Scam letter(s) from Nina to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend! I've received your first letter. Thanks a lot. First let me tell you about myself. My name is Nina. I was born in Shulikovka on 28.07.78. It is in the eastern part of Ukraine. My height is 165sm, my weight is 53kg. I work as a manager.
Till now I live in this city. Also I do not gather yet where to leave.
My city is very beautiful, especially in the winter it is fine.
I lived together with the parents and a brother in a three-room apartment in the center of the city. We were happy to live together and are getting on all right.
No matter how busy we'd been during the day, we got together at supper and talked about our problems and achievements, about something exiting that had happened to us.
I have a grandmother, she is a pensioner, she lives far from us. I have also an uncle and an aunt who often come to see us.
We listened to the radio, watch TV or talk. For a month already I live separately from them and miss our friendly evenings very much.
During my whole life I have not yet met the man which I want,whom I will love & trust (this is very important to me).
I think when lye appears, it is reviled very easy, does it? I could not find my life partner in my city. So I have decided to try to find the man in the Internet.
The man who as I loves children and wishes to give birth to the children. Do you want any? I see that you are a serious man and we can be together. Step by step our developing our relations. Playing with people hearts is not mine. Earlier I also was involved in sms's game, but now I have an experience. When I have some free time on Sunday I like to go to town. I like to have a walk in the streets of the town.
I also like to read romantic, detective and ridiculous books.
Sometimes I listen to music which calms me. With my girlfriends I go to theatre, cinema or a museum.
I like to go in for sports very much. Sports help me to be in a good healthy form. Tree times a week I go to a sport hall, I am engaged in fitness.
When there is a good weather, my friends and I like to go on picnics. Now I finish the first letter and I will look forward to hearing from you.
If you write to me the answer I with pleasure shall write to you the following letter, in which I'll try to tell about myself and about the life more. Bye-bye, have a nice day
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