Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Yakimova to StEphane (France)

Letter 1
Greetings my dear Stephane! I again and again receive your letter Stephane. And your letters charge me special energy. I feel deep attachment to you and your letters. I simply have not understood your questions before. Mine dear I will send a copy of the passport to you later. I very much would wish to arrive to you, in the France but with my earnings to me very long It is necessary to save money for the ticket to you and I am not going to ask from you Not copecks! You know that I not such! And your money are not necessary to me You are necessary to me I have understood that you to me are very dear{expensive} I do not wish you to lose! You I am very necessary to me also understand that when the girl will ask money for That arrive people can to think that it{she} the deceiver. But I not Such and me your money are not necessary. Still any time back, I could not and think, that you Stephane will begin for me so is important. And I really hope, that I for you also am very important. I very much like to communicate with you, and each your letter has filled me with harmony by a life. If still one month ago I did not feel similar paints of a life now when I so am familiar with you Stephane, I am glad and enjoy a life. I never thought, that similar love, yes Stephane, the love can be even under letters. I did not trust in it, but now when I made the analysis of the acts, the actions. I have understood Stephane, that I " LOVE YOU Stephane ". I do not know, how it is possible to explain it, but now I want to hear nothing any explanations. I want to receive your letters, I shall call to you, I only want to enjoy our time of happiness which is only at us with you Stephane. And I know, that you Stephane, also think and know, that it is love. It is very important for me, I already spoke, to like and be loved, but you Stephane you force me to love you. And I cannot go against it, I cannot go against the feelings and consequently I go on a meeting to the feelings, on a meeting to you Stephane. When in the last letters we spoke about each other, it was only any acquaintance and I tried to understand you as the person Stephane. But now I understand, that I searched for you. And it is not important for me how old are you, and to me not important with whom you were before, and it is not important, whether you have children, I love you such what you is Stephane, and from you more it is necessary nothing to me except for your love. I really appreciate our relations and is very cautious to not damage any your feelings Stephane. I hope, that you understand completely and all sense of this letter, because for me Stephane this very important letter. And I hope, that you understand it completely. Because in this letter I have enclosed the soul, love and trust that you have understood my fair and feelings are open and now I only want to tell to you, that which I to you test all those feelings to belong only to you Stephane. It as music which flow whence from space and I cannot explain to you it Stephane, but I know one precisely, that I love you Stephane. You have enabled me to love and I thank you for it. Not all people in the world can love, but I know, that you also test to me the same great feeling Stephane. Thanks for your attention Stephane which you have given for me, for me is very important, that you read this letter and have understood all its sense. I shall say goodbye to you up to tomorrow Stephane my love to write to you again. I wait for your letter tomorrow Stephane. With love from your girl Svetlana !
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