Scam letter(s) from Natalia Mamaeva to Hugh (USA)

Letter 1
Thanks you for fine photos! You very beautiful and I want to continue our relations!
Today I really had a fine surprise. Thank you for this little gift - for your letter from another country.I never had souvenirs from foregners and may be I will print your letter and keep it like a souvenir from you) I hope you aren't against. Frankly speaking I am very thankful that you found time to write me a letter. Thank you!!!
I am rather inexperienced in computers because I am a cook by my education and we only had the basic course as Word, Excel. But the Internet was a mysterios country for me. But now, thanks to polite managers in the Internet cafe where I write you from I learned how to treat with the Internet.
I think it’s high time to tell some words about myself. My name is Natalya (you can call me Natasha), I am 29 years old. I was born on the 25th of December in 1978.You can see that I am Capricorn. That's why I am so persevering, calm and consecutive. When I have a purpose I go forward to reach it. And I can confess that in the majority of cases I manage to reach it)And what is your Zodiac sign? Are you a typical representative of your sign?
A I am a very sociable girl and I try to discover something new. I try to make my life full of impressions and for me it's necessary to look for something new in my life.
My relatives and friends often tell me that I am very good-humored and kind. I am very responsible and I always do what I promise. This feature of my character often helps in my life. And what can you tell me about your character? What are your likes and dislikes in people's character?
I attach a picture of myself to my letter. How do you find it? Please, tell me frankly, I really need to know your opinion about my appearance!!! I send you my best photos to produce good impression on you. So, I hope that my efforts weren't vain!!! My height is 168 sm and my weight is 56 kg. I consider myself to be rather slender and I try to keep fit. I think that my appearance is quite typical for Russia. How do you think, what is more important, appearance or character?
I live in Omsk. I like my city very much and I think that it's one of the most beautiful cities in the world. What can you tell me about the place you live in? Is it big or small? What sights are there? It will be very interesting for me to know more about your city. Frankly speaking, I want to enlarge my horizons and to know more about the world that surrounds me.
you can't believe, but this letter made me so glad. I hope that you won't mind of telling some things about yourself. Also I’d like ask you to send me some more pictures of yourself.
Hope to hear from you soon, your new friend Natasha.
Letter 2
Hello, dear!!!
This autumn day presented me with your letter and that's why this rainy and clouded day became brighter and sunnier! I am really happy to say to you again Hello! and to begin writing you my answer.
I'd like to tell you about my job. I work as a cook in a restaurant for about 8 years. i like my job very much because I can help people to be sated and glad. I feel that it's my calling. When i see how a person eats my delicious dishes I feel very satisfied, really. I apply a lot of fantasy and diligence when i do them. I like to cook almost all dishes but especially i adore cakes and pies. Also I like to cook meat dishes because my parents adore them.
My mom's name is Irina Sergeevna. My mom used to be a cook too, and I decided to follow her example. Now she doesn't work any longer, she is a pensioner. My father is a builder. His name is Leonid Alexeevich. He assisted in building of a lot of houses and buildings of our city and he is very proud of this fact.
My family is very friendly. I live together with my mum and dad and we never have quarrels. I am the only child in my family because after my birth my mom had some problems with health and she was told that she won't be able to have any more children. I have never been married and I don't have children. And what can tell me about your family? If it isn't a secret I 'd like to know more about it. May be you'll be able to send me some pictures of your family? I really want to look at your relatives!
I don't smoke and I don't drink alcohol drinks. Only on holidays I may drink some white wine. And what's your attitude to drinking and smoking?
Of course, you can ask me, why I made a decision to look for relationship in the Internet? Frankly speaking it's a rather difficult question for me. I consider myself to be a very attractive woman who has everything to be loved and to love… but... Yet I have never met such man who would accept me with all my advantages and drawbacks. Two years ago I had some relations with one man. He seemed to me to be very polite and very well treating me. But once I was told that he is dating at the same time with another woman. Naturally I couldn't tolerate such situation and I decided to separate with him.
It was really a great stress for me. After that I haven't had any serious relations. I tried to concentrate myself on my job.... but I think that this feeling is familiar to you, feeling of solitude, and feeling that it's necessary to find a man who would understand and support you.
And I also want to ask you, (if it isn't a secret), why you decided to look for relations in Internet? I'd like to know it, so if it isn't a great secret, write me, please, OK?
I'd like to know the best dream of your life, if it isn't a secret of course. But I still hope you'll tell it to me...
As for me I dream to have my own house somewhere in the suburbs of the city and to live there with my beloved man. I want to have not big, but cozy house with a small garden full of flowers and bushes. Of course it is very expensive but I am sure that it is possible. There is nothing impossible in our life, isn’t it?
I hope you will like my letter and it wasn't to long for you.
Well, it is all for the moment. I wait for your letter and wish you a good day!
Your Natasha.
Letter 3
Hello again!!!
It's my new letter to you and let it give you a lot of positive emotions.I want to thank you again and again for many -many times for your letters that give me sense of my life. I really enjoy them.
I want to make you glad by my letter because you have made me happy by yours, by your nice letter. Indeed, I read your letters at one go and they leave a lasting impression on me.
By the way, I think that our correspondence will bring for me a nice practice of my English!!!
I'd like to share with you my casual life, by interests and hobbies.
Sport is very important for me, because you know, that I work as a cook and I have a lot of temptations at my job. I think that you can judge about my sport's success looking at my slender figure. How do you think if I need to grow thin? If you think like this, please write, because your opinion is very precious for me, really!!!
So I adore aerobics and shaping. In summer I like to swim, even I go to the swimming pool sometimes in winter. I'd like to learn how to play tennis, because I have never tried to play it (I mean big tennis), also I'd like to ride a horse. It's really my dream, but frankly speaking, I am a little bit afraid of it. and have you ever ride a horse? And what kinds of sports do you prefer? I am really very interested in it, because I just adore sports!!!I adore riding a bycicle and I dream to possess one day a sport bycicle, though I know that it's a very expensive thing.
You know, I like so much our letters and I had a thought that it would be nice if we could have a talk with you. May be you can give me you phone number? I don't have telephone, but I think I would be able to find some opportunity to call you. I really want to hear your voice.
I don't read a lot. As for books I like love detective stories. And what about you? Do you like to read books or newspapers? I adore litterature concerning health. I read it a lot especially the editions about female health.
I don't smoke and I don't drink any alcohol drinks. I just don't like them. I prefer apple or orange juice.
I just adore going to movies. I think it's a really interesting occupation. My favorite film is "Once in America". Do you like this film? Have you ever seen it? What kinds of films do you like? Would you like to invite me to go to cinema?) (it's a joke of course)
I must confess, that I adore singing and dancing. I like almost all the music, but especially I like Madonna. And what about you?
I like animals a lot and I have my smart little dog Polkan. It's very pretty and devoted friend. he never bites) It's very tender and merry. Do you like dogs? Or may be cats
, fishes or mouses)Please write me about you likes and dislikes in fauna because I like animals very much, especially dogs!
Really, my darling, I can see from your letters, that you are a very special person, so I really want to know more a bout you. You are so interesting for me, so… I would be very happy if you told me more about you. Of course, if you have some secrets or you aren't ready to tell me something, you shouldn't tell me. I won't offend. I understand that every man has something personal…
Ok, it's all for now.I have to stop… It's a pity! I'd like to go on…It's a great pleasure for me to lead this correspondence, really…
I wait for your nice reply, Natasha.
Letter 4

Hello, my dear friend!

Thank you again for your letter, for a reminder about you - interesting and versatile man who is possible to share my interests and everyday littlle problems.
Franklyspeaking, I have never thought that writing letetrs is such an amazing occupation. I feel like a writer, who writes an interesting novel, and the most interesting that's me who is the main heroine of this novel. I like to share with you my daily life, I understand that these lines are only for two of us.
Also I know perfectly that you won't laugh at me and that you will appreciate my sincerity. You can ask me, how I have understood it for such a recent time? That's because of your letters that give me an wonderful impression about yourself.
even you least message is very important for me. I keep all your messages in my mail- box, I never delete them!!! I hope that for you my letters are little bit important too… May be you leep my letters too, may be you reread them, may be you find something interesting in them? I only dare hope that my assumptions are right.
You know, today was a fine and cute day at my job, in the restaurant I work in. We had an Oriental day, so all the cuisine should be oriental. I must confess that I am not very strong in the oriental cuisine, but I managed to cook sushi.Do you like oriental cuisine?
I also want to give you my address because I think that it is so exiting to receive a letter from person from another country.I have never had friends abroad and naturally I have never received a letter from a foreigner. I hope that your letter will be the first one)
So my address:
Country: Russia
Last name: Mamaeva
Name: Natalya
Adddress: st. Mira, 156, app. 67
Index: 424000
I hope that our post system will allow us to communicate and just feel our importance for each other! I can feel it already!
I hope that you like my words and I will be waiting for your letter with great impatience and I just need to hear from you! I can feel a great happiness when I read your words, my sweet! I hope that you can understand my words and if not just write me and I will explain it to you! Ok? If you have some questions also I with great pleasure will answer you! Believe me it is very important for me!

So, now I will finish my letter ……… it's a pity… I don't stop our conversation….
Bye for now, all in waiting for your new letters, Natasha.
Letter 5
Hello, great hello to you, my fantastic!!!
Thank you for your nice letter, thank you again for giving me desire to become better, to become interesting, else more beautiful. Yes, you give me this wonderful energy.
All this time I was so concentrated on my work, I decided to devote my life to my job and to my relatives. But it was because I didn’t have a real friend. But now I can say: “I have found, I have found a real friend!!!” A person who understands me perfectly, who can guess all my thoughts and desires, who can help me to resolute all the problems. I am happy, I am happy now – and that is you who are the reason of my happiness.
My amazing, what happiness that we have found each other, really? As for me how our friendship becomes stronger and stronger day from day and how it warms my heart which was frozen. Yes, I have learnt how to entrust, how to wait for a letter and I knew how is great the happiness from receiving it!!! I feel that it’s reciprocally. It’s really wonderful.
My mom remarks that I became very happy. She tells me: “What happened, my dear Natasha? You have found a boyfriend or what?” But I only smile her in answer… Tell me please, my darling, if you aren’t against telling my mom about you. If you don’t mind, I am going to tell her about our friendship, OK?
A little bit about my day. I had a very intensive day and I had to work a lot. But really, my job seems to me to become easier, because I have you in my thoughts. Sometimes I spend an hour thinking of you constantly. And what about you? Did you spent may be just a minute thinking of my shy person? I hope that you had.
Well, I have to finish…Bye, bye my darling and splendid friend!
I kiss you, Natasha.
Letter 6
Hello, hello, my darling!!!
Oh, I am again here, I am again next to you in this wonderful Internet cafe that became the first place of our dates. I thank the skies that they gave you to me, that they gave me the possibility to get acquainted with the best man in the world.
Baby, today I dared to tell my mother about you! I told her that I had a real chance that I managed to find the best man in the world and even to have correspondence with him.
My fantastic, my mum’s reaction was very positive. She told me that if people have something to talk about, if they don’t become tired of each other, if they have common interests – they are for each other. It sounds incredible but in spite of this distance that separates us we can feel so close to each other.
I can’t imagine my life, my being without you….
I don’t know what has happened to me. I have never felt such feelings. I feel that something inside me changed. In my soul appeared new emotions that give me great life energy.
And you, you, unique, who changed me. It’s all up to you…
At my job my colleagues also noticed that I have changed. The chief - cook said to me: “What’s up? You are thinking about something all the time.” I said to her that I have watched an interesting romantic film and that I was thinking of it. But in fact, I think that our relations are even more distinguished than any film.
I want to tell you a funny story. You know, in Russia we have a sign: if a girl salted too much a dish it means she fell in love. This thing happened to me today at my job! Really, I salted the soup so much that everybody was laughing at me and repeating: "Natasha! You ahve fallen in love?" It's funny, but there is a bit true in these jokes. I think that I salted the soup so much because I was dreaming about you...
Ok, I feel too excited now..
It’s time to say to you goodbye.
I kiss you with great tenderness, bye-bye, honey.Full of thoughts about you, Natasha.
Letter 7
Hello, my darling and amazing prince!!!
I can say this words with a great smile on my face because you only in the world whom I can present with these words. You are a real prince, you, you are the prince of our own fairy-tale that we have created together. My dear yes I am Are timid I do not like to speak much, I Are passive, I Are romantic and passionate, more likely I Obedient, I with my partner am very gentle, there is no I have very few(not enough,very poorly) friends,
Every girl, especially in her childhood dreams of great, unforgettable love that will last all her life. And me too of course was full of such pink dreams. But the severe life dictate me another conditions. I was told for many times that it's impossible to make the dreams true.
My diamond, before you my life was so ordinary, so usual; the day did not differ from another … For men I was just a beautiful doll, the job occupied all my time. But with your coming to my life everything changed!
You can tell me, that you are just a simple man, that you are not a prince, but you will not manage to convince me in the fact that you are like another men. You are like a fragrant rose among weeds! I in general like to speak about all that is possible, I would expect about a marriage(spoilage) what to be happy and to like each other,
With you, I learnt how to trust, how to believe, how to love … Yes, my honey, I am not any longer afraid of pronouncing these words: “ I love you! ”
I love you! I love you, tenderly and passionately, madly and mildly. Your sweet name is on my mind; all the words you have told me are in my heart.
Of course this confession is rather difficult for me. I do not know how you will react; I do not know what you would say to me … But I do not know why but I hope that everything will be all right. From your nice letters full tender words addressed to me I can guess about your attitude to me.
It's wonderful, my beloved, it's wonderful miracle of love. We managed to get acquainted in spite of great distance that separates us from each other.
Darling I know that all this is not occasional. Now I understand that I should obligatory meet you in my life and I understood that I have been waiting for you all my life.
I love you, and with my heart madly beating I wait for ur answer.
Your loving Natasha.
Letter 8
My love !!!
I think that we will have fine family together.
I am very happy, that we soon shall meet also I can embrace you
And to tell, looking to you in eyes, I love you,Natasha
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