting. Everything was wonderful,except one thing:there were few couples,and looking at them,I felt so lonely!!!!!!!Why someone find his half without effort and you can't do same!!!!!Why?!!!I felt physically how strong their love was! Their love was existing in every movement,in every view. It was so hard for me to seem happy and light-hearted for everyone!! Have you ever been in such a situation? When you can't concentrate on topic of conversation,when you feel broken inside and a little bit sad? be sincere with me! OK?!!! Cause I write to you everything I feel. So, when i felt i thought how wonderful it would be to stay with the person you love, with the dearest man in the world who would appreciate you and who would share his love with you! It is horrible to be lonely and everyone is eager to meet their second halves to become happy! i don't demand much from the partner. I just want my man to take me for who i am and to trust me as i think that it is the basic of any relations!

You know, many guys have paid attention to me, but unfortunately anyone appreciated my feelings. They were brag of me. It was pleasant for them to go somewhere with me, to show me to their friends. They all wanted to use me!! Nothing more!!!!!! You can't imagine how offensive it was!!!!! thanks God that Internet exists!!!! Cause it is place where you can meet YOUR half, even if it is miles and miles away from you! nothing matters! feelings are the most important! you are to listen to your heart all the time and it would show you the right way!

It is easy to find your love in Internet,isn't it?you just shouldn't be afraid of showing your real feelings. Am I right? what do you think? It is important for me to know every your thought:)please don't ruin my hopes to find my real love!!!! Like every girl, I dream about happiness together with my second half.

Don't make me waiting for your letter as i am very impatient to hear from you again and again!!!

Sincerely yours, Julia.

Letter 4

Hello,my honey!!! Thanks for your letter.Your attention is very dear for me!!!!!! you know I can't understand what is happening to me! I don't know how I can call my feelings to you.I am running to Internet cafe all the time with beating heart in the anticipation of reading your wonderful email to me!!! I feel strange,excited emotion, when I find your name in mailbox, while reading your messages. How can I explain it?!!

You know, honey, I had a dream about you today. These were just you and me together, just talking to each other having a dinner, hearing each other's laughing and looking into each other's eyes! Walking through the streets holding each other's arms! Oh, honey, it might seem to be a usual dream to you, but it wasn't for me, as i saw YOU in it! It was so wonderful to know that i am next to you and that we are happy together! You were so real,so close!!!I wanted to touch you, i wanted to stay with you forever, but then you suddenly disappeared. I was so much disappointed! why I want to feel you,your scent? may be cause you are the only person I can trust? your existence inspires me to live,to study,to dance!!!! you are my muse and my inspiration! It is so delightful getting closer with you. thanks to fortune we met each other!!!! My days are empty without communication with you! Honey,I count every minute before i come to the internet cafe and can find the letter from you, my honey angel! your letters are so interesting for me,so exciting, so stimulate!!!! Being with you in Internet is the best time in my life. Such moments are so rare. It is too little for me...Dear,my feelings to you become stronger and stronger!!!! What about you?!!!! Honey, please, let me know your mind about it, as it is also very important for me to know what you are thinking about this matter!

I appreciate you very much, you are only happiness in my life now.I am ready to think about you during hours. I often think how our relations could progress,if we can see,feel each other alive. My feelings are so pure. while I am dancing or listening to my favourite music,I am always thinking about you,what you are doing at this moment or what you can say about different situations. Your opinion is very important for me. I value your experience very much,cause every of your word is golden for me. Remember:I will damage all obstacles on the way to the happiness!!!!!!nothing can't stop me!!!!YOU are the angel of hope in my life.I will never lose you!!!!!!

OK,now I have shown my emotions to you and I feel better. I will be waiting for your answer with big impatience and meanwhile i am sending many kisses to you, my honey!!!

Yours, Julia.

Letter 5

Hello,sweetie!!!!!!! You can't imagine how happy I was, when I found your letter!!!!!I've mentioned that after my visits to the Internet-cafe I have been singing during all day?!!!!!!!it is such an exciting feeling!!!!!!do you have the same emotions?!!!honey,how are you there????you are so far away!!!!!!but big distance can't destroy my feelings to you. Honey,I catch myself that I have been thinking about you during whole days... i can't take you out of my head and it is you and you only in my mind! Oh, it is so frustrating thinking of you and realizing that i can't hear you, touch you, kiss you when i wish...

I want to know everything what have happened in your life,every event,every trifle and at the same time I want to share with you everything what has happened in my life.. You know, honey, we had dinner in family circle yesterday. Mom, Rina and me prepared delicious stuffed duck,rise porridge,some rissole and borsh. Do you know what does it mean-borsh?It is one of our national dishes.There are a lot of tasty national dishes in Ukraine:vareniki,pampushki with garlic,different soups,cold meat,jellied fis,. ukranian cutlets,pumpkin porridge,rump steak. Every woman has to cook tasty in our country. My Mom taught Rina and me cooking since childhood.I don't want to boast but I am the best cook in our family.:)Even Mom says that I am better than she in preparing some dishes:) To tell you the truth this is the best compliment for me,as my mom is a very good housewife and it is she who taught me everything! Mom says that It is very important for woman to be a good housekeeper and housewife.I think she is right. And our main taster-Dad mentions that he is very proud of me and prefers me in role of the cook on his birthdays. Rina asks the secret of my cookery masterpieces. I don't know the secret, I like to cook-it is all!!!!! Everyone knows that the best present for me is a cook book.I have a small collection of them:)Oh,honey,unfortunately you are so far,far away,you couldn't taste my dishes. I dream that I will prepare for you a lot of tasty national dishes when we can see each other alive. I hope you are not against to gain some weight?:):):) Well, i hope that you didn't get bored there while i was talking about my cooking talents?:)

I continue to dream how I will be spending long morning before dawn together with my so much loving husband. And I know one person,who can get this place. You are the only person I can trust. It is very important for me. I appreciate every word in your letter. I am like a small girl-dreaming about us during whole days!!!!!

I couldn't expect that simple letter can bring so much happiness into my life. I feel such emotions for the first time in my life!!!!!!!!!!they are so new,so unexpected for me,but I knew that it would happen. Honey,you are the dearest man in my life at this moment.I want to thank for your being again. Please write about your feelings too!!!!!!Don't be afraid to show your emotions.

Ok, and now answers to your questions:

> Are you Shy or Outgoing?- Both:)
> Talkative or Quiet? -up on my mood:)
> Adventurous or Passive?-Adventurous for sure!
> Romantic and passionate?-YES!
> Dominating or Submissive?-up on my mood:)
> Affectionate with your partner (like holding hands, kissing, etc.)?-YES!
> Are you also sexual and sensual by nature?-Yes!
> Have you had many boyfriends/lovers?-Two
> Any long term relationships?-once, but he betrayed me.
> What attracts you to a man?-charachter: romantic, strong, caring, good sence of humour.
> What are you searching for in your life?-everlasting love!
> What are some of your dreams and goals?- to have good happy family!

Anything else, sweetie?:)

I am waiting for your answer with great impatience. Send you million kisses!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sincerely yours, Julia.

Letter 6

Hello,my sweet angel!!!!!!!!!you can't imagine how exciting i am at this moment!!!!!!!what has happened?!!!!!

Well, at first,I found your letter in my mailbox!!!It brought me a lot of happiness!!!!It is so delightful to read and write letters to you!!!you are like a sun in my life. You have presented so much new emotions into my life! Thank you,honey!!!!! Why didn't I meet you earlier, cause it could change my life at all!!!!!!!How could I live without you,my angel???!!!!I can't understand!!!!I am so happy that I ventured to find my second half even across the miles with the help of the Internet!

Secondly...oh,I don't know in what order I should tell you everything what has happened yesterday!!!!!My family has a tradition to gather together every year on grandmother's birthday!!!! As usual we celebrated it with the whole family yesterday. Everyone noticed that I have changed and became so gentle and pensive last days and very dreamy. They began asking what happened. I felt embarrassed,cause only Rina knew about you before. Of course, Mom is my good friend, but I didn't venture to tell her about you, my sweetie. Then I decided to tell them about us, as i was actually going to do it some time ago.I am so happy,cause I feel better after I have shared all my emotions.I love my family so much!!!!!they understood me very well. Even Dad said that,of course,distance doesn't matter, when you really love,but it is so difficult to get to know each other in a very good way. You know, I have been thinking a lot about his words. Honey,they are true!!!!!One meeting is better than thousands of letters!!!!!Why didn't we think about it before??????? Smart persons created trains,planes,ships to connect people,especially those who love each other!!!!!! Why should I be delighted with so rare,but so desired minutes of our communication?!!!! So I decided to ask you one very important for me question:sweetie,do you want me to visit you??yes,you can think that I am crazy!!!but I just want to see,touch you,hear your voice, learn everything about you, meet your culture and traditions! I am tired to arrive home from the Internet-cafe holding back tears,because I have an opportunity to meet you in my dreams only!!!! but i am tired of it! i want to be with you in real! i want to make you happy and to give my everything to you and you only, as you are my only man!:)

I wrote you many times that I value our communication very much. Let move it on a higher level!!!!it is very important for me.I want to know every your thought about my idea. Don't be afraid,I will do everything to keep my happiness.nothing can stop me!!!! What is more my parents and my family also support me and think that it is a great idea for us to meet each other as they just want me to be happy all the time and they know that it would be possible only when i am with you! oh, I am so happy and excited!!!!

Honey,I will be waiting for you next letter with great impatience. Please,don't make me suffering with the delay in your letters....Do you want me?...

I send two millions of kisses and all my love to you:):):):)

Yours sincerely, Julia.

Letter 7

Hi,sweet angel!!!!!!! oh,how happy I am to reply your message,you can't imagine.everything is wonderful!!!!you haven't disappointed me!!!!!I hoped that you would agree with my proposition!!!!!I hoped it so much!!!!!thank you for sincerity.I value it very much,cause it is very hard to find person who wouldn't afraid to show his real feelings. But now i see that you are the one and i am also very glad that we have the same desires and expectations, the same aims and feelings!

You know, honey, of course i am very very happy that you want me to come to you, but at the same time, i have never been abroad and that is why i don't know what is necessary for me to have to be able to travel to you, but anyway, i am sure that it wouldn't be a problem and that there wouldn't be any obstacles on our way to each other! i know that i can't live a single day without you, i know that i can't breath without you, i know that i can't live a single moment not thinking of you! you are my everything and it is you who makes my life so wonderful and presents me such wonderful feelings! they are everlasting and it makes me so happy that they are between me and you!

My love, i have told my mom about my coming to you and she told that she had heard that it would be necessary for me to have my international passport first of all and it is possible to get it at the local OVIR, so i will go there as soon as i can and will get to know which documents are necessary for me to have in order to arrange my international passport as soon as possible, cause i can't live without you, my love, anymore and i want to be with you as soon as possible! My love, i am just so happy that I will see you soon!!!nothing can discourage me!!!!this bustle is very pleasant for me,cause I have been dreaming only about it last time.

Everything is so bright for me! I notice something new in old,usual things,cause I see it with new eyes,eyes,which are full of happiness,joy,anticipation of implementation of dreams!!!!!!

As for me, I would really like to hear your voice and to feel you closer..Honey, can you call me? Unfortunately I don't have my own phone as I lost it some time ago and still don't have funds to buy new, so meanwhile I use my sister's phone if I have some important calls...And you know how important you are for me, that's why I will be very happy if you'll call her. Everything you need is to introduce yourself and ask to call me to phone. She will gladly call me and we will be able to talk. Ok, sweetie? My sister's name is Rina, by the way. Here is her number: +380507559128. Looking forward to hear your wonderful voice soon!:) And we will be able to talk about all the questions you have!:)

Honey, while talking to you i hardly noticed that my time at the Internet cafe is over, so i have to go, although i wish to talk to you for hours! hope it will become possible soon!:)

Thanks for your being!!!!!!!!

Sending you my best wishes and few millions of kisses!!!!!!!!

Love you,

Yours Julia.

Letter 8

Hello, my sweetheart!!!!! I am so excited to write you!!!!! Can you guess why?!! i bet you can!

Cause I have wonderful mood and the same news for you!!!!! You see, as i have promised to you, I went to local OVIR and wanted to arrange my international passport. They said that I have to bring them a lot of documents. I answered that documents are ready. Can you imagine what had they said then?!!!! That my passport would be ready in few months,cause they don't have blanks!!!I was so disappointed...it is too long to wait as i don't want to live without you anymore, but just want to be in your strong arms as soon as possible!! I didn't know what to do. My dreams about being with you were destroyed!!!! but while I was going home, I met my friends. They said that they recently wanted to go abroad too, but they met the same problem-they had no possibility to get the international passport in the local OVIR as it takes too much time and they didn't have it at all. But they found a way out, as they have got to know about the travel agency which can help to organize all the necessary documents for traveling. Of course i became interested in it and asked them to tell me about it in more details, so they gave me the address and i simply rushed there, as i felt that it was my last hope almost!

The agency is called "Dream voyage", and one can arrange the international passport in short terms there. To tell you the truth I liked being at the travel company very much, cause service is very pleasant there. They said that I need an international passport and visa to be able to come to you. I was also told that it would cost 190usd for the passport and it will be done in 9 days and 310usd for visa, it will be ready in 2 weeks!! if you want to know other details or you have some questions, you may write to them at their email address which is dreamvoyage@ukr.net Honey, I was so happy to hear it!!! only 23 days instead of few months!!!! I am so happy!! we will meet soon! I dream how pleasant our meeting will be! I miss you so much and i am so happy that we will see each other nearest time!!! it is wonderful, isn't it?

I wait for your letter with beating heart, my love! all my dreams came true! isn't it happiness?

I need your letters like water as without your support this everything, this miracle wouldn't be possible!

Always yours, happy Julia.