Scam letter(s) from Shelley Brand to Paul (France)

Letter 1
Hi My Love!!! Those are my picture. I hope you will love to see them lol.
Long kiss to you there. here is the infor to send the Money too again.

Name: Yinka Smith
Address: #32 martins street,
City: Ketu
State: Lagos state
Zip-code: 23401
Country: Nigeria
Text Question: Favourite Colour
Text Answer: White.

Honey you will e-mail me the information after you send the money such as, sender's name and address, 10 digit( MTCN number), and the Exactly amount you i could use that to pick the Money up here. I hope to hear back from you till then take good care of your self and stay bless there. I love you with all my Heart.
Ur's Future Wife'
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