Scam Letter(s) from Liana Korneeva to Dave (Netherlands)

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Letter 1

Hello,my honey Dave!!!
How are you,my sweet? I am ok because I have you in my life.
Sorry for my silence,I couldn't write you because one bad thing happened to me recently but I thought about you all the time, I hope you'll forgive me.
My sweet Dave,I hope you won't offend on me if I don't comment on your letter now,I am in very bad position now and I need your advise and support very much.
I hope you won't mind if I tell you now about my problem:
the matter is that several days ago the lady from the public utilities service came to the flat where I live with my parents,my parents and I didn't pay for the heating and electricity during two years because our salaries are too low and we didn't have enough money to pay for this service,besides I had to pay for my study at the University,to buy food to eat something and so on. That lady told us that if we don't pay our debt for electricity and heating during two weeks the electricity and heating will be cut off in our flat and my father will be taken to prison until we pay for the debt.My parents and I are shocked,we tried to borrow money from our relatives and friends and could only borrow 100 dollars and we need 250 dollars more,I don't know what to do,I don't want my father to be taken to the prison that's why my sweet Dave,I rely on you and I ask your advise what we should do to solve this problem.
I send you kisses and hugs and wait for your reply impatiently,
I hope you'll be able to understand my situation,
I hope I can rely on you,
with fair and sincere feelings,Liana.

Letter 2

My darling Dave,I read the information about scam thoroughly and I want to tell you I am not such kind of person.

Letter 3

My sweet Dave,
many kisses for your warm letter,I was happy to receive it but I want to tell you things are not good here because my parents and I still didn't find money to pay for our debts and I am afraid that my father will be taken to prison, I don't what this happen,I cry every day,I am so broken now,I don't know what to do.
I am crying right now.

Letter 4

My sweet Dave,
I was happy to talk to you over the telephone and I'll be very thankful to you if you help me to solve my awful and terrible problem.
Here is the information which you asked me to send you:
my first name is Liana
my surname is Korneeva,
date of birth is 28th of May 1977,
place of birth Makeevka town,
my home address is:86175,Ukraine,Makeevka,st.Lenina,4/26.
My honey Dave,unfortunately I can't send you the copy of my passport and birth certificate because there is no scanner at the Internet cafe but as soon as I do this I'll send them to you,ok?
My honey Dave,I hope you'll be able to call me today,I'm waiting for your call impatiently, kisses and hugs,
with love,your Liana.

Letter 5

My honey Dave,
I adore you and I need your help and support very much.
I checked there is Western Union in my place, I rely on you and I hope you'll save my family and me.
The electricity and heating was cut off in my flat yesterday, I am very upset now.I hope my father won't be taken to prison,I pray for this.
kisses and hugs,
with love,your Liana.

Letter 6

My sweet Dave,
here is the copy of my passport.
I kiss you,
your Liana.



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