Letter(s) from Elnara Mamedova to Hugh (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear friend,

I'm very surprised to hear from you and I am sure that you are the one I need by my side! I do know that we are looking for: real feelings, understanding, care, repsect, honesty, seriousness, extreme, relations, and of course LOVE! I am a common woman and I do not need swelling selfloving man! I do know that I will meet my Prince soon and as all your character traits are just perfect, I do believe it is YOU! So let's not waste our time and make friends!

You can write me at: elichka_81@bk.ru and I will tell you everyhting you want to know about me!

your Princess Elnara.

Letter 2


Elnara is here. I see You are fast. You don't waste time. And You are absolutely Perfect. I wanna kill Your enemy - Mr. Loneliness, I wanna make Your bed warm. Thanks for your wonderful photos, dear!

Nevertheless I guess this is one of the hardest things that I have attempted to do, so I will do my best. This is me as I know myself. I am a very kind-hearted woman, who takes it very seriously, shy at first but warm up quickly. Giving, to the one that I'm with, loving only one, which there is nothing I wouldn't do to see a smile on my men face every day. Caring: to the feelings and emotions of the one I choose to share my life with. Listener: listen very close to what my man has to say. Opinionated: of course I have an opinion. Lonely: because I have no one to share my life with. Honest: I tell the truth about every thing I do. Loyal: to my one and only man. Sense of humor: well some say funny, some say sarcastically funny, but either way there is one there.

A few more things. I weigh approximately 58 kg and my height is 168 cm. I have long black hair and deep brown eyes... Enough of that for now, if anything else please ask.


Well let's see. I was born on June, 16th, 1981 in a town of Troitsk where we have been living till nowadays. As far as my town is concerned, it is very small town and it has no places of interests but coal mines and a plant producing glass. So it is 700 km from Kiev and the nearest big city with airport is Donetsk. But I used to live here from my childhood and I have not had an opportunity to move somewhere else because I have to look after my mother(she has problems with health). But I hope that one day I will live in other country or city with my beloved. What do you think, sweety?


Trying to live life as happy as I can and prepare for the future, having the watcher and with him by my side, there is nothing I can't accomplish.


Currently working in the social sphere: helping disabled persons, orphans, pensioners; of all things I have been through in my life to bring me to this point and time, there is always HOPE. Hope, that I will find my soul-mate. Hope, that I can make my house a home in the near future. Hope, that the man I find will treat me as I treat him. Hope, that I am not left alone in this big world. Well I guess that's enough for now, please feel free to ask any and all the questions you'd like to. Hope to here from you soon.