Letter(s) from Marina Omelchenko to Sandro (Italy)

Letter 1

I want my life and soul to be filled with joy and gladness, I am ready to make everything to my beloved man. dancing and sharing some beautiful moments in life is what i want!! You can write to me at ####

Letter 2

Why are we still lonely? If we can fall in love and have the wonderful life together :)Write to me at- natkinsya@mail.ru

Letter 3

I want my life and soul to be filled with joy and gladness, I am ready to make everything to my beloved man.dancing and sharing some beautiful moments in life is what i want!! You can write to me at ####

Letter 4

HI :) hey send me your photos also;) I am here seeking My Half, The man who I can share everything Sun and storms nice To meet You:) I am 23 yo, I am from Ukraine, Petrovka, It is in Donbass. I am 170 cm and 53 kg :) I Rent an apartment with a friend and my mom leaves not far from me. I dont have any brothers or sisters so sorry:) I work as a dispatcher on the company of taxi!!! I graduated from the colleague as a designer but I have not found a work and then was offered to work as a dispatcher. Dear, I hope you are interested and I am waiting for your reply take care Yours Natasha or Natalie (as my nearest people call me)

Letter 5

Hello, Dear Sandro :)
Thank you for your letter:) why they are different:) the last one is recent:) how are you:) tell me more about yourself my secret Prince :) Kiss Natasha

Letter 6

Hello, Dear Sandro :) I am very happy to get your letter! how was the New year!? as for me i spent it with my friends the with my colleagues and with my family! It was rather nice we exchange with presents ! as usually on the New year Eve we listened to the congratulations of our president and then 2007 comes I was sad a little bit because i wanted to spent it with my beloved I hope my next year will be full of joy and happiness!!! and i want you to be near me!!! I hope my wishes will come true!!! this year i mean 2007 is the year of pig according to the eastern calendar and also in our country the pig is considered to be a man's friend so I want this pig to bring us a plenty of happiness and glad ness!!!! Dear I have a photo in swimsuit :) Kiss Natasha

Letter 7

Hello, Dear Sandro:) Thank you for your message:) but tell me about yourself i find you a very nice man but you dont want to tell me about yourself why?? only asking for pics :( As for subject of the letter i think i have not changed when i replied to your letter:) Tell me what do you think about those pics :) Kiss Natasha

Letter 8

Hey I have sent you a lot but nothing in return! Strange right? send me yours please Natasha

Letter 9

hello, Dear Sandro :)
I was very glad to receive your letter! I am happy that you have answered my questions and sent me your nice pics thank you though i had and still have some problems! I've told about my poor English. I don't speak it fluently or write good that's why now i write you letters with the help of the translation service but i am going to attend English classes as soon as I save for this enough money. Though I understand when person pronouns words slowly and distinctly!!! And now I have to pay money for our correspondence though I don't regret because I've met such an interesting man as you, my dear !!!!!! I pay 5$ for my letter and i pay 5$ to get your letter! as you know i work and study so i fall behind my studying a little bit so i try to solve my problem in the university and at my work I have not get the salary so i just have no money to go to translation agency to write a letter for you I was so upset because I really want to correspond with you. officials in this agency offer me to pay 200$ a month and to write a letter wherever i wish though you know it's a huge sum of money for me that;s why i was so disappointed and upset! This letter I asked them to send for free and they hardly agreed. they say you can pay at least for your letters to me 5$A LETTER or 200$ a month AND i told them that I won;t tell you this info because i have never done so at last I don't know what do i am ashamed to offer you this but I have no way out! I want to talk with you but i have no opportunity at least now!!! But I really upset you are such a nice and positive man!I consider you to be my destiny!What do you think of this!!! Hope to hear from you soon! Kisses, Natasha

Letter 10

Hello, Dear Sandro:) Thank you for your letter"_ Dear I am in a hurry had a lot of work to do, yesterday was at work will midnight! here is what you have asked: Nataliya Livitina, Petrovka, Ukraine I am waiting for your reply Hope this photo you will like:) Natasha