Romance scam letter(s) from Anastasia Lozovaya to Christian (Mexico)
Letter 1
Hello my dear,new friend, Thank you for choosing me from hundreds of beautiful lady's in Internet.
Well, as I do not know you yet, I will try to tell something about myself.
I'm a young, simple(but not ordinary)girl with catchy eyes of a cat.
I'm not fat, not too thin, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.
You may think and be wondering why such a young girl decided to search for her happiness through Internet. You know men here do not care much about woman, may be they are just spoiled by the attention that they are given from a lot of ladies. People say that In Ukraine and in Russia the most beautiful girls are. I do not know this, but what I know for sure that nearly all these beauties suffer from lack of attention and care.
I think that every woman, weather old or young, gorgeous or simple, fat or slim: all are dreaming about the ONE and Only, the One and Forever friend in life. Every one is looking for love, tenderness and happiness. So do I. At last my patience was lost and I decided to find my second half outside Ukraine, somewhere in other mental and cultural world. I dream to find a person, who would be interested in my soul, in things that are catching my heart...things I dream and care about....
Well I hope that you can be that One person I'm searching for... at least we can try. If you are ready to share these dreams with me, I will be very happy to get your answer.. :))))
Letter 2
Hello, my dear Christian!!!!
How are you? I am ok.
Thank you for your warm letter with nice photo and wonderful rose, I was glad to receive it, it was interesting, I like you, you are so charming.
I heard about your country many times at news, you shouldn't worry.
I think we should meet in real life in the nearest future, do you agree?
I think one meeting is better than 1000 letters.
Now I'll try to tell you something about myself and my life:
I am new at looking for my second half through the Internet, I decided to do this because men from my country don't want to build strong, long and happy relations, they don't respect women.
I live in the eastern part of Ukraine, in small town Kupyansk, which is close to Kharkov. I live with my parents in two-roomed flat, my mother is engineer and my father is a builder. I work as a custom officer and study at the Military Academy in Kharkov. I am looking for a man to be my one and only love of a lifetime. I am looking for a companion who shares all of his soul with me alone, and whom I can trust so much that I also divulge all of my most private secrets too. I'm looking for a man whom I could take care of in any unfortunate times and share in the glory of the good times.
I am hoping for such a man. All we have to do is to find this out so let's know each other better.
I think we can do a lot of good together. I want you to know if there is love between us I'll be ready to leave my country to move to you, to live with you and to build strong and happy family.
As for my likes and dislikes, I can say that I am ordinary person and my likes and dislikes are ordinary too. I like to dance, to play tennis and volleyball, to go for a walk, to the cinema, to be close to nature, to listen to the music and just to enjoy life very much. I believe that every relationship should be based on love, honesty, trust, loyalty and understanding.
I think it's enough for the first time. I am waiting for your next letter impatiently.
I send you kisses and hugs,
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