Letter(s) from Snezhana Samoylova to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1

Hello again, Reggie

I am glad, you found me interesting enough to write again. Reggie, wow, I adore your dream! You sounded so hot:_))) Just can't wait to meet with you to realize everything what you wrote about:-))))

Well, to tell the truth I do not know what I should write about in such cases as until now I used to make the acquaintance with people in classical ways:-) But I'll probably start with the easiest thing. So, my name is Olesya Sutulina. I am a blondish woman of 167 sm height and about 52 kg weight. I was born on April, 18, 1980, so you see that I have 27 years - time to think about creation my own family:-)

Well, I wanted to tell you more about myself that's why I decided to go on with telling you about my family. I'll try to explain why exactly the family. Personally I think, that one cannot say he knows a person absolutely (even if they are friends for more than 10 years) if he doesn't know his family! Honestly saying, family for me is very important that is why I don't tell about it to everyone, but I want you to be someone special for me... So, I am the younger sister of 30 year old girl, my sister's name is Maria. She is married, and I have a wonderful 7 years old niece. I used to babysit for her, that is why she is almost a daughter for me:-))

My parents met each other and felt in love from the first sight:-) How happy they are till now! My mother still looking at my father with such a tenderness:-) She trust him and she can rely on him anytime. I think, we do not have such a man like my father anymore:-) Probably this is the main reason why in men I value reliability and resoluteness most of all!! My dad always told me that a man has to be able to make deeds and to carry the responsibility. He simply has to be a man!!! Please tell me what do you think about it? Maybe you would even like to argue with me!

I work as a journalist in local newspaper. I adore my job. I like writing... but the pay isn't very good in that field. Once our newspaper wrote about meeting people through the Net (advantages and disadvantages), and I decided to try by myself. I think that men who are from abroad are already a little bit tired with women who act like men and, what is even more absurdly, look like men! While for our men it is only starting to be very interesting and to tell the truth convenient to be rude! But honestly saying I was doubting for a long time if I should use the Internet!! But being very lonely I decided to try my luck!! The only problem is that I DO NOT KNOW ENGLISH. Of course, I will be happy to start learning it as soon as I have the possibility. For now, unfortunately, we will have to communicate via translational company:-((((( Anyway, if we will have some 'chemistry', we will feel it without knowing each other's languages, I suppose. Am I right, what do you think?

Wow, I made my letter so long. Hope you are not bored:-) Anyway, I will stop here, in hope I didn't make you scary of me:-)))) Waiting for your soonest reply, Olesya.

P.S. I am sending you my photos in hope you will like them. On one of them I am with my dad and niece, we were on the picnic near the lake. On another photo I am on my tennis lessons. And on the last ... well, it shows my face as it is:-)