Scam Letter(s) from Elena Oshotina to S. H. (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi !!!

Thanks for your letter. I was terribly happy about it!
You seem to be amiable and intelligent person. I would like to communicate with you and I hope we will soon get along and become close friends or even soul mates.

Firstly I would like to tell you some facts about myself. I am winsome and pleasant-looking woman. My name is Daria or Dasha for short. I was born on the 11th of March in 1980. So I am 27 now. I live in the West of Ukraine - in town Brodi which is in Lvov region.
I am graduate from Lvov State Medical University. I have the diploma of a pediatrician. Today I work as a doctor by speciality in the hospital. But some time ago( when I studied at the university) I worked in police. Frankly speaking, I adore my job because of children.
I like them very much!I take care of my small patients,try to treat them, and do everything possible to avert the danger of diseases.
However, my job has one disadvantage - salary. It is rather low, because I work in the state hospital. If I work in a private clinic, I will have a higher salary, but unfortunately I don't have such an opportunity. As for my family I have only mother. My father died from lung cancer when I was 9 years old. I miss him badly!
I am only child in the family. My Mum is the dearest person for me. She is librarian. So I think you understand that her salary wasn't enough to keep even our small family. If my father had been alive everything would have been differently!
Nevertheless together with my Mum we try to do all our best to provide our family for. We used to have many problems but my mother and I don't fall in despair. No matter, these are not the things I dreaming about. My blue dream is to find a real magic love,a man who would be my soul mate, who would always understand and take me just the way I am, who would care not about what I am wearing on, but who I am inside, and who would never betray me.
I am tired of being alone and I would like to find my second part. Perhaps you will help me in it!I dream about stable life with an earnest man,whom I could trust and share my hopes and dreams, and I would do all my best to make his life extraordinary and happy. I believe dreams come true!:)
Unfortunately, I don't know English language at all. That is why I use the special translating agency for help.
I would like to learn English but because of financial problems in our family I don't have such chance now.

To my mind, it's a little bit difficult to learn someone just through letters, but if this person appears to be your real soul mate there can't be any distance for your love. I would like to have your photo, could you send me one, please? And I will send you mine,because it will be much easier to communicate if we see at least pictures of each other.

So, if you are interested , write me back.
I look forward to hear from you in the near future!!! You know, communication with you brings me a lot of joy and many pleasant moments.
Hope, till your answer.

Especially for you:
I wish you joy, much fan and health,
Success, prosperity and wealth.
May you be happy every day,
And may your people be OK.




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