Scam letter(s) from Shmeisani Brongcayo to Bernard (Mauritius)

Letter 1
Hi to you

Its me Myra nice talking to you..thanks for the email..i proud of you being a professional person..well i will tell you about me..

My name is Myra i live her at cagayan de oro city philippines with the whom of my lovin mother and my brother and sisters....i don't have father anymore...he died form cancer and he's an engineer before..i am working as a cashier at the department store name gaisano mall..i work mondays and saturdays..sunday is our day we could have time to talk sometimes if you want...but for now i am far from my parents i rent a boarding house because of my work..and i am already graduated from nurse..i finished my highschool in my town cagayan de oro city..and i'm taking my degree in the same place..and now i work a lot for my license nurse examination..i don't depend of my mother because she has a responsiblities of my brother and brother taking up engineering and my two sisters who are twins follow my steps as a nurse also...we are very happy even i am not their with them..but i kno they love me very much as their big sisters..because i am the oldest member of the family..i work for my save my salary for the payment of the examination....and i am not here only for my future..i am here also for my future husband..that will take good care of me...willing to give his life and his love for love me of who i am not to love me for what i have for...

As i considered myself as kind-hearted well rounded understand loving caring respectful God-fearing faithful honest and most of all can be trusted...

My hobbies are playing guitar,watching love movies,listening music like love songs mellow music..and i am fun of cooking gardening listening to the sound of nature and seeing the beauty of the world and its so nice to have someone who can be their with stay beside the man i love...thats why i want to talk to you and express myself to you..and hopefully you share yours also....i am glad to talk to you....thank you...

sincerely yours
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