Letter(s) from Ekaterina Osokina to Grant (Canada)

Letter 1

Hi my new friend Matts. Is glad to receive your new letter and to learn about you it is more. Thanks for your pictures. I hope, that I have interested you and we let's have correspondence with you. I shall be glad to answer all yours questions, as I want, that you knew about me too. I have not very good English, but I studied English at school. I want to tell about myself little bit more. I live in small city Cheboksary. Mine the city is located in 780 kilometers from Moscow. My city small, but very beautiful, Cheboksary here is on the river Volga. We have beautiful quay. In a circle of city there is a beautiful wood and a lot of small lake. In the summer we go for city often. I want to speak about my job still. I work in fund of the help to the homeless people. I like my job, as I like to help other people. I leave on a street and I distribute by him meal, because they have no money for this purpose. The employees of our fund collect clothes, warm things. Then we give back it to the poor people for nothing. I want, that you wrote about the job too, as it is interesting to me too. We have no telephone of a house, as our apartment is located in new area of city. And there is no telephone line still. I have no the brothers and sisters. Matts I wait from you the new letter and your new pictures. I shall send my picture in the following letter. Irina.

Letter 2

Hi. If you remember me, it Irina. If you remember that we had acquaintance on a site of acquaintances and you have given me your address e-mail. I have written to you the letter and has put on it my pictures, but you for some reason did not answer me back. If you remember me and want to continue with me correspondence, please answer to me. I shall be with impatience to wait your letter. Irina.

Letter 3

Hi Matts. How you today? I am glad, that you have found time to write to me. Thanks for your picture. I write you after job. I had today heavy day, as we went for city on job. But not looking that I am tired, I have decided to visit Internet - cafe and to write to you, as I am very much interested in you. Matts I to send you new pictures. They were accepted in my house. I hope, that you with pleasure find time to answer to me, as your letters bring to me pleasure. I would like to learn as you have a rest in free time, Matts. What sports you like? What films you prefer to look, what music you listen to? I like to listen classical and instrumental music. It very relaxing for me. From sports I prefer of volleyball and aerobic. Matts, what you think of these kinds of sports? Also in free time I to be engaged in sports dances. I very romantic woman and consequently I like to look films about love. But I like documentary films and comedies too. Matts, I think, that everyone the man likes fast driving the automobile. Dear, you have the automobile? What stamps of automobiles you prefer? I have no the personal automobile, but I shall dream that further I to have it. I hope, that you find time to answer my letter. I shall wait for it with pleasure. Yours Irina.

Letter 4

Dear Matts. I am glad, that you have time to answer my letter. We are familiar with you small quantity of time, but with each day I understand, that I wait your letter more. Thanks for pictures. You are very interesting to me and sometimes it seems, that I know you already for a long time. Many people do not like to speak about their last relations. But I feel, that you very close for me and I can entrust to you it. My last relations with the man were finished about one year ago. We had the serious relations and even 3 months lived together. I was disappointed with Russian men, as they do not respect the women. The main problem at Russian men it that they drink of alcohol much. Now I like only cat, its name Vasya. I want to send you a picture mine cat . I feel, what you Matts The good and kind man. I saw on TV, that the men from America and Europe respect the wives. For this reason I to search for the man in your country that me to respect and to like. I to think that you like my new pictures, the truth they to have ridiculous character. Dear, Matts, I want to learn, whether you have the woman now? Whether you can tell about the last relations? I want to know, what qualities in character the woman you consider important? What woman you want to see in your house? What woman is necessary to you to create strong family? Dear Matts, I hope, that you will not complicate to answer my questions. If you want to learn more about me, you can not hesitate to ask it at me. I with pleasure shall answer your questions. Now I shall go on training on sports dances after that I shall go home. Goodbye, yours Irina.

Letter 5

Matts, I am very glad to read your new letter. I very much wait for news from you. Thanks for pic of your kitten. I like it very much! Thanks, that you answer on my letters, me it very much pleases, as in my life recently there is not enough of pleasure. Today I am afflicted with that one of the homeless people, which I looked after, has died. He had incurable illness. And we with the employees in our fund did it last days in life by more light. I hope, that our help brought to him pleasure. He was glad, that we cared of him, in difficult time for him. I always dream of, that the scientists have created medicines for incurable illnesses. As the death of the people is a large sincere pain. I hope, that the people will live all over the world better. Dear Matts, I understand for myself, that you the sole man, which can me understand. I can trust you in all. It seems, that our relations of steel by closer. I think, that we could connect our life together. Probably we can meet once. Matts, what you think of it? I do not want to hurry your conclusions about me. I hope, that we can meet and to be happy together. Excuse, but I shall finish my letter, because I very tired today. Matts, I to send you new pictures. I hope, that my letters please you and you wait for them, as I yours! Only yours Irina.