Scam letter(s) from Natalia Petrova to Chris (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Chris ! Have good day! Sorry that, so much for a long time hasn't answered your letter, I didn't have time to enter in the Internet... But now, I have time to write letter. Computer in service of acquaintances found for me some profiles of people which coincide with my inquiry. I preliminary studied them and has decided to send you to the first message, because your profile seems to me more interesting. I hope, that you have time to send me some messages that we could it is better to find out each other.I shall finish this letter and I shall write to you on later...
Letter 2
It again me! I want tell you, some about myself: my age 29 years old , my name is Natalia. I was not married and I live in an apartment of my parents. Some years, after the ending of education, I work as teacher of initial classes and I like my job. I like productive leisure, periodically going sports for maintenance of a body. I like to travel and be in different places, but my work does not allow me to do it frequently. I have many friends, we sometimes together spend time, play billiards and tennis, we have other entertainment. I send you my picture that you knew my face =). Also I want to ask you send me some pictures of you.
Letter 3
It again me!I have written to you letter, but you yet haven't answered me! If you don't want to correspond with me tell to me! I shalln't take offence!!I wait!! Natalia!!!
Letter 4

I am now to the house and have decided to write to you.Inform me some the information on you: what you love an ntertainment? What your character? What you love qualities in women? Whether you had the wife? I shall answer on your questions and to inform you it is more about itself in ollowing E-mail! I shall be to wait for your messages. My e-mail is .
Your friend Natalia..
Letter 5
HI Chris ! I am pleased to receive your reciprocal message. No foto. You have not sent a picture yourselves, please make it. I shall wait a picture you. Chris , you e-mail means for me, that I too was interesting to you. You really Chris , see a picture of me nice? - OK, in the following messages I shall send you other pictures of me. Chris , at me is present to you it is a lot of questions and I would like to ask them in the messages, I hope you will allow to me answers to them - OK? You for me the nice person, and on this for me it is important to know your opinion on some things. I think, that you read my structure and could see there, that I haves serious intentions to get acquainted with the good person for relations.
Letter 6
At me has appeared free time and has decided to write to you.
I shall try to tell a little aboutmy character. I do not know as it to start, I think, that I very romantic person. I like to communicate with people, it is pleasant to me good humour. I very much appreciate such qualities in people, as fidelity and honesty. I believe in love, and I think it very valuable thing which needs to be protected. I very much the jealous person. I adore, when to me pay compliments and is ready to listen to them indefinitely. For me it is necessary, that around of me there was a cleanliness and the order, I frequently am engaged cleaning. Also to me to like to prepare for a meal, various tasty things. It is pleasant to me romantic relations between the man and the woman, but probably all women dream to get acquainted with good the person to have with him beautiful romantic relations. But frequently such things come to an end very quickly.
I have no intention to spend myself on such acquaintances. While I have not met In the life of such person to which I would decide to give myself and the life. But me it would be desirable to find such person.I think, that for the woman the mainthing to have in a life not career or other success, and strong familyand the favourite person beside what to care of him. I cannot write much now to you so I shall write to you tonight...
Letter 7
I hope I do not write to you too many letters!Now I have finished work and now I shall go home!!I shall try to write to you the letter from a house in the evening!!I live far from work!Sometimes I go home on foot! To me 45-50 minutes are necessary to go on foot approximately!Therefore after work I at once leave home! Now at us very quickly darkens! I am afraid to go at night!In Russia different crimes very are frequently made! Therefore I am always very cautious!And how struggle with criminality in your country?? I heard on the TV that at you few criminals! It is the truth??Now I have run! I hope you will answer my questions!Natalia! bye-bye:)))
Letter 8
I now am at home, not for a long time had just supper... Tell please, you dream to meet what woman in the life? Excuse ?????, that I ask you to discuss such frank thing with the person whom you know couple of days. But it is interesting to me to know It about you. I have shortly written to you my outlooks on life if to you there will be it interesting, that we can discuss these themes in more detail then. I shall wait for yours e-mail. Yours faithfully Natalia.
Letter 9
Hi Chris . I am glad to receive again your message. Every day we start to learn each other better and it is an interesting for me. Last time at me on soul is present boredom, not occurs any joyful things and your message now for me as a solar beam.
Chris , thanks, that you wrote to me some answers to my questions.
Yours e-mail what you the person gradually helps me to understand.
Chris I send you other picture of. I hope, that it will be to like you.
Well I wanted to tell only to you good morning. I shall write you today still on later. I hope to see as from you the letter....
Letter 10
I absolutely I have overlooked to tell to you, that I live in Russia... I Hope that will not arise what problems between us further to continue to get acquainted.... Tell to me please, whether that excites you that I from other country write to you the letter. Forgive once again what not at once to you have told that I from Russia.I live in city Izhevsk.. It is small, but beautiful, city in the center of Russia.Earlier I lived in the city of Saratov, but then we with mine parent moved to this city.To me here very much to like, Here very good nature, pure air, the transparent sky.Tell to me about your city, about your country????? You love the city???

Letter 11
Hi once again.
At me has appeared a free time and has decided to write to you...
Tell to me more in detail about the family. Whether it is a lot of at you relatives? What at you with them of the relation? As frequently you gather? In my family very much close relations. I to you already Informed, that I live with mum and the daddy. We live in a cosy apartment, where there are three inhabited rooms, and as kitchen, a balcony and a bathroom. I have a room. I the only child at the parents.
A name my father Nickolai, him 52 years old and he works as the builder. My mother Svetlana, her 45 years old. Now she does not work some years and is engaged in housekeeping. We like each other, sometimes We are chosen for city for an entertainment. In the summer we go on a beach and on fishing. During the winter period of time we go for a drive on skates and a ski. This good time for me! In private life I have emptiness.I hope that you will answer me my questions... I very much want that you have told about the life more.
I shall look forward to hearing from you. Yours new friend Natalia. P.S....I send you a photo my parents. I so want that you have sent me photos of your parents...
Letter 12
It again I, at us now evening. I sit at home and has decided to write to you the letter... I want to tell to you about last the attitude...
Last relations at me were the last year. One was the boyfriend, but I have left him. we did not like each other and had various interests. Among associates of me of people I cannot allocate anybody for serious relations. Good men to become it is ever less and annoyingly in next time to test disappointment when you think that has met the suitable person. Likely therefore I also have addressed in service acquaintances. Probably here I can find the person who will be me to love, appreciate and understand. It is not important for me his financial situation and work by which he makes. I have specified in a structure that I search more advanced age because I think, that the person which has lived there is enough years, already has experience and has learned to appreciate women and to address With them. I shall be ready to give myself all without the rest to such person and I think, that the main advantage of the woman is fidelity and skill To make family happy, without quarrels and conflicts. On it I finish the letter. Chris , write to me the ideas that I Has told to you. I wait for your messages. Yours Natalia.
Letter 13
Hi Chris. It is pleasant, that you studied my some ideas in the last message. Chris , I usually do not tell about the deep ideas and opinions, but to you has written, because has felt desire to open it to you. I more independent woman, but probably sometimes am necessary that there was one man, which can to open and trust - sometimes frequently it happens hardly to reflect on all these things. I am glad, that has found at you understanding me, you see it happens not frequently. Thank Chris , that you have written to me some details about your life and family, I closely studied it. It has helped me more well to understand you and your life and you become closer man. Chris It is time to me to go to do some work and it is necessary to meet the friends. By the way I told by him, that got acquainted with you, and parents too. Have good day.Yours Natalia.
Letter 14
Nearly has not overlooked to tell that at my place there is a computer. I use a computer of a house and on work. I heard that there are programs allowing to communicate in a chat! Yesterday I have caused the master that he has adjusted to me programs for chat! I wanted to communicate to you in chat! But expert on computers of me has afflicted! He has told that at me very old computer, therefore any programs are not established! Expert advised to me throw out my computer! But I want to continue our correspondence! It is very pity, but while we can correspond only on e-mail!
Letter 15
I wanted to ask as you concern to cats?? You love cats
I very strongly
I love cats! At my place there is a cat! His name is Kusia!!! At night when I am cold I get on with myself a cat! She warms me also to me very pleasantly to sleep!! I always wanted to have many cats of a house! But at my mum an allergy on cats! Therefore at me only one cat! And you do not have allergy on cats?? On it I finish the letter!
Today I am very tired and I want to sleep!! I shall write to you tomorrow before work!!
Your friend Natalia!! Bye-Bye!!
Letter 16
HI dear Chris ! Thanks for such remarkable photos, have very much liked me yours dogs. I on work teach mathematics and geometry, I allow lessons to pupils. Today I have very intense day on my work. I found a little time what to send you this news and and to inform, that I miss, when I wait yours e-mail.I very much would like to hear from you about the last life. I think that at you a lot of interesting is to tell to me. Write to me please about yours the childhood?????I shall write to you later. Yours Natalia.
Letter 17
Dear Chris !It is a pity, that I yesterday had not enough time to write to you under more letters.This week there is a new theme for considerings, and these new ideas excite me. I do not know as you Chris , but for me starts to have importance our exchange e-mail. These are new emotions in my quiet heart. For me it is not usual, to get acquainted with the man on e-mail, for many miles from me and it is possible to have relations. I did not inform you earlier Chris the address because it is not enough knew you. Here my address: the Country Russia; city: Izhevsk; street Zavodskia 22; zip code: 426019 . You after that can send me the letter or which that another so I hope that you can write to me the home address. I could send you to send the letter. P.S....I send you photos of city!
Letter 18
When I read your letters, I would like to feel closer you, To be with you beside and to hear your gentle voice. I would like to hear you, to talk with you.I think that we can talk to phone, you want it? I want to call you, for me it is necessary know your full telephone number, I want to be I shall be sure what to call on correct number! Please write me the phone number!In the near future I necessarily shall call you!!Or you can call me!My number 88362856739!! Whether I do not know I can accept a bell from other country!But I shall hope that you will call me!! I shall look forward to hearing!!
Letter 19
I today thought that We could meet, talk, to spend some time together and it is quite good to find out each other. But for us it will be not a fast way. But I hope, that it will not be problem for us if we shall decide to make it in the future. I already made some travel to other countries. I travelled, as the tourist, to Europe (it is Turkey, St Petersburg und Sochi). Therefore Chris , you should not have excitements of that is present distance between us. I such woman, that if I shall like the person for a meeting with him, I shall reach even on the moon. In our days is not a problem to make such travel. I not I worry about it and even I have devoted feelings, having got acquainted with the person on the other hand. For me it is very interesting feelings- To find out the person with other culture, thinking, traditions. It one of things - which draws me to you. Not the main thing,- But new and interesting. Probably if our relations will be strong and you Chris , you can find out the mysterious Russian woman. I hope, that for you it is interesting to find out and test love of such oman? I think, dear, Chris That you cannot resist to mine for a long time female agic, if happen so, that we shall be the person to the person. On it I finish my message to you Chris . I wait for your messages. Yours Natalia.
Letter 20
Now at us evening, has come not for a long time from work.... Sat at home and to me it became boring, has dared to write to you the letter.I remember, how I written you the first letter, I very much worried. Also can be, I spoke a lot of superfluous. Now I think, that my dreams start to be carried out! I am very happy! I am very pleased, because you answer on my messages, I am pleased, that between us such warm and pure attitudes appeared. I am grateful to all world because the world has presented me you. I think, that in the world all people - worthy happiness. The life enables us to be happy! Only now I understand, how have changed my life. At me very good mood.When your birthday? My birthday on May, 2, 1978. I shall well finish this letter and I hope tomorrow to receive your letter. Yours Natalia.
Letter 21
Hi my dear Chris ! I now read yours e-mail, and it was interesting to me to find out your opinion that I spoke you in my last message. Our exchange of opinions is interesting to me and I think, that now I can make some opinion on what your character. Thanks for your home address, I now know that I can write the letter and send you by mail.
Dear, I would like to find out, how you like to spend the free time???
I very cheerful person also think out various entertainments for itself and the friends. To me to like to help them to make life interesting. It can be different things: dances, cinema, parties or ntertainments on the nature. But if to speak frankly in the last these entertainments give time I have less than pleasure. I should finish this letter. I shall write to you on later. I write to you the letter when I have a free time. P.S....In it a photo I with the girlfriends!!!
Letter 22
Today I called in the telephone company, know in occasion of my phone. In the company me have afflicted have told that my phone is not capable to accept trunk calls. It is not a pity that you can call to me, but I think that we shall find a way to talk. I shall call to you but while I do not know when I can make it. I hope that you do not take offence at me? I promise that we shall necessarily speak by with you to phone, I very much would like to hear your voice. It became for me simply necessary...
Letter 23
I have some minutes free. I want to write to you about my dreams. I frequently dream of romantic evening with the favourite person, it can be a supper or simply walk . I think, that in it there is a lot of charm.I as dream that I want to have in the future own family, to find good work, to live with the the favourite person and so certainly to have children. You the romantic person Chris whether you think, sometimes, of such things? You like cosy evenings with the family? I very much love holidays when all family gathers, behind one table. It is very cosy and comfortable for me. And how you like to carry out holidays dear? What for you makes a cosiness and rest? Tell to me please about it Chris .
Letter 24
Know, I sat today at home and thought of you. I want what to ask at you. Chris, excuse me for a question: whether there is at you now any woman? I think, that you are good, as the man and To like many women. Because at me good taste, and you to like me. What your private life now, Please tell about it. Probably you have to me any frank questions? I shall answer them. Write to me more in detail about the feelings and desires, to me to like to read, when you tell about yourself, I am ready To listen about it. I wait for your messages. My embraces. Yours Natalia.
Letter 25
Hello my dear Chris !I am glad that you to me write to me letters, it seems to me that we very much each other understand. I now am on work and at me have appeared free time. I would like to tell to you about my usual day. I rise early in the morning at 6.30, then I wash, to clean a teeth. After that I do some gymnastic exercises To lift very small 0,5 Kg Dumbbells or to move on a place and to do usual warm-up and the extension for all body. At 7.00 I go in shower. After shower at 7.20 I go to prepare for a breakfast. My breakfast will consist of a glass of orange juice, croissant, some fruit, a banana or a pear or an apple depending on that that is in a refrigerator. As I prepare in the morning easy rice either a porridge, or fried eggs with bacon. Sometimes it would be desirable to eat a lot of tasty and sweet, but I of it do not allow myself, as I watch the figure. Unless occasionally that sweet on holidays. After a breakfast at 7.50 I go to gather for work, to put on and do a make-up. It occupies from me approximately 30 minutes. Then at 8.20 I leave from a house and I go on a stop. I go for work by a trolley bus or on a fixed-route taxi. The machine at me is not present. In Russia at all everyone has machine. For work I arrive by 9.00. When I arrive for work I drink a cup of coffee and I start to work. At 13.00 at me the hour lunch break begins. I go to have dinner in a dining room which is near to my work. During the lunchtime I eat usually a plate of soup and mashed potatoes with steam cutlets, for a dessert I am to eat of a pie with a cup of tea. I stop to work at 18.00 and at once I go home. On the way home I come into shop to buy products what are required. In the evening I have supper and if there is a free time that read the book or I watch TV. Then I lie down to sleep at 21.30. And all my day. I would like to ask you so to write to me the schedule of the day???? Write to me, I always with impatience wait for your letters. Yours Natalia.
Letter 26
Today on work I thought of you and, it was pleasant for me to know, that there is a person, which which thinks about to me, reads my ideas and writes something for me. Today my girlfriend Anna has invited to itself home per day a birth. I am want to give my girlfriend, a kitchen set. It is a pity, that now not there are opportunities to invite you with me per day a birth because you it is far. I think, that we with you could carry out perfectly together evening. I hope, that we shall make still it in the future and we can well have fun. I am sure, that it will be good time for us Chris ! We shall drink easy wine, then to dance, while our legs can maintain it. And after that we probably shall reach somewhere else....., and where I shall make with you some things. Ideas about it me beforehand raise. My imagination very much advanced and I can represent for myself many details of ours appointments. I wait for yours e-mail, my lovely. Embraces and my kiss!!! Yours Natalia.
Letter 27
I have decided to write to you before leaving to you the letter. I am going to go now per day a birth. You know, I am very grateful to inventors of the Internet. The Internet a surprising thing, it allows to connect 2 people which are on the different ends of a planet. People, being far apart can communicate, get acquainted and better learn each other. It is very interesting. I know that we recently only have got acquainted but I feel that already I know you for a long time. I ask you write to me about you more. Reading I understand your letters that you kind and worthy the man! Reading your letters I test gentle and kind feelings. My mum some times already asked about you. I shall be possible to show your letters to mum? It is interesting to her that you write. But if you do not want I shall not show your letters. I probably tire you with the questions. Natalia.
Letter 28
Hi my dear Chris! I am glad again to speak with you! By the way, yesterday I have very well carried out time to day a birth at my girlfriend.
It so liked my gift, that she was very very glad to this. I want that you named me Natalia.
First we had the good supper and some glasses of champagne, then played balling also danced.
Impressions have remained good, only when I saw , as some my girlfriends danced With the husband - I had small envy to them. I thought of you and represented for itself, what you beside Chris . That you too embrace me and whisper to me on an ear gentle words. And you Chris , when see around the in love pairs people, - that recollect me? P.S....I send you these photos, I hope that they will like you.
Letter 29
I would like to ask you, you frequently go the to friends per day a birth or go for holidays?? When you are in these places girls frequently try to get acquainted with you? To me very much frequently men approach and try to begin acquaintance, but I at once I help them to understand, that with me these things to fail. Chris , I frequently I think above your messages and I understand, that you it is serious concerning me. I too do not look at our dialogue as on an entertainment, and I write you some very personal words and things, as to the close person. And I want to tell to you Chris , that I am glad, that at me is such the person - as you! I wait for your messages and I think of you. Mine to you gentle Kisses! Yours Natalia.
Letter 30
Hi my dear Chris! I am very glad to see your letter, With each letter all of us learn about each other more and these letters become a part of our life. I start to get used to you and your letters and these feelings frighten me a little. I see that you good and worthy the man. Tell to me please about women from your country??What they, Kindness, Honesty or beautiful??? If they do not see that you good and worthy that they simply silly. Earlier I did not know that is possible to get acquainted through the Internet and did not know that in the Internet there are such good men as you. To me today it is sad. I look at happy persons of passers-by, In streets the in love pairs which have appeared many walk, kiss, hold for hands each other, embrace. Why all other people around of me such happy, but not I. To me it is very sad from that that at me not adjusted private life. I do not have loved the man which as embraced and kissed me. To me it is very sad from it. I want to love and be loved! I feel attachment to your letters. Only it now forces me to smile and be pleased lives. I feel in you what that support. I can speak you all that I can not speak to whom. I have not got used to show the emotions. But I can speak you it and I am glad to this. I to speak you about the long also to me it becomes easier. As though you take a part of my bad mood and carry away it from me and to me it becomes easier.My dear, I am always glad to see your letter, please write to me as it is possible is more often. Your letters give me additional energy which helps me to live. I wish you successful day! Natalia.
Letter 31
Hi my love Chris!!!! you're so tender and careful, I'm thinking of you too much. I can't love you! no... I can't... in several letters... but why I need you so much?! I want to meet you so much! To be with you, to walk at night watching stars, hand in hand... I want you to put your hand on my ****** and feel how my heart is beating when I'm dreaming of you... I want to feel your soul, to feel you near me, to look at your eyes and see the stars of your heart, to feel your breath and just to be happy because you are with me... Your Natalia!!!
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