Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Yanalieva to Bjorn (Sweden)

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Letter 1

Hello Bjorn !How is your day? Now I would like to tell you some more details about myself. I'm 24. My birthday on October, 17, my name is Natalya. I never got married and I live alone!My mother has died 5 years ago, my father has died 3 years ago! At me did not remain relatives! Since I graduate from college I have been working in children's hospital. When I have spare time I go the gym to do sports because I take care of my body, also I like to dance! . I like to travel and visit different places, but my work does not allow me to do it frequently. I have many friends, we spend the time together, play billiard, tennis, and have other entertainment. I don't have many pics myself, but I try to find some more pics. I send you my picture so you can an idea of me more closely. I want to confess to beeing a sweettooth , I like ice-cream, cakes, candy. But I can allow it seldom because not to be fat. What else can I say to you about myself? I love beautiful clothes and different things of light colours. Light-blue, pink, beige and other plain colours make me relax and even feel better. And what is your favourite colour? Please Ask me some more interesting things about yourself. How do you prefer to relax? What is your character? What is your preferable qualities in women? Do you want to have a wife? You can also ask me questions in what you are inetrested in. I impatiently wait for your letter and eager to answer all your letter. And of course it will be pleasant for me to receive your new photos and even want to learn about you some more information you. Write to me, I wait. Your friend Natalya.

Letter 2

Hi Bjorn! I am pleased to receive your message.

Bjorn ,I wait for your e-mails impatiently, it means that I'm curious about your life and really very intetrested in our relations.

I think, that you have read my profile and could have seen there, that it is very important to me to get acquainted with a good person for serious relations. For this reason I will try to tell you a little about my character. I don't know what to start with, ok,I think, that I am a very romantic person. I like to communicate with other people, I have a sence of humourIt is very important nowdays in our cruel world. I appreciate in people such qualities as fidelity,kindness and honesty of course . I believe in love, and I think it very valuable thing which needs to be protected.I am not very jealous person. I adore,to say people compliments and I'm always ready to listen to them from other people. For me it is necessary, to keep everything in order. I also like to cook various tasty things. It is worth while mentioning that I appritiate good relations between man and woman. I think that women are more romantic and they dream to find person to have with him serious relations. But very often their dreams are broken, because idealise everything. And many man brake women's heart taking the joy of life forever. As for me, I had a bad experience in my life with a man. When we sepsrated I lost the intention to live. Now I wish to find a person to whom I can share my happiness and problems.Now it's only a dream, but I want it to become true very much. I think, that for women the main thing is to live a family life not but not to build a career . Tell me please, what is a woman of your dream? Sorry tha I bother you by my question, but I'm very curious about you. I impatiently wait for your next e-mail. Sincerely yours Natalya.

Letter 3

Hi Bjorn. I am glad to receive again your message, every day we begin to learn each other better and it is very interesting for me. I love your letters and every time wait for them. They help me to forget about cruel world, they like a sun ray in the dark realm.

Bjorn I send you other pictures of me. I hope, you will like it. Tell to me more about youself and aboyt your family. Do you have many relatives or not? How often do you gather together ?I'm the only child. As for my private life I can't say that I'm happy. My last relation with man was the last year. I left him. Now I think we did not love each other and had various interests. Among all the man who I know I cannot chose anybody for serious relations. Nowdays there are less and less decent man, so it's rather difficult to find one.You see I had to address to i-net. This is my last hope to find a fair man with whom I can keep up the time. Probably here I can find the person who will love, appreciate and understand me. It is not important for me his financial situation and work. I'm interested in a man who is older than me, who has a great life and love experience, who knows how to appreciate women. In my turn I will be ready to give all my love, tender and care to such a person. I think that the main advantage of the woman is to be fidel and have skill to make family happy, without quarrels and conflicts. Ok, my letter comes to its end and I have to go. Mine favourite Bjorn, write me your ideas of life. I wait for your messages. Your Natalya.

Letter 4

Hi Bjorn. It is very pleasant that you studied my ideas in the last message. Bjorn, I usually don't tell anybody about my deep ideas and thoughts, but I wrote about it to you, because I believe you and eager to open myself to you. I consider myself to be rather independent woman but probably sometimes I wish there was a man who I can trust. Now I should say that I am so glad that I has found you. Because you understand me and I understand you. :-)

Thank you my dear Bjorn, that you have written to me some information about your life and your family, I studied it closely. It helps me to understand you and your life more. I should confess that you became closer to me.

Bjorn It's high the time to go to do some affairs .Have a good day. I wait for your letters. Your Natalya.

Letter 5

Hi my dear Bjorn!

I write to you from the Internet of cafe, it is convenient, but unfortunately is not cheap for me. I do not have own computer, therefore I am compelled to write to you from this populous and noisy place!

Bjorn, I am sending you my new picture. I informed you about my work earlier. You know I work in a children's hospital. Usually I work with children. It is more work in therapy, than in surgery. I work with the therapist together. She the skilled woman. She already works for a long time. I very much respect her. She helps me in all. I measure temperature basically, I write out some recipes. Some days I should remain at night on work to watch children in an accident ward. It really very intense days for me. But when I have a free time I spend free time by reading novels. I am very romantic. I like to dream. I hope you like my picture. I would be very glad to see your new pictures. I would like to to know how you spend your free time. I like to make life interesting for me and for my friends, so I like different types of entertainment. I like to dance, go to the cinema, different parties and of course I adore to spend time on the air communicating with nature. But now I more and more think of a romantic evening with a man. Do you like evenings with your family/friends? I love very much to spend holidays with my girlfriends and when we gather together at the table. How do you like to spend your holidays? Tell me please about it, I am very curious! I would like to ask you a very personal question, I hope you won't be angry with me. :) Do you have any woman now?

Please write me more about yourself: your feelings and desires. I am ready to read it. Wait for your messages. My hugs. Your Natalya.

Letter 6

I with impatience wait the message from you, I hope, that at you all is good!

Letter 7

Hello my dear Bjorn, I hope you are OK! It is pleasant for me to read your message and want to thank you for your words.

Honey, I want to give a pleasure to you and I send you my pictures.I hope that it pleasant to you and it'll give you new emotions.Today I finished my work earlier and I write to you this letter after it I'll go home and will cook dinner , By the way sweety, what is your favourute dish? Write me about it. My mum was very good at cooking and she tougth me a lot how to cook different tasty dishes. I easy cook various salads, soups, stewed meat and fish. Most of all I prefer fish and also like fruits: kiwi, bananas, pineapples and melon. Today I want to cook chinese hen and vegetable salad. I like to eat tasty. We have a proverb: "The way to the heart of a man passes through his stomach." I was many times convinced in it on the example with my dad. I would like to reach you heart with my culinary abilities. Just kidding :))). I hope today will be good dinner. Wait for your messages!Bon appetit! Kiss you!! Your Natalya...

Letter 8

Hello my lovely Bjorn! I am glad to see yours e-mail. I beforehand congratulate you and your daughter happy birthday, and I wish you and her health, happiness and love! I think, that in our following messages we can discuss in more detail our meeting and establish time and a place for this purpose. I want to tell to you dear, that it is very pleasant, for the woman to be convinced that exist the man which waits her also wants to hold in the hands. Such idea influences opinions women and her behaviour. Therefore thank you Bjorn, that you have given me to feel it. And what you have ideas and imaginations about that day, when you will meet me? Inform me please it. Dear, at me there is a plenty of ideas, how we can to spend together our time. Also I shall be going for you some surprises and I think, that you will be pleased it. I shall be to inform you Bjorn, about some ideas in the following messages. But you should know, that when you will be in my hands it is not soon you can get out of my embraces. I now shall not write about those things by which I shall make with you, but you will remember for a long time it !!! Now I finish the letter. I shall wait for your messages. My gentle kisses!

Yours Natalya...

Letter 9

Hi, my Dear Bjorn! Have a good Day! I am glad that you like my messages. How do you feel today? I am ok! I'm a little bit excited and I could hardly fall asleep. I was thinking of our meeting. This event makes me excited. You presented me with a sea of new emotions. They give me a new push and purpose for life. I think it is necessary for us to arrange our meeting so there would be no difficulties and inconveniences in our affairs. I will ask my boss to give me a vacation, I think it won't be a problem. And what about you? Will you be able to take me up? Will you have some free days for me? Probably you have the intense work plan and will be absant? Then we can make acquintance closer, I can come to you on some days. As for me, it is not a problem to make a travel to you.

I will be glad if it is convenient for you to admit me. It's wonderful to see you alive, and your friends. You will show me your city. My boss can let me go abroad and my work can be manage without me and I don't worry about it. Write me what do you think about it. If you wouldn't mind I will make preparations for my trip. Kiss you. Yours Natalya...

PS.I live in Russia

Letter 10

Hello my dear! I'm glad to receive your letter, thank you that you understand me! Honey, you are one of the few people in who I can find understanding. Yesterday we with girlfriends sat on kitchen and drank tea. We a long time talked about you Bjorn. All my friends is glad, that at last that I have found the person who understands me. They told that you that person which will care of me. In the childhood my mum told me fairy tales with the happy end much. In these fairy tales prince finds the princess, and they live with him for a long time and happily. She was wished me find prince . I think that for me you that prince. How was your day today, Sweet my? I hope you are OK? I have some good news for you. Today I had a talk with a travel agent. He said that it's rather difficult to get a visa to your country. But he will try to help me to form it. He didn't tell the details today, but we have appointment tomorrow. We'll meet and discuss the question about the visa. I hope, Honey, everything will be OK! I' m really very excited about it and have a great desire to see you! Write me, Sweety! It'll give me more force and energy! My kisses to you, mine favourite Bjorn! Yours Natalya...

Letter 11

Hi my dear Bjorn! I am glad to communicate with you again, and I wait impatiently wait for the day when I can tell you "HI!" personally. Thank you for your messages. I am very tired and intense today. I went to the agency today and signed a contract there. According to this contract They will form the documents for my trip to you, they buy tickets and delicer me to the plane. In my city there are no airports and I will go to Moscow by train. So I have to know to what airport I can fly to. Please Bjorn inform me about it. The agent need this information tomorrow, it is necessary to him to develope the rout to you and to know the cost of my trip to you. Today I have already paid the first part of money for visa and other documents for my trip to you. It was a bit more then I thought. I planned that the visa would cost 90 euro, but because of the difficulties with reception. So now I've paid 260 euro. Honey, it is possible that I will have to ask you about help. I think that I won't be able to pay the other part of my contract myself: for insurence and tickets. I will learn about it later. I'll inform you about it if I need a help. I hope that it won't be a problem for you and I cannot to worry about it.I have informed you all today's news about my trip to you, and now go home to have a rest. I'm very tired today. I hope that very soon I can embrace you, sweety. Mine favourite, I wait for you letter. My kisses and embraces! Your Natalya...

P.S. Don't forget to inform me about your adress and the nearest airport where I can arrive to.

Letter 12

Hello my favourite Bjorn!Dear, I feel itself it is a little inconvenient. Because I had to address to you for the help. I always counted myself the independent person, which itself can solve all problems. But, this time, I could not all to take into account and was mistaken that I can pay all travel itself . . But I it is happy, what now I have you Bjorn, - the person, which can come to me to the aid and help me in a life. After ours acquaintances, at me varies sensations of. Earlier I counted myself the strong and independent person, and it was pleasant for me to feel, that I can care of myself. And now I feel simply the woman who requires support. But it is pleasant for me, to feel beside strong the man which protects me from all excitements of a life! Bjorn, I informed a place of arrival to you to the agent and he expected the staying charges for me. It will be for me 300 euro

Flight: Moscow (MOW)-> Stockholm (STO)
Airline: Aeroflot Flight: SU219
Departure: February, 23 2008, 08:55, Sheremetyevo Arpt
Arrival: February, 23 2008, 09:15, Arlanda Arpt
Time in a way: 2 hours. 20 minutes.

Here tickets, insurance, road up to the airport(from my city to moscow) and some other necessary charges. With me have still remained money, after payment of the first parts of cost. It near 100 euro, and now is necessary for me, in 5-6 days near 200 euro to pay in agency the second part of cost travel. I hope dear, that this money not difficulty for you and you can help to pay to me, in 5-6 days,200euro in agency .

travel agent said that the bank account them agency recently has been broken open by hackers and money have been stolen, therefore now they work only with cash!!!

He has explained to me that as you can help me!

You need to go in bank in which is office " Western union "or" Money Gramme ". such offices are available in each city, therefore for you the problem will not find it. When you will send money, you will need to specify full name and the address receiver. When we shall receive this money we should specify your full name and the address. Also, receiver should inform in bank confidential number (MTCN.) this number to you inform in bank at sending money, and you will need to inform this number in the messages. All moving will borrow some hours, but it will be necessary to pay for it the some people money to bank.

my info
Natalya Yanalieva

I need 200 euro more!

Probably it is not planned expenditure for you. If it so, not become angry about me please! I very much miss on you and I wait for ours meetings. I wait for your messages Bjorn! Thousand kisses.

Yours Natalya.

Letter 13

Dear Bjorn, I have received those 300 dollars, thanks you! I already went to agency of travel and paid in it, but the travel agent has told that it insufficiently! 115 dollars more are necessary to pay!!! You can help me again soon? Business in that agency of travel has informed me the prices in roubles, and I have incorrectly translated it in dollars! It is my mistake. It is necessary to pay tomorrow or the day after tomorrow! By the way what weather at you? I need to know what clothes to take with itself! Today here it was warm also a snow has started to thaw, it is a lot of pools! My boots have become wet and have deteriorated! To not like me such weather! I hope that at all of you well, with love, only yours Natalya...



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