Letter(s) from Ninel Cherepakhina to Billy (USA)
Letter 1
Hello, my most precious man!!!!!!

You know Billy people here are always trying to set goals and then accomplish them. Thank you for your photo and yes, it will be so great to be together inside of that sweater. I'd like to come to you, but unfortunately, I don't have an international passport, so for now coming to you will not be possible, it would be great to wait you here. I have no problem with that since I have obviously set goals for myself and pursue them actively, I work so much and I like what I do. While much energy is expended doing this, time slips by. But I am searching for the one thing that seems to elude many, the warmth and security of a truly honest relationship. It seems that when I meet someone they are afraid to let their true feelings show. I'm sure you are different; you can speak your mind and your heart and this will mean quite a lot to me. As for myself, I am the type of person who doesn't fear showing the depth of my emotions or speaking my mind. You seem like the type of man who would not let this go by unnoticed. So today as usual I'll also be open with you and...........

My mood today is not very good like it was in my previous letters, cause today Billy is my last letter with you, my account with a firm I've told you is over and I don't have a possibility to fulfill it now, sorry but this is so. During this period I became so close to you and it seams that I'm loosing right now the most special person for me, my heart is aching, but I don't know what to do. I so much hope for your understanding and want you to know became very important for me during this time.

Many, many kisses, my dear
Your Nina.....

PS I attached photos with my favorite hobby - smiling, hope they will make your mood a bit brighter.
Letter 2
Dear Sir. Thank you for our letter, Unfortunately your lady Nina can't answer your letter any more. Please open attached file and give us your answer. "TG Nina 2 p.1" - means 1st page and "TG Nina 2 p.2" - means 2nd page of the document you asked for.
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