Letter(s) from Alena to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my friend !
It is a lot of congratulations !!
I am very happy to receive your letter again!!!.
In this letter I shall tell to you small a particle more about me directly.
I love employment by sports meets, meets. They help to support
Health and figure which is not non-significant for any woman.
My hobby - aerobics, volleyball. I visit employment on aerobics two times in one week.
And you love sports meets, meets? And if you are borrowed on sports
Competitions, meets it it?
At a leisure I usually sit at home, and I read books.
My favourite genre - Novels and adventures.
Sometimes I watch TV. I like to look serials and various interesting displays.
I very much like to show " the Big washing ".
In free days usually we with girlfriends go to cinema or easier to go.
There are such days when I am very tired on work, and I do not go somewhere.
If not it when I have free minute, I like to embroider.
To it I have been investigated by my mum. Still I like to prepare on kitchen. I experiment much.
As in me at home not small assembly of musical disks.
I very much like to listen to music and to dance.
I love our Russian executors.
From foreign executors I listen the Madonna.
In its very beautiful songs.
I think, that you interest my character.
I very kind and silent person. I was very difficult for indignation.
Often my friends are surprised as ?t me, it, appears, remains such silent.
In people I love honesty and frankness.
It is not pleasant to me when people say lies. Lie it very much not high quality.
I wish to inform you that my favourite color dark dark dark blue.
If not it I very much love of an animal.
Especially internal. But now any is not present at me.
I wish to place home a small kitten.
You love cats or dogs I adore them.
I hope, that now you can know me better.
I to you also have some questions.
You love children ?
What does you love in the woman? What understanding of family?
Whether it, whether it is pleasant to you in people and what is not pleasant?
What or you search for your friendship of the purpose favourite which becomes to you the wife?
I ask you because I search for serious attitudes with the purpose of creation of high-quality family.
What your favourite color? On it I shall finish the letter. I shall wait your answer soon. C respect with yours Alena!!!
P.S. Send photos please.

Letter 2

Hello my dear !!
It was pleasant to receive for me yours the following letter today.
How are you doing ? In me all today is good, I have remarkable mood.
Possibly it because I have found your letter today.
However I wish to tell in this letter a little that, that like to eat and be prepared
You know, that I very much like to be prepared!!!
Also should brag these in me, it very well appears.
To all I have been studied by my mum it in me also the good cook.
I prepare almost for all. They - various soups, a ragout, pies, salads and many other things.
In the best way in me it appears our national Borsh, heard about it?
When I do pies which I usually I prepare for them with a cherry and apricots.
You love pies ? If yes it, with what???
Nevertheless I adore ice-cream especially chocolate. And I am capable to be prepared for it.
I prefer our Russian kitchen more.
As from the Italian kitchen I love a pizza. Most of all from the Russian kitchen I love pel'menis.
Dear I wish to ask when your birthday?
Who you on mark of the Zodiac?
My birthday on September, 26th 1982.
I should tell it to me very pleasantly to read yours letters.
I any more do not wish to have something with the Russian men.
I suffered because of them very much. And more I do not want it.
They think only of themselves and do not know, that it is necessary to be for the woman happy.
In my life everyone was only the man with which we during long time have left.
Again and again it seem to me that kind and close.
I trusted it, and it has deceived me all time.
It has changed on me with other girl. And I have not forgiven it to it.
It is difficult for me should speak about it, but I think, what we should not hide something from each other?
You write still someone except for me from Russia???
Tell to me your history?
On it I I should finish this letter.
I hope for your prompt reply.
Sincerely yours Alena